View Full Version : I saw a strange thing in print yesterday

22-04-2004, 03:11:21
The current CEO of SuSe was quoted as saying that the current goal for SuSe is to make it "Just like WIndows. So that it operates just like Windows, with the user, network, hardware, software. And it should look just like Windows. Only better. No silly paper clips! And we should be just as secure as windows. No more script hacking our OS or software. That's just embarassing."

Now, I *think* I know what he meant... applying my limited intelligence, I think what he meant is that he wants SuSe to be at least as user friendly as windows (and improve where they can, obviously), to operate in these hetero OS networks in a fashion that emulates Windows (so a SuSe box could be dropped on the network with ease), to support all the hardware that is available, tighten up security (as you gain market share, more people are willing to target you and your success), and either have full Windows Emulation for Windows software *or* have a range of applications and games available that rival the variety on Windows.

But it sure SOUNDED strange...

22-04-2004, 03:51:29
Apple is probably throwing a hissy fit over this. Windows must be destroyed. Not emulated.

No longer Trippin
22-04-2004, 07:11:24
Bring back a command prompt only OS and watch the world crumble.

22-04-2004, 07:30:40
Why? Command prompts rule! :)

Fear not the Prompt. It is your most obediant servant.

Sir Penguin
22-04-2004, 07:35:01
They don't have all the pretty colours to distract the user from how crappy their OS is.


22-04-2004, 13:53:17
It's easy enough to put it in. I used to use a rainbow effect at one time.

22-04-2004, 16:47:04
I like what Novell is doing. Commercial support of Linux has had a mostly positive effect because the companies involved are allowing their work to be extended. I say mostly positive because there are vendors like Lindows that are an embarassment.

Hopefully, SuSE won't work exactly like Windows. An easy GUI for administration would be nice, but I think the prompt will probably always be around for remote administration or just as a backup to do uncommon tasks that the GUI hasn't been adapted for yet.

As for Apple, their OS X is practically Unix. Hopefully now that the big fight at XFree86 is over, we can see X try to catch up to Apple in the visual display department.

No longer Trippin
22-04-2004, 18:04:32
I like them, it keeps most of the idiots out, or at least with freshly formatted HDD's anyhow. :)