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Resource Consumer
06-03-2002, 13:44:17
Did anybody buy this?

I was thinking about it but it looks like it doesn't really add that much except for new music (nothing wrong with the old stuff IMHO). Does it make much of a difference to game play?

06-03-2002, 15:05:18
Nope. I sure haven't. I haven't even read anything about it since someone (maybe me) posted a news item about it.

06-03-2002, 17:01:14
It came out with a bit of a whimper... when that happens it's usually crap.

06-03-2002, 20:53:49
It doesn't make a big huge difference in game play, but it adds a few nice things, and fixes a few old ones.

Some of the older buildings can now be rotated that couldn't before (not all of them). There are new buildings, edicts, tourist types, and a LOT of new scenarios (10-15, I think). Overall it just adds some nice features to the game, it doesn't redefine it.

From memory - you can build your own army base - provides medical, housing, etc. for your military families,
naturalist preserve and conservatory - ecotourist attractions
movie theatre and el presidente's childhood home - entertainment/propaganda use
furniture factory - finally a use for all that lumber!
duty free store - for the tourists
new edicts - spring break packages - to attract spring break tourists (and increase your crime rate)
social security - another happiness thing, who cares if they're happy?
martial law has been altered - you can declare it right before you lose the election, I haven't needed to use it yet, but I can't wait for the opportunity.

new structure - colonial fort - can be developed into a dungeon or tourist attraction - you can sell off your cultural treasures at the attraction and fatten your swiss bank account or go all soft and just set up displays for the tourists. The dungeon isn't much different from a prison.

new leader attributes - the only one I remember is the hotel corporate buyout rise to power - there were a few others, I think.

You can turn on/off and adjust the frequency of random events - which vary from minor variations in the selling price of your goods to full blown hurricane destruction - I leave them turned completely off in harder scenarios, since they become nearly impossible if a hurricane sweeps through halfway through the game. You do get disaster relief to rebuild, but it takes time and can lead to coups or civil unrest before you recover.

I've been working my way through the tourism-based scenarios and saving the military/despot scenarios for last. Alliances with the US or Russia will still allow you to collect rent - but your ally may make periodic demands of you now.

I was thinking of doing a REVIEW, but I haven't got past the thinking stage :) I could do it in stages with as much as they've added to the game...

It has got me playing the game more often again - I was down to about a game a week before the release. Having lots of new options to play with doesn't necessarily make the game better, but it does freshen it up a bit. This game was pretty damn fine as it was. Feel free to tell me my opinion is wrong.:D

07-03-2002, 11:34:40
I'd buy it if the expansion was a tenner. Not worth it for 20.

Resource Consumer
07-03-2002, 12:20:02
My view too.

Thanks for the info MDA, I think I'll sit on my wallet for the moment. The trouble is. though, ex-packs rarely seem to hit the bargain bins on their own they seem to be packaged with the original and then you have to buy them together.