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10-08-2004, 22:21:58
I rented the 1962 version in the middle of last week and saw the 2004 version over the weekend. They are both good films but all in all I prefer the earlier movie. I felt the gritty surreality of 1962 was more effective than the graphic reality of 2004. However, I offer this insightful prediction: whichever version you see first is the one you will like better.

Both are recommended.:)

13-08-2004, 17:23:00
pity post
(damn, how pitiful can I be):(

13-08-2004, 18:18:20
We're finding out :D

The Mad Monk
13-08-2004, 21:12:25
Perhaps if the thread were about The Mancunian Candidate...