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Lazarus and the Gimp
16-06-2004, 20:33:24
I really like the new Streets single.

That means I've heard two Streets songs I've thought were great, and about half a dozen that I thought were rubbish.

16-06-2004, 22:57:09
A lot of people have said bad things about his new album, but I quite like it.

I can send you a copy with my LWP CD if you like...

16-06-2004, 23:17:01
I love that song with Tim and Terry in it. I haven't heard much else.

18-06-2004, 14:03:39
The new album is like the old album with good music as well as good lyrics. Apparently, I haven't bought it yet.

18-06-2004, 15:10:11
apparently you haven't bought it yet?

18-06-2004, 15:11:02
I'm not really awake. Got caught up drinking with a load of Danes last night...

18-06-2004, 15:28:05
one trip to europe and you become totally debauched

18-06-2004, 15:37:02

18-06-2004, 15:49:33
sorry, remain

18-06-2004, 16:57:18
Oh lord, he's gone all Louis XIV on us.

18-06-2004, 18:05:22
Wigs and high heels?

18-06-2004, 23:18:11
No, that's Ghidra I think...or is it KH when he visits Asher on the weekends...damn, tough to keep it straight around here.

Scabrous Birdseed
19-06-2004, 13:05:09
I wasn't impressed by the single.

The Mad Monk
19-06-2004, 13:49:52
How about the double?

19-06-2004, 15:04:32
Ah, but its the triple that's the hardest to hit into.

The Mad Monk
19-06-2004, 15:30:03
A triple is a rare, beautiful thing.

Provost Harrison
20-06-2004, 18:39:16

21-06-2004, 08:56:08
Originally posted by Scabrous Birdseed
I wasn't impressed by the single.

There you go guys, what more recommendation do you need?

Provost Harrison
21-06-2004, 16:30:21

21-06-2004, 16:32:07
If only we could get him to critique stocks and mutual funds.

SB, who do you hate to win the SuperBowl and the World Series this year?

*End Is Forever*
17-07-2004, 22:08:52
What's with "Dry Your Eyes"? It's like the Streets meet McFly...

Lazarus and the Gimp
17-07-2004, 22:14:01
Except it's good.

*End Is Forever*
17-07-2004, 23:45:32
It's growing on me, I must admit. I thought it was a parody of him when I first heard it.

20-07-2004, 09:38:21
Originally posted by Debaser
[B]A lot of people have said bad things about his new album, but I quite like it.

Just noticed this, I've heard nothing but good things about the new album. Still haven't bought it yet though.

Provost Harrison
22-07-2004, 16:09:38
Well Scabby was commenting on how he hated their first album...so it must be good :D

22-07-2004, 16:11:24
It's done by a white middle class man, of course he hates it.