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13-04-2004, 04:30:43

As campy as this game seems, it is awesome. The interface, setup, gameplay etc is excellent. The first online game I have played where 5 min into the game I knew what I was doing and was kicking bad guy ass.

I may write a review for the front page and will probably post some pics of my retarded heroes from Beta.

Here is a link to a character creator to play with if interested.

It is up to date as of the 8th in Beta


13-04-2004, 09:37:37
got my interest piqued, be very interested to read a review HK

13-04-2004, 20:28:06
hey KH is there a way of getting a look at the different types of costumes you can have?

the screenshots show some very different looks but it's hard to tell what you can really do with some imagination

13-04-2004, 20:32:42
Originally posted by HelloKitty

I may write a review for the front page and will probably post some pics of my retarded heroes from Beta.



Nothing retarded about my heroes!

13-04-2004, 21:59:09
Originally posted by King_Ghidra@home
hey KH is there a way of getting a look at the different types of costumes you can have?

the screenshots show some very different looks but it's hard to tell what you can really do with some imagination

Not really since there are "1000000000000000000000000 different possible unique costumes give or take a few million options" according to the Devs. A distinct costume has at least 3 main features different.

Here is what I am going to do, I will create a new lvl 1 Hero based on a CG poster and level up to 6 keeping track of the missions and use that as a basis of a write up with screens.

Anyone have a preference for a poster? I could do venom but the deranged assault rifle looney is, imo, dull. Maybe MikeH whose hero name could be "scrapie" after being exposed to radioactive diseased sheep. OR a tall sexy illusionist named TV for Fun since TV stands for transvestite.

There is an afro option so Drekkus could be played as well.

The Mad Monk
14-04-2004, 05:37:40
How about a balding middle-aged accountant who goes around beating people up with a stick? :)

14-04-2004, 08:22:14
Thats me in real life. But you could do that.

I decided to make Super Drekkus with Magic Afro powers derived from an extra-dimentional happy little tree.

14-04-2004, 08:30:21
Oh, I will write a review that follows along the life of DREKKUS!

Here is a picture of Drekkus summoning a ball of fire in the intestines of a pick-pocket. He stands over the corpse of a jaywalker. Drekkus IS ABOVE THE LAW!!

14-04-2004, 09:20:50


This is great! I get to be a superhero without lifting a finger. That is so me.

Great work on the outfit, btw. I only now see the happy tree on his chest! :lol:

14-04-2004, 10:19:39
:lol: very cool HK

actually after posting last night i spent a while browsing the COH forums and found quite a few different examples of the kind of wildly varying looks possible. Quite impressive.

gameplay wise i saw a few posts having a go at the boring level treadmill and lack of gameplay variety at higher levels. I also saw lots of posts from people who were having a lot of fun with the game. Seems to be more rewarding at lower levels than some games, for one.

Either way, i'm quite likely to pick it up, i think. I always was a huge superhero comics fan.

14-04-2004, 14:24:25
I predict crime will overrun that city.

14-04-2004, 17:27:11
Wait until the superheroes start using cheats.

14-04-2004, 20:08:14
The lower level game is the most rewarding, fast paced, and exciting of any of the games I have played. Its also the only game where you start off feeling powerful, no hunting rats, bunnies, worms etc. Log on, make toon, learn to move, 5 min later charge into a crowd of gang members and send them to the hospital.

As for the treadmill and higher levels, yeah people will complain. EQ did alot of damage to this genre with thier setup. When EQ first came out max level was 50 and they estimated 1000 hours of play time. This was great and there was plenty to do allt he way till the end. Over the next 5 years they added a huge amount of new material, changed max level to 65, added alternate levels past 65 (more than 400 of them) etc and the game moved to being "you really don't start playing till lvl 65. All the massive content was there still, but everyone wanted to see the awesome "end game". These days when a new class or race is released you see lvl 65 epic players of that class/race within a week.

In CoH there is no point rushing to the end. A level 1 can become a sidekick to a lvl 40, temporarily boosting their level up to about 37 or 38, allowing them to do whatever they want. All these games have a treadmill if your goal is to get to the top/end. If you play the game, do the missions, pay attention to the stories, which vary for each player and continue through the player's life, there is tons to do. But there is no "phat loot" at the end that you need to bring 72 players to farm 1 item every 4 days like in other games.

For example, Drekkus is now involved in discovering the designs of a cult after discovering magically powered gang members using artifacts of evil. It is looking like the cult was manipulating the gang by providing these atrifacts. He has gone through 7 missions, 6 levels, and is just begining to learn about the cult from all the hints. Fun story line.

14-04-2004, 20:09:41
Originally posted by MDA
Wait until the superheroes start using cheats.

You are thinking of WoW :)

14-04-2004, 20:14:35
I was disappointed that I couldn't make a character picture from the generator program- only a character. :(

I wanted to make one that looked like Beaker.

Someday when I graduate (next week :eek: ) I may have to give MMORPGs a try. I'll have DSL when I get moved back in with the family.

So is this a good game for virgins?

14-04-2004, 22:33:38
Yeah, great newbie game, probably the most newbie friendly out there.

Very intuitive and user friendly. And if, like me, you hate the FPS style movement you can remap your keyboard so taht movement and camera angles are easy to deal with.

20-04-2004, 10:00:07
I pre-ordered it.

Think i'm going to play a tanker with invulnerability and super strength and then add invisibility, phase shift and teleportation later (amongst others).

