View Full Version : What the Fuck is f.ck?

13-06-2004, 12:52:50
If you are going to swear at least do it properly! Sheesh!:bash:

miester gandertak
13-06-2004, 13:27:00
sorry bro bad hairday?

13-06-2004, 13:42:34
:lol: Bad swearday even?

miester gandertak
13-06-2004, 14:01:13
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

nice discussion

BTW do you know how to use a *.bin file?

Sir Penguin
13-06-2004, 19:03:42
F.ck is fuck for people who are polite enough not to put fuck in their thread titles.


14-06-2004, 21:29:48
As some of our posters have filters from their access point (such as work) which won't let them access threads that have swearing in them. Or forums with swear words in the thread titles.

15-06-2004, 17:46:04
May help with your .bin file (http://www.daemon-tools.cc/dtcc/portal/download.php?mode=ViewCategory&catid=5)

15-06-2004, 20:27:48
Oh please DS, the poster concerned is Dutch. Do you really think they give a f.ck about sweary posts?

15-06-2004, 20:50:00
Don't know. Maybe they hadn't been to the main forum to see a full page worth of "Fucks" in the title threads recently. Or maybe they just forgot that we don't give a shit here and let people say and post anything they want, so they auto-censored themselves?

Maybe they did it to poke fun at everyone that aren't. Or maybe it's a signal to their Al-Quada buddies to start the assassination attempt on the interm president of Iraq.

But the most logical choices are: they were being nice, they just forgot what this forum does if you put a "naughty" word in the title, or they just mistyped it.

15-06-2004, 20:51:39
And everyone here is Keith until proven different! So how dare you try to give cover to one of your OTHER AEs, KEITH! :mad: