View Full Version : LPs

Greg W
24-07-2004, 11:46:38
Just listening to some old LPs. There's a definate ambience to them. Especially when it's AC/DC's Let there be Rock. :beer:

24-07-2004, 11:50:44
Yeah...I finally bought a turntable so I could listen to some old albums...I still like the sound.

24-07-2004, 11:58:17
Good for you! Either one of you want to buy about 3000 LPs?

Greg W
24-07-2004, 12:01:00
Sure. I'll give you tree fiddy for them (aka $3.50 - incl p&h).

Resource Consumer
26-07-2004, 20:09:36
Where do you hang Angus's shorts?

Greg W
26-07-2004, 20:20:45
On the end of the bed.

Resource Consumer
26-07-2004, 20:22:57
How shameful

The Mad Monk
28-07-2004, 07:35:14
I love my LPs. I spent money on a turntable before I spent money on a CD player.