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30-05-2004, 20:33:57
Man Commits Suicide After Sex with Hen

Fri May 28,10:50 AM ET Add Oddly Enough - Reuters to My Yahoo!

LUSAKA (Reuters) - A 50-year-old Zambian man has hanged himself after his wife found him having sex with a hen, police said Friday.

The woman caught him in the act when she rushed into their house to investigate a noise.

"He attempted to kill her but she managed to escape," a police spokesman said.

The man from the town of Chongwe, about 50 km (30 miles) east of Lusaka, killed himself after being admonished by other villagers.

The hen was slaughtered after the incident.

Let the jokes begin! :lol:

30-05-2004, 20:37:33
What a complete cock.

30-05-2004, 20:38:56
Eggsellent story

30-05-2004, 23:45:40
That yolk cracks me up.

The Shaker
31-05-2004, 11:10:25
Sad that he dies after such a paltry offence.

Provost Harrison
31-05-2004, 14:22:40
Had his wife gone out on a hen night when he did it, and decided he would have a hen night of his very own? :D

31-05-2004, 14:23:52
Originally posted by The Shaker
Sad that he dies after such a paltry offence.

oh. good. jesus.

poultry, ric. poultry.

31-05-2004, 14:45:59
This thread is clucking terrible.

31-05-2004, 14:50:18
I'm in such a fowl mood

Provost Harrison
31-05-2004, 16:06:08
This act was completely reprehensible :lol:

31-05-2004, 16:14:17
He thought it was a game but he was wrong. He's a little deaf, his wife said pluck.

31-05-2004, 16:15:45
I heard it's very chic

Provost Harrison
31-05-2004, 16:16:34
Well here are the condoms he used:


Provost Harrison
31-05-2004, 16:17:30
He must have been very embarr-roost ;)

Nills Lagerbaak
31-05-2004, 17:04:16
Did he hang himself on a giblet?

Greg W
01-06-2004, 05:55:48
So that's why the chicken crossed the road...

01-06-2004, 06:12:15
Poulette fourée à la crème blanche

01-06-2004, 09:32:19
I guess he was too chicken to admit his deviances.

01-06-2004, 16:01:30
The cock crowed three times?

27-04-2007, 05:20:16
Man my oldest available thread was great!

27-04-2007, 06:37:06
Why didn't you bump it instead of this one?

27-04-2007, 19:43:10
That's someone else's job.

27-04-2007, 22:29:51
That guy must have been chicken to kill himself.

27-04-2007, 23:23:49
He was most likely afraid that someone would talon him

28-04-2007, 16:13:26
Big flap about nothing!

Immortal Wombat
30-04-2007, 00:20:39
Clearly he's doing it wrong, anyway. Not like in the old days.

From William Bradford's "Of Plymouth Plantation", pg 320.

[A Horrible Case of Bestiality]

And after the time of the writing of these things befell a very sad accident of the like foul nature in this government, this very year, which I shall now relate. There was a youth whose name was Thomas Granger. He was a servant to an honest man of Duxbury, being about 16 or 17 years of age. (His father and mother lived at the same time at Scituate.) He was this year detected of buggery, and indicted for the same, with a mare, a cow, two goats, five sheep, two calves and a turkey. Horrible it is to mention, but the truth of the history requires it. He was first discovered by one that accidentally saw his lewd practice towards the mare. (I forbear particulars.) Being upon it examined and committed, in the end he not only confessed the fact with that beast at that time, but sundry times before and at several times with all the rest of the forenamed in his indictment. And this his free confession was not only in private to the magistrates (though at first he strived to deny it) but to sundry, both ministers and others; and afterwords, upon his indictment, to the whole Court and jury; and confirmed it at his execution. And whereas some of the sheep could not so well be known by his description of them, others with them were brought before him and he declared which were they and which were not. And accordingly he was cast by the jury and condemned, and after executed about the 8th of September, 1642. A very sad spectacle it was. For first the mare and then the cow and the rest of the lesser cattle were killed before his face, according to the law, Leviticus xx.15; and then he himself was executed. The cattle were all cast into a great and large pit that was digged of purpose for the, and no use made of any part of them.

Upon the examination of this person and also of a former that had made some sodomitical attempts upon another, it being demanded of them how they came first to the knowledge and practice of such wickedness, the one confessed he had long used it in old England; and this youth last spoken of said he was taught it by another that had heard of such things from some in England when he was there, and they kept cattle together. By which it appears how one wicked person may infect many, and what care all ought to have what servants they bring into their families.

30-04-2007, 00:31:25
I think I am related to William Bradford

Jon Miller

30-04-2007, 09:41:56
you also observed some animal buggery?