One question, do you know if it's worth picking fighting as a pool when i will already get various attacks from the super strength power?

20-04-2004, 17:57:04
You will have some levels to figure tat out yourself. Once you get lvl 6 you can start taking power pools and if you feel you need the fighting skills and are not getting enough attacks/whatever from your regular pools grab them. Flurry in the super speed pool opens at lvl 6 and is nice. 5-7 hits from 2-4 damage each with fast recharge time.

20-04-2004, 20:36:16
how long does it take to get into the action

I made a character in the planer

Archetype: Controller
Primary Powers - Control : Gravity Control
Secondary Powers - Buff/Debuff : Force Field
Slot[01] Level 1 (Starting Primary) : Crush /Rchg,Dmg,Acc
Slot[02] Level 1 (Starting Secondary) : Personal Force Field /Rchg,EndRdx,DefBuf,EndRdx,Rchg,DefBuf
Slot[03] Level 2 : Deflection Shield /EndRdx,DefBuf,DefBuf,EndRdx,DefBuf,Rchg
Slot[04] Level 4 : Force Bolt /KBck
Slot[05] Level 6 : Grant Invisibility /Rchg,EndRdx,EndRdx,DefBuf,DefBuf
Slot[06] Level 8 : Crushing Field /Rchg
Slot[07] Level 10 : Insulation Shield /EndRdx,DefBuf,DefBuf,EndRdx,DefBuf,Rchg
Slot[08] Level 12 : Dimension Shift /Intang,Rchg,Rchg,EndRdx,EndRdx,EndRdx
Slot[09] Level 14 : Invisibility /Rchg,EndRdx,EndRdx,DefBuf,DefBuf
Slot[10] Level 16 : Hover /EndRdx
Slot[11] Level 18 : Fly /EndRdx
Slot[12] Level 20 : Group Fly /EndRdx,EndRdx,EndRdx
Slot[13] Level 22 : Phase Shift /EndRdx,Rchg,Rchg,EndRdx,EndRdx,EndRdx
Slot[14] Level 24 : Dispersion Bubble /EndRdx,DefBuf,Rchg,DefBuf,Rchg,EndRdx
Slot[15] Level 26 : Fold Space /EndRdx
Slot[16] Level 28 : Recall Friend /Rng
Slot[17] Level 30 : Teleport /EndRdx
Slot[18] Level 32 : Team Teleport /EndRdx,Rng,EndRdx
Slot[19] Level 35 : Wormhole /Rchg,Acc,Dsrnt,Dsrnt,Dsrnt
Slot[20] Level 38 : Repulsion Bomb /Rchg,KBck

Jon Miller

20-04-2004, 21:20:12
Do you have any idea when the game is likely to make it to UK shores officially?

NCsoft does not have plans to release the game in Europe in the near future.

WTF? :bash:

20-04-2004, 21:34:16
importmadness.co.uk is where the europe players are ordering from. Or you can just send the money to a friend in the US, get the CD key from them and patch the entire game onto your computer.

20-04-2004, 21:48:17
Originally posted by JM^3
how long does it take to get into the action

I made a character in the planer

Archetype: Controller
Primary Powers - Control : Gravity Control
Secondary Powers - Buff/Debuff : Force Field
Slot[01] Level 1 (Starting Primary) : Crush /Rchg,Dmg,Acc
Slot[02] Level 1 (Starting Secondary) : Personal Force Field /Rchg,EndRdx,DefBuf,EndRdx,Rchg,DefBuf
Slot[03] Level 2 : Deflection Shield /EndRdx,DefBuf,DefBuf,EndRdx,DefBuf,Rchg
Slot[04] Level 4 : Force Bolt /KBck
Slot[05] Level 6 : Grant Invisibility /Rchg,EndRdx,EndRdx,DefBuf,DefBuf
Slot[06] Level 8 : Crushing Field /Rchg
Slot[07] Level 10 : Insulation Shield /EndRdx,DefBuf,DefBuf,EndRdx,DefBuf,Rchg
Slot[08] Level 12 : Dimension Shift /Intang,Rchg,Rchg,EndRdx,EndRdx,EndRdx
Slot[09] Level 14 : Invisibility /Rchg,EndRdx,EndRdx,DefBuf,DefBuf
Slot[10] Level 16 : Hover /EndRdx
Slot[11] Level 18 : Fly /EndRdx
Slot[12] Level 20 : Group Fly /EndRdx,EndRdx,EndRdx
Slot[13] Level 22 : Phase Shift /EndRdx,Rchg,Rchg,EndRdx,EndRdx,EndRdx
Slot[14] Level 24 : Dispersion Bubble /EndRdx,DefBuf,Rchg,DefBuf,Rchg,EndRdx
Slot[15] Level 26 : Fold Space /EndRdx
Slot[16] Level 28 : Recall Friend /Rng
Slot[17] Level 30 : Teleport /EndRdx
Slot[18] Level 32 : Team Teleport /EndRdx,Rng,EndRdx
Slot[19] Level 35 : Wormhole /Rchg,Acc,Dsrnt,Dsrnt,Dsrnt
Slot[20] Level 38 : Repulsion Bomb /Rchg,KBck

Jon Miller

Get into the action? Depends how fast you adjust to the keyboard layout. If you are ok with FPS layout (wasd) 5 min from finishing char creation to beating up bad guys in the hot zone of the tutorial, then you get a private solo mission, when done with that, you ding lvl 2, and are out of the tutorial and doing missions, patrolling the streets, etc.

