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28-06-2004, 19:12:51

My new replacement "PDA". It's a "Modular" computer... the base unit is meant to be placed in various "shells" to allow it to function as a "Handheld" (Mini-Tablet), Desktop, etc. Its nice to finally not need coverters between files for the handheld and the desktop/main box.

I'm amazed at the resolution on the handheld. Very sharp and crisp.

My only real complaints are battery life (~3.5 hours) and speed. The Cruso runs at 300 MHz, and "turbos" up to the full 1 Gig for intensive tasks. But the delay in kicking up is noticable. Since my old PocketPC that this is replacing was a 400 MHz machine, the "downstep" to 300 MHz is noticable. But this is really first generation, so I wasn't expecting miracles. ;)

Ask me what I have on the sucker though. Go ahead... ASK. :cool:

28-06-2004, 19:21:01

The Mad Monk
28-06-2004, 19:28:40
Civ I

28-06-2004, 19:31:34
Solitare did come with the machine. As well as all the other basic Windows XP collection of starter games.

Civ 1 is a good idea, Mad Monk. :coolgrin:

The Mad Monk
28-06-2004, 19:49:15
How much storage?

28-06-2004, 20:05:21
20 Gig. :D

The Mad Monk
28-06-2004, 20:15:00
19.24 Gigs of pRoN?

28-06-2004, 20:15:42
Cool...my old win 95 notebook had a whopping 4gig hard drive! :lol:

28-06-2004, 20:54:59
Let's see... 20 Gig Human turns into 18 Gig Computer. And it has a 2 Gig hidden partion to restore the unit to "factory" settings in case you have to "recover" it. So that's was 16 Gig left for actual usage. And Windows XP and Office XP took 6 Gig. Leaving 10 Gig free for "User" installed items. So, I COULD have put 10 Gig of porn on it... but there isn't any porn on it at all. What with it being a "work" oriented toy, porn is not it's first purpose (Don't tell Venom. He'd have a heart attack hearing that ~good thing I know~ and then sue me for causing it by ignoring his porn sensibilities ~that's the bad thing, and I don't want to waste money on law-dogs~).

28-06-2004, 21:41:07
Should be enough horsepower to play games that don't use OpenGL or Direct3D. The size of the MCC is startling.