View Full Version : Battlefield Vietnam hardware tip!

19-07-2004, 20:40:54
Despite what the memory specs say (min 256 Mb, rec 384 Mb) you really need over 512 Mb to get smooth online play. Infact to get it running absolutely silky 1Gig ram is the answer.

Something to do with it accessing the swap file intensively at some points - once you 1 gig (actually someone tested it and 768 works too) then theres no swap file accessing and it absolutely flies.

Makes a big difference to play, I could now hit people with the sniper rifle above 100m away and didnt die because my screen froze at a bad moment.

and v1.1 is due out in the next couple of weeks!

20-07-2004, 19:26:51
Hey, guess what I found out guys, 1GB of RAM makes your programs run faster!

Nice tip. You work on that one for a few days?

20-07-2004, 19:52:49
You missed the part about "DESPITE WHAT THE MEMORY SPECS SAY", you vaginal blood fart.

20-07-2004, 21:17:48

Same statement applies: NO SHIT SHERLOCK!