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29-06-2004, 19:10:12
Well nearly

The pictures from bovington tank museum as promised

http://www.tankmuseum.co.uk/ - the official site

http://www.acolyte.boltblue.com/tanks/album.htm - my pics

only as few as its hard to get far enough away from most of the tanks to actually get them in shot.

the pics are

1: British steel hall - big collection of WW2 -> modern day armor. Paid for by British steel PLC (now corus), not a collection of just british stuff. Includes a challenger (2?) from the gulf war (the big yellow one) and 2 captured iraqi APC (between the pillars towards the back) The AC at bottom left is a ww2 greyhound, the yellow AC ahead of it is a desert rat, probably a daimler cant remember exactly.

2: The swedish "S" tank - comedy swedish tank, probably comes flat packed. Has no turret, the gun is raised and lowered by moving the suspension. has very low profile and only 3 crew due to autoloader. As a result has a slow ROF and can only carry 12 rounds. Unsuprisingly not a great success. On the far left you can just see a cromwell tank.

3: King Tiger - from what I remember this baby never saw action and was actually built after the end of the war so the could allies test the design

4: Tiger - this one actually was captured in full working order in sardinia. It had KOed several shermans when a lucky hit on the turret ring (where you can still see the impact) jammed the turret causing the crew to bail. The thing that looks like a dustbin on its side is the barrel from a sturmtiger.

5: StuG 4G - a lot smaller than you would think. only a little taller than me. The big yellow box thing behind it (behind the WW2 sign and the fire exit arrow) is a sherman equipped with a DD floatation devise.

6: Cruiser Mk1 - the version with 2 MG turrets at the front.

They also have a prototype interwar british tank that has 5 turrets. The design of which was stolen by the russians and used as the base for the T35 land battleship.

30-06-2004, 11:18:36
What's the grid on the front of the S tank for? to deflect hollow charges?

30-06-2004, 12:42:00
its part of a bulldozer blade that bit of armor covering the front edge of the tank and the top of the tracks can be hinged out and lowered to make a dozer blade.

Its a seriously weird looking machine. Apparently the gunner sits facing backwards at the rear of the tank. All the aiming etc is done through cameras