View Full Version : Should I resurrect my faded caeer

Resource Consumer
12-03-2002, 22:21:01
and go on to international megastardom. Or not, as the case may be.:)

Anyway, talking to a few people lately and they seem to think it is worth me doing a few gigs. However, frankly, I don't have the balls to headline these days (my confidence has had a few knocks for a whole lot of reasons).

So, who wants a support act that's cheap and easy to do the sound for...?

Resource Consumer
12-03-2002, 22:21:54
And that means "career" after 10 at night which may or may not tell you something.

13-03-2002, 03:58:29
I'll roadie for ya.

13-03-2002, 11:33:41
Have you got a demo?
What kind of audience can you pull in?

And some other questions we keep getting asked. :rolleyes: :)

Would you be playing solo?

Perhaps The Unholy (or whatever we are called then) could rock up to London and get a gig somewhere up there. We're finding it hard to get anything at the moment though. Looks like a name change, decent demo and promotional pack might be on the cards to get anything. :rolleyes: Used to be really easy to get a gig.

Resource Consumer
13-03-2002, 12:19:47
The way I imagine it at the moment would be just me and the Guild and an amp. Sort of Billt Bragg (but better of course)

Vincent Fandango
13-03-2002, 12:27:33
I say do it. At least we'd have a cheap laugh if it turns out bad. If it turns out highly suspicious, I mean successful, I can say "i know that guy" ("Oh really" - "yes! your place or mine?")

13-03-2002, 12:48:43
Originally posted by Resource Consumer
The way I imagine it at the moment would be just me and the Guild and an amp. Sort of Billt Bragg (but better of course)

Billt Bragg sounds like a place in Middle Earth

Resource Consumer
13-03-2002, 12:57:06
I'll sing in Elvish

13-03-2002, 12:57:21
Nothing ventured, nothing gained. I say go for it.

13-03-2002, 13:08:37
It's bloody hard to get gigs these days.

13-03-2002, 13:36:20
only for the unholy
everybody and else and their dog is playing reading venues

13-03-2002, 13:51:42
Check out the gigs list on Josaka.co.uk and see how many bands actually play in Reading in a month. It's bugger all, a few at Gigmania on a Sunday (they have a massive backlog of demos) the same few bands again and again at The BBBs and that's about it.

Still, our main problem is no excellent demo, once we have that I think it'll be a lot easier.

13-03-2002, 15:20:37
Right so you need an excellent demo to get gigs. To get the excellent demo you need excellent music. To get the excellent music you need talent. Ooops. You're fucked.

Anyway. Go for it RC. If for no other reason than to give people something else to consider.