View Full Version : BF veitnam exploit.

13-04-2004, 22:07:18
Its back - the superman exploit has found its way back into BFV.

Works on any FF off server. Basicly works as follows - choose kit with grenades, drop one at your feet and lie prone on it. Wait for detonation. Boom, you fly about 50m in the air and can parachute down onto the top of otherwise unreachable buildings. Once your up on the roofs you can use the grenade blasts for fly from roof to roof.

So next time your in quang tri and get shot by some smacktard 5 stories up on an unaccessible rooftop dont waste time looking for the hidden ladder.

Played on EA15 this PM and at any one time half the players were flying around. Now if only I can figure out how to get a tank on a roof...

13-04-2004, 22:55:12

I don't like ff off servers anyway.

14-04-2004, 20:23:23
lol freaked out a couple of people on a lang vei map today. blew myself up in the air then para-ed down onto the bridge spawn point. Got shot to peices but now have a couple of newbies convinced theres a secret NVA chopper on that map!

16-04-2004, 14:54:15
I still haven't played much BFV on-line. I played the (or one of the) city maps the other day. Although I like the look of the game, I seem to have a difficult time distinguishing friend from foe in the dark environment. I suppose that's part of the game, but it's also the reason I was never fond of Kursk.

16-04-2004, 15:17:26
have you tried turning on the 3d map - press q

then every friendly player appears with a little arrow in your teams color on the main view + the distance to them, + flags appear on the overlay too. makes accidental TKs a lot less likely and means you dont get lost in the jungle so much.

16-04-2004, 15:21:49
thinking about it - it should be possible to use the 3d map to lay down indirect fire with the mortar without a spotter. With a bit of practise you should be able to figure out how far a round flies on max/min elevation. Just choose a map with a nice open flag and set up your mortar X m away, fire check the fall of the round and reposition until the round falls on the flag at max elevation. Then on any other map you should be able to drop that mortar round onto any out doors flag just by moving to that distance away (using the 3d map) and blasting away.

Could be very usefull - in those jungle maps you could be setup behind a ridge in heavy jungle and whacking rounds right onto a US spawn 300m away and they cant even do the usual M60 death from a mile away trick. of course eventually they will track the rounds back but by then you should have fire all your rounds and be well gone.