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01-07-2004, 15:52:21
Just wanted to make a thread to say some general things about champ man 03/04.

My Inter team achieved the imposssible in my first season and won serie A at a gallop.
With virtually no strengthening and a lot of squad trimming my boys gained an unassailable league and took the title with four games remaining. I also made the champions league semi final but lost to bloody juventus of all people. Roma took the UEFA cup so it was a good season for the italian clubs (have you ever noticed in the CM series how the league you pick as your main league seems to become stronger than its peers?).

I'm still playing my usual 3-5-2 with 2 defensive midfielders, 2 wingers and 1 AMC. Recoba has been great 'in the hole' and now i'm trying to buy brazilian starlet Diego or argentianian wonderkid D'Alessandro for some long-term cover.

speaking of the off-season...

One of the things that is really pissing me off at the moment is the transfer system - specifically with regard to loan players. Case in point - Riquelme was transfer listed by barca but currently on loan at villereal. I wanted to buy him and kind of forgot about the loan thing. Barca accepted my offer but i was then told he would only be able to join in a year's time, i.e. once his loan contract had completed. Aaarrrghh! I'm sure this would never occur in real-life. Ditto your own players who are on loan - yes someone ticked the 'may not recall' button but let's negotiate for god's sake!
It would have been better to implement a kind of 'money talks' system, where you can buy off contracts and get out of situations as required. The wheeler-dealing in football management is half the fun!

something i did like was media interaction and the website vote thing on hot topics. e.g. karagounis tells me he expects first team football, and i tell him he'll play when the time is right. Soccernet does an internet poll and 100% of fans think karagounis should not be in the first team :lol:. This and a couple of the other media relations things are a lot slicker now. I love issuing 'hands-off warnings'or seeing the fan's reaction when you 'declare your interest' in a player. I will never forget my shock when i declared my interest in edgar davids and the game told me that the fans had expressed their concern and did not think that a juventus cast-off was fit to wear the inter shirt :D

some other stupid things:

because of some ambitious plans not coming off quite correctly i ended up with 3 assistant managers at one point. However only one of these 3 was considered my actual assistant manager so it was his shitty self i had to use to coach my reserves, youth team etc.

Training. Damn it, how complicated, fiddly and hard to get right is this? Turning on the 'let assistant manager take control' option didn't do shit, so i had to plough through it all myself. Such a pain switching players between resting in the off season and pre-season in the off season. Not to mention the fact that as soon as i started pre-season training in the pre-season the coach started telling me the workouts were doing nothing for the players :mad:

manager Points. Why can't i see a running total of managers and their manager points any more? Not only that but why can't i see how many manager points i received in previous seasons? I hate it when they take stuff out like this.

I'd like to be told who the team of the week is without having to go and look for it, certainly at least if any of my players are in it.

oh while we're on it, the player/foreign player/defender/goalkeeper, etc. of the year stuff was insane. The winning players were averaging about 7 ratings. They were total nobodies who had seemingly no right to win any awards. This just looked bugged to me.
IIRC david moyes won south american manager of the year :lol:

oh i've just remembered something else: Long shots. I have only one player in the team set to long shots, my amc. My 2 dmc are set very specifically to not try long shots and to try through balls and other stuff instead. So why oh why do 50% of my highlights show my dmcs cracking useless 25-30 yd shots over the bar? And while we're on it, how many missed shots of any variety are 'over the bar'??!! It's like 95% of all missed shots are blasted over!

I ended up ranting...i do love this game though :D

Gramercy Riffs
01-07-2004, 19:11:10
I always leave training to my assistant/assistants.

Long shot are indeed crap. I have Hitzlesperger (sic?) taking mine. He hasnt scored for two years.

Declaring your interest in an insecure job is a good feature, though it could backfire if you dont get the desired job. The club you are with take an understanbly dim view of this.

04-05-2005, 10:17:04
Old thread dragged up.

I saw two new things on my game last night.
I'm now in about 2016, managing reigning Serie A champions Parma (via Tottenham, Sheff Wed, Fiorentina, Juventus, England, Nottm Forest and Leeds).
I had a piece on injury news which read something like....

"Emiliano Costa will be ruled out for 2 weeks after falling from his loft. The midfielder was moving some boxes when he slipped and twisted his knee"

The other previously unseen feature was in player profiles under grievances or whatever they call it.
Quite a few of my players had taken a dislike to one of their teammates and under their grievances it read,

Thinks Francesco Pesce should not take himself so seriously

I thought that was pretty funny

04-05-2005, 11:09:51
:lol: that's cool, i saw some threads on one of the old CM games that claimed various things happened in later years of the game, but it descended into outrageous nonsense and i wasn't sure if it was true

04-05-2005, 11:24:33
Yeah, seems that way. My "career" is going very well so I plan to continue further. I now have a "Superb" rating and at one stage, ALL of my stats were 20. I'm enjoying my second spell in Italy, but have ambitions to manage in Spain and perhaps finish with an emotional return to Leeds :p (who sacked me for demanding more transfer funds, 4 months after I led them from mid-table to the Premiership title in 18 months). :rolleyes: Bloody Ken Bates!!!

04-05-2005, 11:52:35
I played upto about 2010 or a bit later on 03/04. Took Watford back into the Premiership and only just lost out on the title with Nottm Forest! In the end I got fed up with the shit quality of the regenerated players and gave up. (well not before hacking the data to create a few virtuosos!)

04-05-2005, 12:33:05
Yeah, I know what you're saying. It becomes harder to pick up good players because you can't go on real-life reputations. With my current game though, I'm actually enjoying that aspect of it. There is more reliance on good scouting (I have Chiesa and Zola as scouts at Parma........and Sun Jihai as physio!!) I don't think there's any greater satisfaction on the game than picking up a good youngster (who you've never heard of - born in 1991 or something!! :eek: ) and seeing him develop into a world-beater. Trophy hauls have their charm though as well

17-05-2005, 10:40:29
Another humourous piece of news from my long running game last night. Now 2020 and having just taken Milan to the TREBLE (first Scudetto since 1999!!!), I was then offered the managers job at Grimsby. Now OK, Grimsby are now a struggling but surviving Premiership team, but really, they must realise how ridiculous it sounds when the news item says

"Could Milan boss Reeves be set for Blundell Park"

Proabably not.

17-05-2005, 10:42:50

17-05-2005, 10:47:36
I'd like to think that maybe they will have invested some money into redeveloping Blundell Park from its current state but still........

Perhaps its a 60,000 capacity, architecturally outstanding, mecca of football and I acted a little hastily in rejecting their vision

17-05-2005, 10:50:54
yes forget Blundell park, welcome to the Grimsby Nike-Emirates Stadium

17-05-2005, 13:30:48
Or the "Mr Cod Arena"

Infinitely more appropriate and by 2020, I'm sure the Mr Cod empire will be in a healthy enough position to finance such sponsorship backed by such loyal customers as yourself K_G.

Not so many visits recently?

17-05-2005, 13:49:37
no, i even had celery for breakfast the other day :cry:

17-05-2005, 14:03:53
You've changed :p

17-05-2005, 14:07:36
yeah i dumped a couple of losers i'd been hanging around with

17-05-2005, 14:44:13
Thats funny. Could have sworn I saw you with them on Sunday...

17-05-2005, 15:25:49
like a dog returning to its vomit

17-05-2005, 16:06:09
With his tail between his legs.......

17-05-2005, 16:11:15
:D thanks for breakfast on sunday btw

17-05-2005, 16:23:41
:lol: That sounds like rumour mill fodder to me