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23-07-2004, 08:41:14
There once was a man, who walked places. Everywhere he went he walked, never riding or jogging or swimming. This of course limited the areas where he was, and, since he also did not fly, basically left unlimited the areas where he was not. Now many things happened where he was not, as is case with things, and happenings, they affected him in ways that came all too apparent

Now, it seems strange to me, he thought to himself, that where I was not, still affected where I was, therefore I am, in a way, also affecting where I am not, by being where I am. Therefore, despite the limitations that I have constrained upon myself, I have still traveled to distant places, been at distant happenings, and affected distant things. Satisfied with himself, the man walked on.

The man came to a tree. It was a good tree, with shade, and fruit, and was very pretty to look upon. Now, it being sunny, and the man, having walked for a good bit of time, decided that a rest beneith the tree would not be out of line, out of the usual or in any way something that should not be indulged in.

Laying down, he quickly fell asleep, and asleep he dreamed. Like most dreams, while dreaming, he seemed more awake than asleep, and the the life he had been leading seemed like a distant murky memory. Now came the truth of the tree, wether it was good or ill. For if it was truly a good tree, than it would give good dreams, and if otherwise it would give ill. His dreams, fortunately or unfortunately, were unmemoriable, and so the question of the trees true nature had to be settled at a later time (And perhaps by another traveler).

Awaking, he got out his meat and, satisfying himself, prepared to walk on.

Jon Miller
(to be continued...)

23-07-2004, 09:01:28
In the distance, he noticed a small cloud, as if made of dust. Ah ha, he thought, I perhaps shall meet a new traveller if I do but walk more slowly than he. Thinking so to himself he set out, but at a slower pace than was his usual practice. For he was not a lone by choice or habit, but merely by the happenstance of not traveling in the same direction of anyone else who walked, merely to walk places and not to acheive them. For those who walked places to acheive them, generally jogged, or rode, or by some other means increased the speed of their journey, and therefore decreased the time of their transit.

As he traveled slowly, he mused upon the path he was following. It led to a place, of that he was sure, because what was a path,but a connection between two places, fit for walking. As to the place it led, he was not sure, prefering instead to be surprised when he arrived there. This particular path was straight and true, and led through a country that was for the most part empty. This did not concern him, as he had with him all that he should likely need for any imaginable journey.

Jon Miller
(to be continued..)