View Full Version : protein! (and anyone else...)

Scabrous Birdseed
13-08-2004, 06:42:44
I know you're in Thailand but you'll read this when you get back.

For a friend I've made a compilation of the kind of music I play in my radio show. I thought I'd send this to you for inspiration if you still feel like making me those jingles... Hopefully I'll have a successor soon so that the jingles can live on after I leave, or I can take them with me. :)

PM me your address.

If anyone else on the boards wants a copy too I can throw one off for you. It's bascially all modern, working-class music from obscure local genres you've never heard of, so if nothing else it'll be educational... If you wanna know what pikeys from Panama to Laos are beating each other up to, this is your opportunity to find out.