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Vincent Fandango
13-03-2002, 19:29:45
suppose with no updates, no MaxisSid and no new patches, Firaxis/EA got bored with this product as quickly as I did. It's fun, but it just doesn't have any legs at all. Once you've built a championship course, there's just not much else to do anymore. The "stories" part of SimGolf is pitifully weak and the tournament golf takes too long and you lose too much money hosting the tourney. There's not enough objects or objectives to keep the game interesting.
Besides, it awards "goofy golf" course design rather than constructive course design. Without having to pay for terrain elevations, it takes some of the challenge out of designing a good, solid golf hole without serious terraforming. Even Pete Dye doesn't move that much land when he's building a golf course.

But if you're going to award goofy golf, there aren't enough interesting objects and they don't have enough uses. For example, the "dino pits" object that you're sometimes awarded (although it never shows up - BUG) could have been interesting if people had to drive across it. Or imagine a landscape like Yellowstone with all the hot springs where you must lay out your course around the hot springs. That would have been an interesting challege. Or a golf course built on top of the Alps where you can't move the mountains. If you're going to make this game fun, those types of challenges could have been fun. But as it stands, SimGolf is probably doomed to be played for a few hours and then put away forever.

And don't get me started on the bugs...

For anyone who thinks I'm bashing the product, understand this:

1. I was a paid professional game reviewer for a while and I usually love Sid's games. I gave SMAC 5 stars but was underwhelmed by Civ III (felt like too much of the same old thing).

2. I get disappointed when I see a game like this with so much potential but find that the game was rushed out the door with bugs and gameplay problems. Another month or two in development and this would have been a candidate for game of the year.

13-03-2002, 20:12:38
Sounds like exactly what we knew was coming without having to actually waste money on the game.

Vincent Fandango
13-03-2002, 20:23:02
except the SMAC part

13-03-2002, 23:23:33
Humm... SMAC versus Civ3. Which did you have more fun with?

13-03-2002, 23:45:51
Own goal.

14-03-2002, 09:19:45
Originally posted by Darkstar
Humm... SMAC versus Civ3. Which did you have more fun with?

Er... I never played Civ3 but I didn't have much fun with SMAC either.

Resource Consumer
14-03-2002, 11:18:51
"Dino pits".

Maybe that was a remnant from Sid's abortive Dino game.

Well, let me say it again - Sid has no cred, he is washed up.

14-03-2002, 11:52:32
And he's doing the next X-Com game.

Vincent Fandango
14-03-2002, 12:13:31

14-03-2002, 13:20:46
Originally posted by MikeH

Er... I never played Civ3 but I didn't have much fun with SMAC either.

SMAC was fun for about 45 minutes. And then it hit the shitter faster than last nights Mexican dinner.

Resource Consumer
14-03-2002, 15:59:29
SMAC was at least fun for the first few turns and the first few weeks.

CiVIII failed even that mediocre test

Vincent Fandango
14-03-2002, 16:33:24
Not exactly my definition of "5 stars"

15-03-2002, 07:14:19
SMAC was Brian's thing. Remember? And it was a lot more fun. The AI just needed to be tweaked to fit the game...

But most of the 'Tycoon' games I've played suffer that problem. You do a few games of it, and that's it. The few that have challenges tend to be 'find the loophole in the code to win' or 'click madly and get lucky', if they aren't just horrible things (like in Car Tycoon).

I like the general Tycoon branch... simple 'SimCity' sorts of things for a few hours of general vegging. But if you are looking for something more then that, find a better game.

Even if it's just Majesty or Startopia. ;)

The next X-Com? I thought the next X-Com was that Laser Squad Nemesis thingie... done by the original X-Com crew.

Vincent Fandango
15-03-2002, 21:28:04
SG is not that bad. I designed a bizarre course using a completely random pattern of the ground tiles and it worked well. So I guess even a bad trained monkey could play that game.