View Full Version : NASA auditor terminates relationship with NASA.

18-05-2004, 01:57:43

Space keeps getting further and further away...

18-05-2004, 08:21:15
Looks like some rather large unofficial projects got underway in the past !

18-05-2004, 21:52:59
PCW? I'd throw away anything and everything they said.

First off, they embezzled several billion from NASA. That's part of the missing funds. Then their individual contractors embezzled a bunch of funds. Then their is their Enron cooking of the books...

Price came in with big plans to consolidate the various NASA systems... and totally fucked the french poodle. And got caught doing so. They are just trying to save face at this point. They are under serious big time investigations from the IG about all their "losing" and "misappropriating" public and NASA funds. And several of their employees are now being sought in tropical locations for extridition back to the States to file charges.

Those guys taught Enron some tricks.

Not that NASA isn't totally fucked up. The things they do with funds makes the books SCREAM from all the twisting... but no cooking involved. Just racks and wheels...

No longer Trippin
19-05-2004, 09:05:19
I wonder statistically how much money a year in taxes I have to let the government piss away due to it's own ineptude.

19-05-2004, 09:53:29
Ick. Between Price and Anderson, I wonder why accounting firms aren't being held "accountable".

19-05-2004, 19:42:36
Because they are the ones called in by the government to do most of the "checking" I'd suppose.

Trip, various US departments figure that they piss away between 3% to 35% of the funds they recieve due to various stupidities and basic ineptitude. But each department will change it's figures, depending on the politics of the moment, so I tend to believe that they are grossly under-reporting their stupidities, inefficencies, and especially there out-right wastages.