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Greg W
18-07-2004, 03:20:20
Game developed by some russian dudes which never got published in English. however someone did some translation, and it's available on certain download software. Anyone ever tried it? Ran accross a mention to it the other day, but I had never heard of it before...

Greg W
21-07-2004, 10:50:01
Interesting little game. It's like, hmm, Privateer (or perhaps Freelancer), played in a turn-based top-down mode. The back story mode is about some alien race invading the galaxy, and you have to stop them by joining the Rangers. Thus the title. You start with a ship, and can:

- mine asteroids for cash (basically blow them up, and they leave minerals which you can sell)

- prey on pirates or merchants and sell the loot from killing them

- perform missions for various planets (take some cargo there or help out in a crisis are the two that I have seen)

- trade between planets/bases/systems

- read up news items which can point out bargains (aka medical crisis on planet X, take medical supplies, etc)

- hunt down pirates in hyperspace "clots" - basically stop off while in hyperspace and kill a few pirates

- attack the aliens (nasty fuckers the few times I have run into them, mostly cos they gang up on you)

And probably more stuff that I haven't looked into yet. I keep telling myself that it's not so great a game (was really looking for a game that I could dogfight in space with), and yet it keeps dragging me in. Seems very addictive.

21-07-2004, 11:25:33
You should try X2 - same general idea with eye candy. There's a thread about it here somewhere. :)

Space trading sims are addictive to me regardless of the bells and whistles, though. That one sounds interesting. I avoid those "certain download sites" though.

Greg W
21-07-2004, 11:32:44
"certain download software" ;)

Tried X2 - I was the one with the big issue about the flight model. Turning rate to be specific. Does sound good, but I just can't get past that issue. :cry:

21-07-2004, 11:47:53
did you play it long enough to get a better ship???

21-07-2004, 12:15:28
Huge improvements with the patches. I only have bought 4 rudder enhancements and its all I need. Anything more and I'm completely out of control.

I guess I avoid the software, too. :)

Greg W
21-07-2004, 19:49:15
Turning rate as in the ship doesn't stop turning when you tell it to. From what I read, it only gets worse with faster rudders.

21-07-2004, 23:30:35
Greg, that's a problem I've found under certain circumstances in X2. Mostly with certain game controllers (pads/joysticks)... never with the mouse or keypad. Although some ships seem to exaggerate that problem (Novas, for example) if its present.

Greg W
22-07-2004, 10:50:08
I gave up when I noticed it happening if I just used the keyboard (in the tutorial)...

22-07-2004, 11:25:24
It happens with all three for me - it just seems much worse with the mouse.

22-07-2004, 20:13:52
MDA, all three? Man, that sucks.

I found I didn't need any rudder under 1.3 for the Mako or Mamba. No clue under 1.4 as I haven't tried it yet. Been busy finishing up other games.

23-07-2004, 11:31:05
I just don't put more than 3 or four rudder enhancements (Split M3) and things work fine - I can't turn with the Xenon, but I can usually stay behind them. The joystick and keyboard are very manageable at that level, but the mouse is hell.

I can't even get close to a Khaak M3 with only one 25 mw shield, though. I had to learn to pay attention to (read: run away, then flip and fire at them) missiles in 1.4, too. They seem to be more abundant (I seem to be picking a lot of them up after the Khaak have passed through, too).

Greg: Space rangers is a 2d map - i.e., not a flight game? Just abstracted top-down fighting (like MOO?)?

Greg W
23-07-2004, 11:36:20
Originally posted by MDA
Greg: Space rangers is a 2d map - i.e., not a flight game? Just abstracted top-down fighting (like MOO?)? Yeah, it's kinda like a TBS. The only real-time part to it is when you're in a "clot" - that's very arcadish.

23-07-2004, 12:03:19
I get all twitchy with the arcadish stuff. I have to stop an hour or two before bed or I can't sleep. The simple act of docking in the Elite games was nerve-wracking. (docking computers are nice)

Fun, though. :)

15-10-2008, 11:28:56
I downloaded Space Rangers 2 from Stardock/Impulse and have been playing for a couple of weeks now. Its awesome. I dislike the RTS minigames, and the hyperspace arcade thing is so-so. The text adventures and puzzles are awesome though. I even put Colonization (temporarily) aside after the first few games and went back to this one. The main game is still trading and space combat, but I've spent hours working out the text games on pen and paper (more fun than it sounds).

The translation to English is comically terrible at times, but I can usually figure out what they're trying to say.