View Full Version : Civ3 coming to a handheld near you!

17-08-2004, 23:33:26
Well, if you just cannot get enough Civ3 in because you have to leave your PC occasionally, there's good news. Atari has announced that it licensed Civilization III to Com2uS, a Korea-based mobile games developer. Under the three-year licensing deal, Com2uS will create mobile games based on the PC strategy game for all major mobile devices and providers worldwide.

The Mad Monk
18-08-2004, 05:02:26
...so when are the PIII handhelds coming out?

18-08-2004, 06:52:56
I'm not sure how much horsepower game phones have, but it has to be less than dedicated gaming handhelds like the latest from Nintendo and Sony. The non-phones are subject to fewer constraints. I sometimes wonder why the hardware industry wants to handicap themselves so severely. I guess it's a good idea if it makes money. But if it flops, I'll say "I told them so."

How can anybody play a game that uses a large map on a 2x2" screen?

18-08-2004, 21:44:32
I have SimCity 2000 for my HP/Compaq iPaq, which has ~3x2" screen. Way to small.

Considering that you have no real keyboard to speak of on these handhelds, that makes for an awful lot of pointing and clicking.

Civ is already OUT for handhelds (Palm, symbian phones, etc). So I guess they just want to step up to the latest and greatest...