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18-08-2004, 13:25:38
So which is the worst movie you have ever seen? I will have to think about this as I frankly try not to think about them...:p

Most recently Gigli was universally panned, though I haven't seen it (honest!) so I can't comment, but:

"Broke the record for largest 2nd weekend drop in box-office, with an -81.9% drop."

"Became the first film in the history of the Razzie Awards to "sweep" all the top categories. Including, Worst Picture, Worst Director - Martin Brest, Worst Actor - Ben Affleck, Worst Actress - Jennifer Lopez, Worst Screen Couple - Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, and Worst Screenplay - Written by Martin Brest."

Pretty good credentials but it is only #17 worst according to IMDB - something called "Los Nuevos extraterrestres" is Numero Uno...:D

So what is the CG Worst Movie Ever (TM)?

18-08-2004, 13:27:22
Someday soon The Pinkshirt Pirate will be the worst movie ever made.

18-08-2004, 13:31:07
Best movie that'll be. As long as it's called Pinkshirt The Pirate not The Pinkshirt Pirate.

We'll be the new Cohen Brothers or something.

Nills Lagerbaak
18-08-2004, 13:45:44
Along came Polly is pretty dire.

18-08-2004, 13:45:59

Nills Lagerbaak
18-08-2004, 13:48:10
Oh yeah, good one! I once speculatively bought a "film" called "The bogus witch project"

I don't even want to talk about it

18-08-2004, 16:14:17
But you already have, you already have.

Nills Lagerbaak
18-08-2004, 16:25:24
Arrrgh, this is way more attention than it deserves!

The Shaker
18-08-2004, 16:26:40
that i've seen,

2 fast 2 furious.
bad boys 2

18-08-2004, 16:42:46
Worst films I've ever seen:

Duets (I beg of you not to ask. That's right, you heard me, I beg)
Stuck on You
Cold Mountain
Black Knight

18-08-2004, 17:13:05
Cold Mountain? Are you serious?

Anyhow, "MR. Wrong" with Ellen Degeneress pre-outing playing a straight romantic comedy love interest to Bill Pullman was absolutely horrendous.
"Solarbabies" was a completely ridiculous teen sci fi movie.
"Screamer" was total crap.

Mr. Wrong has to be the worst movie I've ever seen that actually had a budget. People should be in prison for that one.

18-08-2004, 17:15:52
I fucking hated Cold Mountain. HATED IT.

18-08-2004, 17:22:36
Phantom Menace

Battlefield Earth

18-08-2004, 17:40:55
Blame It On The Bellboy
Hudson Hawk
Phantom Menace

18-08-2004, 17:49:19
the last star wars

18-08-2004, 19:58:02
Originally posted by The Shaker
that i've seen,

2 fast 2 furious.
bad boys 2 Congo!! First movie to enter my mind reading the threadtitle. What an absolute drama that was.

18-08-2004, 20:10:03
All those badies you've mentioned I've been lucky enough to miss. :D
The worst one I've actually seen all of is The Scorpion King. Not even funny.

18-08-2004, 22:30:45
Ah yes Congo...:D

Though Tim Curry did a star turn in that one - so it wasn't taking itself seriously...

And Hudson Hawk, what a great movie - I loved it for its outrageous twattiness...

18-08-2004, 23:34:16
The Bone Collector

Immortal Wombat
19-08-2004, 07:35:20
Ooh, I agree with Mr Wrong and 2 Fast 2 Furious.

Lazarus and the Gimp
19-08-2004, 08:02:26
Superman 4 was pretty appalling. However the most painful one I've ever seen is Bergman's "The Silence".

19-08-2004, 09:19:08
One which made me violently ill a couple of years back was Mr Deeds with Adam Sandler... UGH!

Just as well we snuck into that one without paying - maybe we got what we deserved

19-08-2004, 10:44:58
I quite like that.


19-08-2004, 10:53:41
Me too! Although the original's a lot better.

19-08-2004, 11:03:05
starship trooper 2 (a straight to video rip off of the excellent first movie) is the most recent 'worst movie ever' I've seen, but this is just impossible to list them all

19-08-2004, 11:09:51
Is it like Starship Trooper without the irony?

Nills Lagerbaak
19-08-2004, 11:10:27
Ho, ho, by that token - blair witch project2. An appauling, glossy, softcore porno vampire-ish flick.

19-08-2004, 11:13:36
Originally posted by Funkodrom
Me too! Although the original's a lot better.

The butler dude (Turturro) was cool, everything else - :vom:

But then I am the person who likes Deep Blue Sea and Hudson Hawk...


19-08-2004, 11:13:50
Blair Witch Project 1 was shit enough.

19-08-2004, 11:20:21
Deep Blue Sea's not bad.

19-08-2004, 12:06:24
i thought the original blair witch was really good

most of the slasher flicks beyond the original halloween and nightmare on elm street are dreadful

i think i saw halloween h2o a few months back, that was total twaddle

19-08-2004, 12:13:14
Again I have to agree with KG.


19-08-2004, 12:49:17
Batman and Robin is pretty damn awful too.

19-08-2004, 13:01:11
Blair Witch was shit I couldn't wait for those annoying wankers to hurry up and die. Would have been really good if the main characters were sympathetic in any way but they weren't. It was well shot and moody and stuff but at the end of the day it was pretty cheesy.

Nills Lagerbaak
19-08-2004, 13:12:05
I watched it the first time and thought exactly that, I watched it a secoind time and shat myself.
I think it's the perfect example of a film you have to let yourself get sucked into. The second time I was tired and hungover, which probably let me suspend disbelief enough to get freaked out.

