View Full Version : It's getting awfully thin in here!

16-08-2004, 20:10:55
For number of active threads and whatnot.

Should we start up something new (like AngelHorn's suggestion of theme comps), return to something old (like KG's opening line comps), or just not worry about it?

It doesn't seem like much reading or watching is going on worth commenting about right now from what we have here.

16-08-2004, 22:45:32
I've been reading street signs. I'll post a new thread a day about what signs I've seen.

17-08-2004, 08:48:17
I think this forum does ok, it's just ticking over. Feel free to start some competitions though.

17-08-2004, 12:38:38
Well why don't you post some new threads in here to beef it up - apart from this one of course.:p

I do my bit...