I can do the tutorial in 10-15 min or so, thats with remapping every key in the game since I hate thier setup. WASD sucks for a game where you want to be able to use hotkeys, chat, and move at the same time.

As for action in the game itself, the only nonaction time is travel, and once you get lvl 14 if you take super speed, teleport, or fly the travel time is minimal and thanks to the public trains even without travel powers its not bad at all. I can get lvl 6 in a few hours, lvl 10 in a day easy. After that the exp starts to slow quite a bit as you would expect. Your char plan looks to be setup as mostly group oriented so exp comes faster ina group, but you ahve to deal with forming and being part of a group :). The game doesn't have tradeskills, fishing, cafe etc to waste time in. You log on, meet your friends if playing with others, beat some ass, log out. Even loot is handled differently and I have not seen any fighting for loot (well enhancements).

I would recommend switching Team fly and Recall friend. Its alot easier for you just to fly to where you all need to go and port them all to you rather than fly 8 people there and trust one idiot not to see how high he can go, get out of range of your power and fall a half mile from the air.

20-04-2004, 21:49:31
Oh, and the first big patch will bump the max level up to 50 btw.

21-04-2004, 07:09:52
I ordered mine from importmadness btw

22-04-2004, 08:48:18
Got my pre-order bonus disc yesterday and so i was also able to register for access to the beta and give the game a first go.

First impressions are very good. I like the graphics very much, although at the risk of starting an argument with HK, they don't have the quality of design that those of FFXI do. I would say that they are well-rendered but lack some imagination. The hero creator is very cool though, and you can make some really unique and impressive heroes.

The UI is pretty nice, it's easy to navigate around and access the things you need. I had to reset the controls to my liking but that was as easy as pie.
The combat was very simple to get into and the powers and threat system were very easy to work with and understand.

Overall i very much agree with what Hk said, this is a game where you can play for 15 minutes and feel like you already know what you're doing, and feel like a hero too. Certainly beating up
human villains feels a lot more satisying than beating up rabbits and bees like in the low-level game in FFXI.

I think it's going to take a while for me to appreciate what the best combos of powers and types will be for the way i want to play the game, but i think a lot of the fun will be trying different stuff out.

From what i can see on the Forums, the Guardian sever is going to be an unofficial base for UK players, so that's what i'll be starting on.

22-04-2004, 10:34:49
I want an update on Super Drek!!

22-04-2004, 18:23:05
Super Drek finished the "newbie" series of quests involving gang members being manipulated and given evil totems of magical power and is now at the verge of moving on to investigate the group that was providing these items.

KG, the 2 starter zones are pretty generic looking. They are the "safest" places in the city, downton skyscrapers centers for the heroes etc. When you start hitting other zones each one feels like a distinctly different part of the town. If you have time before the wipe mae a run through Kings Row, the slums or try to get into the sewers. Most of the backdrops for the first 20 levels are pretty dull, warehouses, offices, etc. Then you start gettin into the truely super bad guys.

23-04-2004, 06:36:50
Well beta is over. They celebrated by restaging the Alien invasion of Paragn city. Basicy they had an excuse for a MAJOR stress test with the Devs playing overly super powered high level bad guys with armies of troops and raping players. :)

It was entertaining for those of us with nice computers and high end graphics cards. 200+ players ina small area is hard for some people to deal with.

23-04-2004, 07:02:53
Yeah the event was a little too late for me as a UK player, but i saw some good screenies on the forums, looked like fun.

Actually to go back to what i said about the graphics, i was paying special attention to them when i played last night and i have to do a bit of a volte face, i thought they were very impressive right across the board.

23-04-2004, 07:16:53
Cool. I thought you were just reacting to the pristine and fairly vanilla Gal City and Atlas park.

The riverbank in perez park looks really good, Baumtown, now called Boomtown after the attacks garnered quite few complaints because it looks a little too real after seeing the trade towers. Founders Falls has a very distinct European look to it as well. They did a nice balancing between detail and function imo.

26-04-2004, 09:20:43
Well after a few issues around the supposed launch time, i was finally able to login to the pre-order advance start of COH yesterday. Apparently Victory is now the unoffcial server for UK peeps to congregate on (after they found out that Guardian was a west coast server :o), so i created my Invulnerable Axe-wielding Mutation Tanker The Hillman on Victory.

I've bumped my graphics to run in 1280x1024 now and it looks sexaayyy. Managed to get up to level 5 last night, and went from 4 to 5 in a group with a Blaster type, which was great fun. I think i'm going to need to get the taunt power to be an effective tank in a team, but i'm still having fun soloing at the moment.

I really like the enhancements system, it's very nice to customise your powers for your own play style and to enhance their effectiveness. I certainly noticed a big difference since i was able to reduce the recharge time on some of my slower attacks.

I said it before, but it's just so much more fun to be able to take on groups of proper villains and give them an ass whupping rather than having a life or death struggle with a goddamn rabbit like in FFXI.

I completed the mission arc for my first contact and they have now introduced me to someone in King's row, although after i completed the rather dangerous journey out to see them they wouldn't talk to me until i was level 5, so now that i've done that i can go back and they'll give me some missions hopefully.
HK do you know if there is any other way to get hold of other missions?

I'll try and get some pictures online soon so people can see The Hillman's adventures.

26-04-2004, 15:37:48
No way to get more missions from your newbie contact. In fact once yo use them up they just stay there and clutter up your contact list forever! Lazy bastards!!!!

