View Full Version : Drums!

09-05-2004, 18:26:51
And cymbals as well, of course! Being hit very hard, often and quickly. Aaaaaaaah, luxury!

Went to see the Carl Palmer Band last night, at the Central Studios in Basingstoke. It's a very small theatre venue - max 200 people, I suppose - giving a very intimate atmosphere. Quite a contrast, therefore, to when I saw Keith Emerson and The Nice at The Anvil in Basingstoke, and all the better for it.

Carl's 'band' were two spotty youths, who were pretty good on the lead and bass. The bassist in particular was excellent and carried off a couple of solo spots with aplomb and no lack of skill: there was a particularly good solo version of 'Message in a Bottle' with two lines built up on a sample machine before he overlayed it with the main theme.

The set was completely ELP stuff - and mainly the classical covers - apart from the encore, which was Orff's 'Carmina Biruna'.

This was such a good gig, that I would class it in my top five: Jethro Tull and Reef still retain their top spots, of course.