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22-05-2004, 10:45:38
"CM:Afrika Korps" (Turn-based Strategy Game of the Year; Wargame of the Year) has been licensed by the Australian Government, Department of Defence to aid Officers in historical education!

The Australian Defence Simulation Office has now formally placed a purchase order to obtain a special version of CM:AK to be able to simulate and re-play historical tactical engagements in Greece, Crete and North Africa from 1940-1943. This version will be available for issue to all members of the Australian Department of Defence (contact ADSO-Joint 1) and will include a multimedia presentation on the Battle for Crete.

Besides a number of changes to mainly the Australian Order of Battles (ORBAT), Greece will be added as a playable theater. Projected delivery of the final milestone for this special Australian DoD version is June.

The Australian DoD version will not be available commercially.

22-05-2004, 10:57:24
great recognition for a great game

Greg W
22-05-2004, 11:37:17

22-05-2004, 12:01:57
I'm from Australia!

Don't work in the ministry of Defence though...


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22-05-2004, 19:53:59
Nav's news was bizarre, too.

22-05-2004, 22:03:46
Ha. :p

22-05-2004, 22:58:40
Shouldn't you have a red herring as your avatar?

23-05-2004, 05:59:52
I should, but the Fish in Black means something. So I hang onto it. Nice idea though.

23-05-2004, 06:00:14
Yay for Beaker, incidentally.

The Mad Monk
29-05-2004, 11:05:10
We should see if Alexander's Horse can snag a copy for us.

29-05-2004, 13:05:49
is australia planning to invade greece?

Maybe to force them to let thorpe back into the olympics?

Greg W
01-06-2004, 05:23:47
Own Goal.

Thorpe was always in the Olympics. Just not his pet 400 metres (or 200? - too sick to think clearly) event. And now he's even back in his pet event, cos Craig Stevens withdrew.