If you slaughter every bad guy you find on your way to and from missions you can get lvl 6 pretty easy before you run out of missions, but I assume you just went straight through the missions pretty directly like I did my first time.

A trick I learned is to do the "kill X baddies" missions for each of you contacts as long as they are offering them. They are quick and easy and you get exp while patroling and killing every bad guy you pass by. Depending on the contact after a set number of missions they will offer you another contact, at that point I take it and do their quick missions to get another. I hit lvl 8 with my defender last night and have 7 contacts. Too bad they are not offering me missions till I go do the fucking Perez park kill 10 CoT ass mission.

If you ever have a choice, don't take kill 10 CoT in Kings Row or Perez park until you are lvl 14 and have fly or teleport. CoT only spawn on random rooftops in Kings row, so without fly o TP you spend hours running up and down fire escapes or slowly hovering up to the top of buildings. And in Perez Park Cot spawn in groups of 10000000 or so and those groups always include the suicide bomber life mages and are deep int eh forest. :Mad:

Tonight I will (shudder) get a group and go to perez park... May get lvl 9 first though.

09-05-2004, 20:34:01
just bought the game with one of my freinds


Jon Miller

10-05-2004, 16:26:15
i'm nearly at level 15 with my tanker. Just got super leap which is absolutely brilliant. I can quite literally leap medium-sized buildings in a single bound :D

I got into a UK/Euro supergroup with quite a few members, so i'm not short of peeps to play with, which is nice. We had a photo session standing on the shoulders of the huge statue in Blyde square on sunday which was pretty cool.

10-05-2004, 18:02:25
What servers is everyone on? Maybe we can get together.

Atm I am in the big gay guild on Virtue, but don't play much since the roleplay server annoys me and on Justice in a guild of people that know each other from other games.

10-05-2004, 19:03:16
As previously mentioned i'm on Victory.

hmm..trying to post images but bt fucking yahoo is being a pain in the butt

If anyone can see the two screenies on this (http://uk.geocities.com/philip.gunns@btopenworld.com/) page please shout

10-05-2004, 21:10:10
I am a little over 4, on Victory

name of Dr Gravitrino

basic idea as described above

for some reason I get kicked a lot

Jon Miller

10-05-2004, 21:21:20
and died and kciked

Jon Miller

10-05-2004, 21:22:02
that should be Dr Gravitino

Jon Miller

10-05-2004, 22:03:13
and I get kicked or lagged out almost instantly

I can go to speed testers and they say that I am fast

what could be causing this?

Jon Miller

11-05-2004, 11:10:45
hmm, really good at night (only get kicked once every hour or so)

have played a lot

Dr Gravitino is now level 8, and I am trying to pick what ability he should get

the whole movement stuff is annoying me, but the only teleport I can get is recall freind (which is good, but not as good as teleport)

I am pretty sure that I want the teleport line (it is really nice as far as movement goes)

I am thinking that I will drop fly (I will alway be grouped, I am thinking, and a lot of people like fly, so maybe I can expect others to provide that (although it doesn't go with the gravity specialist idea)

so far I have
force bolt
grant invisibility
deflection shield
personal force field

thinking of
hasten (but they just nerfed that)
hover - in plan
recall freind- in plan
crusing field - in plan
gravity distortion

reasons to change, I am tired of chasing people accross the map, I would like to be able to damage someting if no one wants to party, and my freind (who I will probably often team with) will get the fly and group fly powers so maybe I dont' need to get them

Jon Miller

11-05-2004, 11:20:31
my freind (level 9.3) Inertian

is a Scientific Blaster (with Energy and Energy Manipulation)

he has
power blast or power bolt
power thrust
energy punch
energy torrent
power burst

Jon Miller

11-05-2004, 11:45:07
Well i don't know about being kicked, but i do seem to get lockups every now and again which require a reboot. Very annoying.

My invulnerability/great axe tanker is at 15. So far i have taken:


resist dmg
temp inv
dull pain
resist energies

combat leaping
super leap

I have been soloing so i have not taken some of the team oriented tank abilities like provoke yet. That'll be my next power at 16 i think, then invincibility at 18.

i can still solo groups of yellows easily and orange bosses with maybe a couple of inspirations. Although i saw a post on the official forums this monring by a Dark Melee/Regeneration scrapper who said he could easily solo purple enemies at level 30.

11-05-2004, 15:49:26
I have been struggling to solo since level 4

I can take some enemies where they are my level ormy level minus 1 or minus 2

but I can only take a couple of them, and they have to be the right type

by kicked I mean thatI lose connection to the map server

JOn Miller

11-05-2004, 15:57:47
ah i've seen a lot of threads about the lost connection to mapserver thing, you might want to try searching the official boards

actually my 2nd char is a mind/storm controller and he is certainly a lot weaker solo than my tanker. I was shocked when i lost a boss battle on a mission at level 5. My hit points had just disappeared without me noticing.

