View Full Version : Ultima Shards

28-07-2004, 19:13:05
Anyone know anything about them ?

I agreed with a friend to 'meet up' with him on one he visits, but he took a while before telling me where I could download the relevant software, so I searched the Net and downloaded it from a site I found.

Now he's on ABC Ultima Online (owo.com ?) whereas the software I've downloaded insists I always have to connect to theabyss.ru. Not only can I not meet up with my friend (which was the whole point) but I don't speak Russian so the abyss is no earthly use to me anyway.

I spotted a config file (login.cfg) which looks suspicious, but changing it seems to make no difference. Must be already loaded elsewhere.

Neither does removing and reinstalling.

Anyone any ideas before I have to tell my friend I give up on it ?