19-08-2004, 13:31:49
Well, I guess you have to be stoned to enjoy Battlefield Earth so they are at a similar level.

19-08-2004, 16:38:32
Blair Witch Project baffled me...all my friends loved it and when I finally got around to seeing it, my reaction was "eh?".

I felt the same way about the one with Kris Kristofferson in Texas or wherever...very "hip and cool" (Lonestar or something?) and I thought it was ass.

What was the one where Val Kilmer was Doc Holliday or whoever and he set a record for "longest death scene in a film" and went around coughing into his hanky and saying he'd be your "huckleberry"?

19-08-2004, 16:46:32
The Saint, also staring Val Kilmer, is very shit too.

19-08-2004, 16:50:23
You didn't like Tombstone, BGH? You're a god dammed commie.

Lazarus and the Gimp
19-08-2004, 17:15:37
Tombstone is a great film.

19-08-2004, 17:21:03
It is a pale emulation of a far better western, The Unforgiven (or Dead Man for that matter).

I don't know...I was so distracted by Kilmer's protracted melodrama that it ruined the film for me.
Maybe I'll try it again...I love westerns.

19-08-2004, 17:43:16
oooh I know another crap movie I've seen

Hoffa with Jack Nicholson. Thought it was going to be great...Jack chewed the scenery and the rest of the actors were made of wood.

The direction was shit of the highest order, (Danny Devito). One scene they went into the woods to shoot a deer. Hoffa aimed at what was clearly a doe...the next camera shot had them dragging a buck with a huge rack out. Did get a laugh from the audience, but I don't think they meant it ;)

The rest of the film was a bunch of moody atmospheric shots and goofy camera tricks.

19-08-2004, 17:50:28
Yeah, but any movie where someone gets their head beaten repeatedly by a bat wielding Nicholson has got to be worth something.

19-08-2004, 18:00:26
Even that part was boring

19-08-2004, 20:03:04
I like Deep Blue Sea. It's just so... campy!

20-08-2004, 13:20:28
The Sweetest Thing with Cameron 'Joker' Diaz is undoubtedly the worst film I've seen lately.

20-08-2004, 13:21:13
I saw 5 minutes of that on sky last night. It was rubbish but she is foxy.

20-08-2004, 13:29:33
*sigh* :rolleyes:

20-08-2004, 13:31:27
Hey, you watched the entire film. I got it turned over after 5 mins.

20-08-2004, 13:32:46
I was forced to!! I was trapped in the cinema with someone who enjoyed it and couldnt get a lift till they had finished laughing it up (vanessa's sister shall remain nameless!!!)

20-08-2004, 13:38:28
You PAID to watch it?! :eek:

20-08-2004, 14:28:02
it seemed like a good idea at the time!!

Scabrous Birdseed
20-08-2004, 15:44:22
What Lies Beneath is the only film I've walked out of the theatre from.

Worst overall, though, has to be anything whatsoever starring Adam Sandler, or Jim Carrey before Liar Liar (which was okay) and The Truman Show (which was wonderful).

20-08-2004, 15:50:19
Ace Ventura Pet Detective was great - because he was new on the scene, but I agree with everything else...

22-08-2004, 17:56:55
Ralph Bakshi's "Lord of the Rings.":bash: :shoot: :bouncmsk:

02-09-2004, 11:14:04
Crocodile Dundee II

Heartburn by Nora Ephron with Streep & Nicholson

02-09-2004, 12:11:05
If you nominate Crocodile Dundee II that means you haven't seen Crocodile Dundee III. :D

02-09-2004, 12:33:39
Obviously he decided to avoid it after seeing II, which makes you a sucker for punishment if you also saw III after II...:p

02-09-2004, 13:01:16
I liked II (I was pretty young when it came out...) but III is a bit like a car wreck, you just can't stop watching.

02-09-2004, 13:23:29
Oh, one of *those* movies...:D

02-09-2004, 13:46:23
Worst film I paid to watch was "Bram Stoker's Dracula"

It stank out the cinema.

Lazarus and the Gimp
02-09-2004, 19:24:28
I liked it. Tom Waits was in it.

02-09-2004, 19:28:44
Was he? I've seen it about a thousand times and I've never noticed him before. Which bit's he in?

Lazarus and the Gimp
02-09-2004, 19:46:12
He's Wrenfield- the nutter.

02-09-2004, 19:57:02
It was appalling, and in no way related to Bram Stoker's Dracula the novel, name aside, which is rather sedate and Victorian.
Tom Waits was good though, and I've always had a soft spot for Gary Oldman. I bet he's a goer.

02-09-2004, 20:39:57
Which of your soft spots is reserved for Gary?

02-09-2004, 21:07:56
Oh please Gimpy...the acting came in two varieties...Wood or Ham.

Lazarus and the Gimp
03-09-2004, 16:26:00
Yeah, but Tom Waits, man. Tom Waits. Y'know?

03-09-2004, 16:32:19
He's good in Rumble Fish.

03-09-2004, 16:35:39
Tom Waits is the MAN!
I got to see him perform umpteen million years ago. He was spellbinding. I tried hard to be cool like him and keep my open beer bottle in my coat pocket...didn't work, I kept spilling it.

03-09-2004, 18:21:50
Yes Tom Waits is a top man....but even he couldn't save that steaming turd of a film.

06-09-2004, 12:26:41
Mel Smith's last effort - "High Heels and Lowlifes"

It was meant to be a comedy but after an hour NO ONE in the cinema had laughed once (it was packed). I walked out.

06-09-2004, 12:37:07
The Wedding planner. ugh.