11-05-2004, 16:00:40
yah, happens to me

and I can't even do any offensive damage (not using brawl (Which I hooked damage to) I ca do about 3 per hit with my two attacks (Well crush does 3, and than will do 3 several m ore times dependiong on whether it catches))

I deffinitely couldn't solo a mission on level 5 (couldn't take more than a couple enemies on at a time, and any enemie that I do take on takes forever to kill

JOn Miller

11-05-2004, 17:23:30
now I am thinking

Personal Force Field
Deflection Shield
Force Bolt
Grant Invisibility
Gravity Distortion
Insulation Shield
Recall Friend
Crushing Field
Gravity Distortion Field
Dispersion Bubble
it gets sort of iffy after here, other stuff I could take include fly, team teleport, and propel
Repulsion Field
Detention Field
Repulsion Bomb
Force Bubble


11-05-2004, 18:23:05
one thing i will say is that most people say taking more than one form of trasport is a waste

so don't take both teleport and hover/fly, stick to one

11-05-2004, 18:46:54
yah, I don't mean to use hover as transport

more to miss damage (and as part of the character concept)

maybe it is a bad idea

my net connection quit right when I was in the middle of a mission

so I took that as a sign to take a shower, go and eat

between 5-11 the lag gets pretty bad, don't know if I will play than

looking at the powers, it seems as if it is better to teleport a bunch, and than recall freind, than to team teleport a bunch

Jon Miller

11-05-2004, 18:48:10
going to eat now

I have basically doen nothing sbut play since I was able to get on


11-05-2004, 19:45:42
If you want to solo as a controller you really want to make an illusion or Mind control, with illusion being much better.

Controllers go very quickly from being average soloers to being "let me find a nice greoup of greens" at about lvl 8. In a group though a good controller allows the group to take on bad guys 2-3 levels higher than with no controller.

Hover is good for the defense buff and getting over opbsticals. If you want to go the teleport line get recall friend (everyone will LOVE you) and at 14 get Teleport.

My Cuckoled Tanker, The Pansy, is lvl 15. Stone/Stone and is almost exclusivly grouping. I dumped so much into defense I can stand in the center of 10+ lvl 15s and regen faster than they hurt me, but do roughly 1 point of damage a year...

But Stone is based on bad guys missing while invuln is based on them still hitting you, just for less damage. Against lethal/smashing 1 in 20 swings hit me and I have 6 resist damage DOs against lethal/smashing.

For tanks, if you have an empath and provoke you are a GOD to groups. Took Mud Pots (AE DOT/Snare), Provoke (AE taunt), and with a healer all I do is leap into the middle of a group in Faultline or Boomtown, press taunt, turn on the Dot, and just spam provoke the rest of the fight. Nothin ever moves or shoots at the rest of the team.

12-05-2004, 10:12:09
just fought the toughet mission of my life

it took over 4 hours for me and my freind to complete

he died at least 6 times, I died like 3 times

I would have leveled (went from just getting to 10 to being somewhere in 11) just on what we killed if I hadn't of died (as it is I am a bar away)

but when we finished we didn't get any XP or Influence boost

none at all

I mean, I get over 100 when I kill 10 skulls (something that even I can do Solo, and something that my freind does with no effort at all)

what is up with that

Jon Miller

13-05-2004, 11:00:08
level 12

added recall freind (but dimension shift was starting to look interesting)

a question for the people who have plaeyd more than I

does having to of the same enhancement stuck on two different slots of the same power make it mroe powerful

and I don't mean more powerful as it would be if you combined them (so two 10+ = 10++ as far as the calculation foes), but more powerful as in (10+ + 10+ = ~20)


13-05-2004, 12:06:31
yes it does

the system works something very roughly like this (as i understand it - all figures rough)

if you are level 10 then a level 10 training enhancement will give you an 8% increase in the effectiveness of that power

if you are level 10 then a level 9 training enhancement will give you an 6% increase in the effectiveness of that power

if you are level 10 then a level 8 training enhancement will give you an 4% increase in the effectiveness of that power

if you have two slots then two level 10 enhancements would give you a 16% increase (might not be exactly double, can't recall)

if you have 1 level 10 and 1 level 8 enhancement slotted you would get a 12% total enhancement

equally as you said, you can combine two level 8 enhancements in one slot (showing as 8+) and they will function the same as a level 9 enhancement

or you can combine three level 8 enhancements in one slot (showing as 8++) and they will function the same as a level 10 enhancement

you could feasibly have two slots at level 10, and two lots of 8++ enhancements, and it would be as effective as if you had slotted two 10's

13-05-2004, 15:19:28
so the two defenses doesn't do all that much and I should sick in something else?

JOn Miller

13-05-2004, 16:11:47
no not at all, i've obviously given you the wrong impression

i have several powers with two of the same enhancements aoded

13-05-2004, 18:36:42
What he is saying is yesm they stack. 2 slots is better than one slot.

Ignore the number on the enhancement. It only tells you what levels you can use it at, not power. A lvl 40 generic is the exact same % bonus as a lvl 10, its just you have to be lvl 37+ to use the 40 and anyone lvl 7-13 can use the 10.

The COLOR is what is important.

These numbers are for MOST generics.

A white enhancement is straight 8% bonus. A green one is 10% or 12%. A yellow one is 6 or 4% a red one is 0%.

Dual origins are double those values, Single origins are quadruple those values.

So, take a power like stone armour

This gives you a flat 20% (number is a rumor not confirmed!!!) bonus to defense. This means an even con baddie would normally hit you 50% of the time, but with stone armour on they hit 30% of the time.

If you add 2 Generic Generics white (defnese enhnacements use 5% not 8% as a base, so the numbers are different) , the defense rises too 22%, not a major increase but not useless. At lvl 12 change those too DOs and you now have 24%, at 22 SO and you are at 28%, meaning even cons hit you 22% of the time JUST WITH 2 ENHANCEMENTS.

