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22-05-2004, 22:07:01
Nick Kang's one-liners are funny. The hand-to-hand combat lets you type in finishing combos after you daze an opponent. Sometimes Nick says "Finish Him!" a-la Mortal Kombat. :)

The Old Fart Cop is funny too. "You need a good, hard, kick in the ass." And "Do you sleep with those guns under your pillow?"

There are lots of various driving, fighting, and shooting upgrades that are earned at training centers. Bonus challenges at the end of completed chapters let you upgrade your car, weapons, and fighting skills. Answering dispatcher calls and completing missions add to your skill purchase points and good karma points. Killing bystanders and using excessive force takes points away from both columns.

I've got +357 karma, so I'd have to kill alot of people to go bad. The karma meter only controls the story. Immediate responses to my bad behavior are controlled by the civil unrest meter. Killing at a rapid clip will cause it to go critical. After that, the criminals and finally the SWAT team come to kill me.

The suspects are generally well-behaved if I take out my guns and get behind cover. When they run, I give them a maximum of two tackles before shooting them in the legs. If they attempt to jack a car to escape, I shoot out the tires. Nevertheless, I've been killed alot by suspects who are either black belts or crazy shooters. Sometimes it's better to stay in the car and make strafing/ramming passes.

Cruising around looking for prostitutes to frisk can be amusing. Once, I heard Nick say "You want some fries with that shake?" Every once in a while, one will take exception and attack. Frisk fights don't lead to arrests. I guess the only ways to be a criminal are to be caught with contraband or be designated by the dispatcher or the context of a mission.

The soundtrack is mostly a mix of rap and metal from groups local to the greater west coast. Unlike GTA, there's only one station. The player can customize from the menu by selecting tracks for inclusion/exclusion. The "V" key advances songs. And, again, unlike GTA, there are no DJ voices.

The map is gigantic. The LA replica even has the Staples Center in it. It's not building-for-building, but it's almost street-for-street with some alleys thrown in for good measure. Even at top speed, it takes a while to drive from end to end.

25-05-2004, 13:59:48
Is this the game with Snoop Dogg in it?

26-05-2004, 06:58:34
Yep. I think the Snoop character is unlocked by playing all the missions. My plan is to get upgrades first, followed by chapter bonuses. Once I complete the last mission, I'll make a backup of the savegame, and then I'll go on a rampage.

26-05-2004, 12:52:04
Maybe you could explain some general premise behind the game.

26-05-2004, 15:32:55
Your name is Nick Kang Wilson. You're a Cop who got kicked off the regular force and assigned to the Elite Operations Division, which is more or less a fictional goon squad. The Old Fart Cop tells some story about how the elder Wilson was labeled as a bad cop after dying under Mysterious Circumstances. Now you're taking a trip through the LA underworld to find The Men Who Killed Your Father. The usual.

Overall, the game has several limits built in compared to GTA, but the limits are imposed to require a different approach. The gun is a little sluggish and underpowered against suspects with automatic weapons, so run and gun is out of the question. Nick can't sustain many hits, either.

26-05-2004, 16:24:42
So what do you mean when you talk about your karma? How does that come it to play?

27-05-2004, 09:25:07
I'm not really sure. There are alternate endings, and your good cop/bad cop rating has something to do with it. It might just be a gratuitous statistic. I'll see when I beat the game.

10-07-2004, 09:20:27
Okay. I've played through all the missions, and karma doesn't really have much to do with the storyline as far as I can tell. There are branches, but the only way you can't get to one is by giving up. I think that the Karma/Yin-Yang meter is just a way to gauge your playing style.

In one ending, you throw a Korean off a roof and never find out what happened to your Father. In another ending, you rescue your partner from the Russian, but don't even get close to the Korean from the other ending. In another ending, the Russian gets away, and you never see the Korean. The Old Fart disses you in the ending narrative. And finally, the best ending is where you kill the Russian, and then the Korean tells you everything. You fight him, kick his butt, and then the Old Fart praises you in the ending narrative. The longest branch leads to the best ending. In one of the shorter branches, your brother dies.

And there are three cat-fight missions where women in skimpy/tight outfits attack you. Since you can replay all your solved missions, I like to replay these. My favorite tactic is to quickly defeat all but one opponent, and then let her knock me around and taunt me. When my health is critical, then I go back into action. :)

You can't go wrong by upgrading your guns and your car during the Bonus Cruisin' missions. You can also earn grapple moves, but I'm too lazy to remap them into something more convenient. I didn't use them much at all.

Cars, even fast ones, aren't as responsive as vehicles in GTA. Acceleration and turning can feel sluggish when somebody's chasing you. On the plus side, it's difficult to flip, and you won't explode if you do.

I've unlocked two characters, but I haven't even tried the codes yet.

I could have finished sooner, but solving a buttload of street crimes is a good way to settle in.

11-07-2004, 09:44:01
I just looked up all the cheat skins and the routines for unlocking the non-cheat skins. The cheats are accessed by using the codes on your license plate. The skins that require unlocking need certain things to happen during missions. The Snoop Dogg skin requires collecting 30 "doggy bones". Since I don't feel like planning a route to all the bones using MapQuest, I'm just going to be content with unlocking all the skins except those that require insane skills.

There are one or two training centers left, but I won't bother.

11-07-2004, 17:53:07
But shooting Snoop Dogg is a must.