View Full Version : Cayto will be supporting Biffy Clyro

17-06-2004, 13:03:46
Cayto will be supporting Biffy Clyro at a one off show in Durham.

Biffy Clyro
[ c a y t o ]
Psychedelic Breakfast

Saturday 19th June 2004
Durham Students Union
Dunelm House, New Elvet, Durham DH1 3AN
Tickets: 7 (advance) / 8 (on the door)
NUS card holders only.

Cayto play strange songs full of odd lyrics and funny time signatures.
They play catchy songs full of needless posturing. They play songs that
appeal to your grandparents and furniture. They wear afro wigs
sometimes, and jump off your stage into your face in case you're not
listening to their Message. Which is: 'Why aren't you listening to our
Message? Why doesn't your head spin round? All the good music's 104
degrees to your left, out of your peripheral vision. Please let us
your neck.'


17-06-2004, 13:28:41
a disturbance of the force I sense
strange people here have errupted

Lazarus and the Gimp
17-06-2004, 21:06:31
Jamie, dear heart. How would you go about describing the music without talking bollocks?

18-06-2004, 09:38:06
biffy clyro are ok

Resource Consumer
23-06-2004, 15:26:54
sounds like a make of Spanish shoe polish