Now on my STone/Stone Tanker I have 6 DO in it. meaning I have a base defense bonus of 32%, I also have Combat jumping with 6 Do in it (base 5, or 10, devs have said both different times, so who knows? Lets just say 5) bringing the total up to 40% meaning even cons hit me 1 out of 10 times. Add in the leadership defense buff (base 8%, which I am working on adding DOs to) and that will bring the total up to 52.8%, meaning that even con minions have a -2.8% chance of hitting me, even bosses have a 22.2% chance to hit me, and lts have 9.7% chance to hit me.

The devs have said it is possible to get 99% defense against something and 100% resiststance against something (psychic with obsid sheild base is 90 or 95% lol)

So, no 2 Generics make a small difference, but once you get into DO and SO youa re set!

I can currently tank faultline lvl 19 Vahz groups with 2 bosses if I have 1 decent healer.

As a tanker you have 2 things you must take to not be a tard. Provoke, and then enhance the shit out of your defense and resists.

14-05-2004, 07:25:00
Sigh, this sounds fun. :(

14-05-2004, 09:07:06
level 13.5 now

I have 3 Dual Origin ones now

an accuracy on my gravity distortion
a defense on my personal force field, and a recharge on my personal force field

Slot[01] Level 1 (Starting Primary) : Crush /EndRdx,Acc,Immob
Slot[02] Level 1 (Starting Secondary) : Personal Force Field /Rchg,DefBuf,EndRdx
Slot[03] Level 2 : Deflection Shield /Rng,DefBuf,Rchg,EndRdx
Slot[04] Level 4 : Force Bolt /Rng
Slot[05] Level 6 : Grant Invisibility /DefBuf,DefBuf,EndRdx
Slot[06] Level 8 : Gravity Distortion /Rchg,Hold,EndRdx,Acc
Slot[07] Level 10 : Recall Friend /EndRdx

Jon Miller

14-05-2004, 09:08:27
oops, that should be insulating field (with one a EndRx on it) in the Level 10 slot and Recall Freind in the level 12 spot

JOn Miller

14-05-2004, 15:48:47
you're playing a lot huh?

i'm at level 16

the story arcs are quite cool, but i've seen several posts about how you can 'outlevel' your contacts and thus lose the end of a story arc. Happened to me around level 14 with a couple of contacts and very annoying it was too.

Still it's cool the way you get the souvenirs to remind you of the mission arcs you have completed.

Something i only picked up on a while ago was if you double click the civvies they say semi-random crap to you, e.g. 'You have been in Paragon City for 57 hours now' or 'Those Freakshow are sick!' or 'I heard Hillman broke up a fight between the Outcasts and Skulls' or 'You have done 357 damage wth your beheader power today' etc., etc.

14-05-2004, 17:02:20
Actually you cannot outlevel the story arcs. If you begin a story arc you will always be able to finish it. You can outlevel contacts though, so if you have no begun the story arc they will not give you more missions.

The bad thinga bout not being able to outlevel story arcs is you can get missions at lvl 40 where allt he bad guysa re lvl 20.

15-05-2004, 01:21:57
barely 14 (I did other thigns until 6:30 or so, than played till 9:30)

my freind, who I was tied with xp at 1 when he started playing, was at 9 pm about 6k higher than I

I doubt if I will catch him

Jon Miller

16-05-2004, 12:50:36
level 16

got crusushing field

it seems that you have to get good end reduction and range to make teleport good

it still is the fastest way to move long distances on the city map, but it is unweildy for alot of things

JOn Miller

16-05-2004, 12:51:31
I will acutally slow down for a wekk orso

I ahve a lot of work to do for school to make sure that I don't get a C and that the chool won;t be pissed off at me

Jon Miller

16-05-2004, 22:13:22
do either of you knwo how much grant invisibility and self invisibilty add to your defense after you have used them?

Jon Miller

17-05-2004, 01:17:25
Pool powers? 5 or 8%

AT powers 10-16

17-05-2004, 06:56:57
hmm, so my two defense bufs on grant invisibility (pool power) are not that grat and I should put something else on it?


(I havew 3 slots on it, I deffinitely should not put any more)


17-05-2004, 18:52:53
Defense buffs are ok but except for tanks and in some cases scrappers once you get to the baddies that can pretty much one shot you a 5% less chance of being hit won't make a difference :)

Now the AE stealths are nice since they all add a % to the whole group.

Jon Miller part Deux
17-05-2004, 20:05:45
what I really need is a defensive ability that will enable me to act

I always put on 2-3 buffs on my allies, and have none myself

I have been looking at Invisibility or Hover, but both seemt o be pretty minimumal on the defense

what do yuo guys recommend

oh, and I have banned ymself from Paragon city until I pass Particles, so have plenty of time to think

JOn miller

Jon Miller part Deux
17-05-2004, 20:06:19
(it will also move my averge down from over 2 levels a day to roughly 1 level a day)

JOn miller

17-05-2004, 21:00:49
You guys are so gay.....I'm jealous.

I find it highly interesting and definitely worth noting in his dossier that KG's initial question was pretty much about how diverse the costumes could be.

:freud smiley:

18-05-2004, 00:29:19
Honestly as a controller no defense beyond your regular ability to shut down groups will help you.

You are grav/FF right?

Dispersian bubble will help alot when you git it.

Now your groups have no tactics at all because people are tards. it will get better as you level. Just make sure for now others have a little aggro before you AE.

18-05-2004, 00:46:35
Kitty needs to take her lithium...she's getting all manic/acronymistic.

18-05-2004, 02:20:29
I just ran out of wine.

18-05-2004, 03:22:32
I hate it when that happens

HJon Miller

16-06-2004, 06:11:13
Nice screens, btw Phil:).

16-06-2004, 08:38:34
I got my tanker to level 18 and got a bit bored to be honest

I'm back playing FFXI again at the moment.

18-06-2004, 13:07:18
Level 4 Magic Tanker on Guardian.

I can start to see how 18 levels of that would get a bit dull...:)

19-06-2004, 22:43:30
Technically still playing, just little time.

22-06-2004, 23:57:37
Level 6 or so on Guardian now, and Rachel's playing some as well. Fire/Fire Tank with more emphasis on offense (though I've 3 slots in Fire Shield). I can solo quite well, and I am always a boon to groups - either providing useful extra damage to controllers and defenders, or a meat shield for blasters.

(Is it just me, or does the Blaster class seem to attract the most retarded of players on CoH?)

23-06-2004, 00:39:18
Yeah blasters attract alot of tards. After about lvl 15 it starts to weed out though because bad guys can 2 hit kill them when they do something retarded.

As a fire tanker try to get tough and weave from power pools along with combat jumping. Will make a major difference!

If Rachel plays a FF or empath defender witha decent damage secondary you two can duo damn well.

23-06-2004, 06:25:47
You recommend finding a tank-load of extra defensive skills, then?:)

23-06-2004, 07:49:00
Yep :)

Of reroll as a something/invuln scrapper with Rachel as a FF defender and have her take the healing power pool heal other power. Together you will own.

24-06-2004, 00:09:43
What are your and rachel's char names? I may have some more free time and make an alt on that server and pester you :)

I know youa re a fire tanker, what is she?

24-06-2004, 00:37:40
Tharne the Fire/Fire tank. 7 1/2 foot tall Demon thing with Red and Black armor. You can't miss him.

I made an alt Natural Scrapper last night, Finn. Broadsword and Regen. I might be playing that one a lot now - it's pretty fun. Finn looks (vaguely) like the 2000AD character of the same name.

(I'll leave Rachel to post her own thoughts on the game... she's still experiementing with a few ideas.)

24-06-2004, 05:02:58
A few notes on scrappers.

1- they are adding critical hits to them, 5% of hits will do double damage or double duration whatever.

2- Regen scrappers are cool but you may want to take things like tought/weave/combat jump to add some defense.

3- Never take an attack power outside of broadsword. It makes you put the sword away and slows down your next attack.

4- If you read the boards scrappers are the biggest whiners :) Ignore the boards.

anyway, give me a couple days and I may show up on the server depending on free time. If Rachel decides what she is playing I will try to make something that would mesh well with you two if we team up.

25-06-2004, 07:20:45
Well I think we had a good time tonight.

Mass murdered a bunch of bad guys, each got some exp and inf, and you got to spend the evening with The Pretty Girl.

Now we need to get Rachel an account for a trio.

01-09-2004, 09:10:53
Details of new City of Heroes features

01-09-2004, 11:16:35
yeah this has been in the works for a while now

i started playing pretty regularly again recently

my main, axe/invulnerability tanker is still only level 19, but , some stamina problems aside, easily the best solo character of the couple i play regularly.

my dark melee/regen scrapper is a good long term build, but right now at level 14 way too fragile, i've had far more deaths with her than with my tanker (unsurprisingly)

my respect for COH has grown consderably as i've played it. It really is a fun game and i have to say from all the interviews and things i've read, i think their development and design team are a pretty amazing bunch with their hearts and heads in the right places.

01-09-2004, 13:09:42
Yep. Still a great game.

Haven't had much time to log in the last minth but been tracking the changes coming up. Should have some free time this coming month and get my controller to 50.

02-09-2004, 21:45:18
Hey, you will be able to do the glowing fro in COH with the new features. Will need to be, what, level 30 to do it though.

02-09-2004, 23:17:33
Yeah my character plans to get a cape and a nice glowing pink halo.

Pretty girl is one tough guy.

03-09-2004, 13:50:50
Dark Melee/Regen I got to 24 and then tried some other things.

It's a great build if you want absolutely insane damage from a scrapper, but it's hardly the most durable. Instant healing at l28 should fix a few things though.

Playing a Fire/Fire tank again on Protector right now. That character is just nuts. It's easily the most powerful thing I've played in the game so far. Blazing Aura is just broken. There IS a vulnerability to knockdown and mez effects, but it hasn't troubled me yet, and everything else about it is streets ahead.

03-09-2004, 18:25:38
Kinetics/Energy Defenders are the fucking awesomest thing in the game.

04-09-2004, 11:40:15
Until she finds a way to get the Braids costume properly set up, at least. =)

04-09-2004, 13:16:45
Wait till you see the madness that is fulcrum shift!

06-09-2004, 09:44:42
i got my inv/axe tanker up to 20 last night, so time to move areas to talos island and speak to my new contacts who wouldn't give me any missions til i levelled. So far i've fought a few Warriors and Freakshow for the first time, and this morning i saw my first ever Sky Raiders and Banished Pantheon, and it looks like my dude is going to be able to handle them all pretty well. Nice to have some new faces to cave in anyway :D

Did the quest for the new costume slot as well which was cool

06-09-2004, 10:37:43
You have Stamina now, then?

06-09-2004, 10:50:55
nope won't get that til 24 :( i just took the first power in the pool last night - bad planning i know, this guy was my first char so i didn't really get him quite right :D

but basically with invincibility i can beat anything that doesn't mez/hold/sleep - whch so far means basically everything apart from aberrant rector/eremites - i may have to wait half an hour for my stamina to recharge but they can't hurt me at all - in fact the other day i quite literally left my guy fighting a big group of COT, spectral demon lords and all that and went and made a cup of tea, came back to a full stamina bar and kicked some ass :D

from what i can see of the new enemy types i mentioned above, none of the lieutenants have any nasty mez powers, so hopefully i can live off those guys for a few levels to come

06-09-2004, 16:28:37
Nah as invuln you basicly can watch your whole party die and then solo the room at high levels, it takes you 5-10 minutes to kill a lt at lvl 30+, but you can solo it. You wil continue to get harder to hurt, but your kill rate will continue to slow.

07-09-2004, 01:00:08
Invulnerability is certainly the most broken power set in the game, defense wise. You can literally become immortal at high levels as a tank with it. (Actually, you can do this as a scrapper, which is kinda an issue...:D) Invincible + Perma-Unstoppable gives you your 90% caps on damage resistance and defense, meaning baddies have to do 100000 damage for every 1000hps you have.

Btw, you do know that Unyielding Stance gives you complete mez and knockdown protection? Combo that with Provoke and Invinicblity (a power that is almost certain to be nerfed) and the Arberant ones shouldn't be giving you a hard time.

07-09-2004, 08:25:36
yeah i didn't take Unyielding stance yet because of the problems with being rooted to the spot which really don't go well with axe as all my attacks cause knockback (soon to be changed to knockdown i believe) - i know this can be got around by taking the teleport pool but that all sounded very convoluted and not what i have in my mind for my chap, not to mention i really don't need another drain on my stamina...

and i haven't picked provoke because i only play solo...

anyway i whizzed through a couple of missions last night, found orange banished pantheon lieutanants very easy and any yellows are still meat.

By far the biggest challenge was an orange freakshow tank - after i didn't kill him with my whole stamina bar gone he was regenerating hp at about the rate i could take it away again. If i hadn't had some blue inspirations with me i would have had to abandon the mission i think.

07-09-2004, 08:45:24
Comic book wise, high level tanks should be pretty much immune to physical damage and you need to use more mystical powers to defeat them.

07-09-2004, 12:17:23
Freakshow Tanks are a whole little game within a game. I love those things to bits, they kick total ass. =)

I remember the first time I fought one, I got lucky and killed it in two shadow mauls because it missed with it's high damage attack. "Tanks are so lame", I think I said at the time. =)

Then I did the IP taskforce, where every second room seemed to have two level 25 Purple tanks roaming around in it. How those words came back to haunt me.

If you have a spare pick anytime soon (after Stamina, of course) it wouldn't hurt to grab US. There's enough things later on that having it available to you for the mez protection - especially if you are soloing all the time - would be useful.

07-09-2004, 14:31:30
US will pretty much be a requirement later on. So much stunning and mezzing.

07-09-2004, 16:24:48
but how do i deal with being rooted to the spot? provoke?

is there any other way of avoiding mez effects? does acrobatics at the top of the leaping pool stop that?

and actually i heard that at higher levels lethal damage is less useful - that's pretty annoying, i don't inflict anything else

i saw a great sig on someone on the COH messageboards to the effect of "please don't let my role be just a tough guy with tourettes"

07-09-2004, 21:08:12
Acro helps, but US is a massive buff and near 100% immunity.

08-09-2004, 23:30:10
Run up, start fighting, activate US. Provoke + US + Invincibility is a pleasant enough combo anyway.

Axe knockback should be changed to knockdown very soon, too. Much better with US.

04-10-2004, 09:29:33
Got my tanker up to level 24 yesterday and nearly hit 25

i've been playing some other chars as well (including a dark/dark defender who is good fun) so haven't spent full time with him, but picked up Stamina yesterday, which is absolutely sweet. Still (!) haven't taken Unyielding Stance (i had a major crisis of conscience over whether to take US or stamina at 24). Anyway, i can see the increase in enemies that inflict stun and mez type effects, but i'm still progressing fine to be honest. I just have to plan a bit to take them down very quickly. worst case scenario i limp to 26 and pick up US then, but we'll see how it goes, some nice powers coming up, tough hide and whirling axe, which will be the first area damage dealing power i have got, so i'm keen to get that asap.

met a warwolf for the fist time yesterday, that was cool. when the oberst transformed i was like wtf?!

took my dark/dark controller from about 6-9 running some missions with a 3-man team in the hollows, that was fun. dangerous place to have to get out of though, i died twice trying to rejoin my team at one point. main purpose of this character is to try out teleport though, the only travel power i haven't seen for myself yet.

29-04-2005, 10:41:55
Weeeelllll, now that i have my broadband back i have immediately jumped back into CoH.

Putting my tanker to one side to concentrate on my DM/Regen Scrapper, who is a bit of a killing machine.

Managed to join myself up with a euro based supergroup, scarily their leader also lives in Reading.

Everyone is getting excited/crazed/dreading/ Issue 4 and the pvp update at the moment. Lots of 'rebalancing' of powers and all sides are unhappy as usual. Well i'm just having a good ol time anyway, and finding a SG has been a major bonus.

And yesterday was CoH's 1 yr anniversary, btw.

29-04-2005, 20:18:33
I am sharing my account with acouple people so it should still be live. I may log on again. I played a little about 2 months ago, they ahve added lots of material.

Still a fun game.

29-04-2005, 22:30:43
I quit after exactly 2 weeks, although others played my account for 3 months..