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Lazarus and the Gimp
10-04-2004, 07:50:48
Can't be arsed to wait any longer so here they are.

1- This was submitted by an American, because it's by Devo and while Devo were huge in America they were received with the sort of disdain normally reserved for fresh and runny bum-apples on the carpet here in Britain. This is "Mongoloid". Isn't it funny how, in the 1970's, the thought of people with Down's Syndrome walking around in public and having jobs was considered to be a disturbing vision of a future where humanity was degenerating and everyone was too apathetic to care? These days we call it "Care in the community" and nobody gives a shit. Prophecy or coincidence? You tell me. Anyway, I like this track, even though it's hasn't aged well. It's a quirky curiosity, a bit like something recorded by Black Sabbath's nerdy little brothers. Good fun.

2- OK.....somebody couldn't decide which track out of 6 to submit, so they just mixed all 6 (totally unconnected) tracks together, right? Being as kind as I can, two of those 6 tracks sound really good while the other 4 sound fucking awful. This means that two good ideas just got spunked up the wall. I can't see the point of this at all. It's now another offering to the "FF" gods.

3- In the mid-80's, Husker Du were so cool that they actually made me clutch at my private parts in excitement. They were so far ahead of every other hardcore band that they were playing a different game, and they were also a rare example of a band that made no issue of the fact they were gay. In the mid-80's that was a big deal, because just about every other "out" musicians were either political agitators or pantomime dames. The Du were just everyday gay hardcore musicians, that's all. That made them appeal to me all the more.
Anyway, this is "Pink to Grey" from "Zen Arcade", one of the best tracks from arguably their best album. Like most of the very best Husker Du tracks, it's by Grant Hart. Some people will try to tell you that Bob Mould was the better songwriter, but they're fools and wrong. Brilliant song.

4- Another soundtrack selection, which leads me to think that this is connected with the John Barry track on CD 1. It's "Jungle Boogie" by KC and the Sunshine Band, used on the "Pulp Fiction" soundtrack. It's not my favourite KC song (I prefer "Give it up"), but it's still damned good fun.

5- This is "Steak for chicken" by the Moldy Peaches, and it's puerile tripe. I've got a friend who's heavily into them and keeps playing them to me in the hope that I'll be won over by their magnificence. Fat chance.

6- Mine

7- The second of two Joan Baez tracks from the "Silent Running" soundtrack. This is the better of two, and it fits in more appropriately with the film's plot. Don't you just wish she'd drop the vibrato? Was it shagging Bob Dylan that did that to her?

Scabrous Birdseed
10-04-2004, 07:58:55
KC and the Sunshine Band eh? :hmm:

I'll post mine if everyone latches onto this, otherwise I'll dutyfully wait for the article.

10-04-2004, 19:42:50
LWP6 Disc 2 1-7

I don’t know why but I really like this song. Sounds like early Kinks or something along those lines. I like the ponderous 3 chord riff that runs throughout it as well as the occasional wonky sound effects. It really finishes up nicely with the organ and the funky little lead guitar. The singer sounds really familiar but I can’t quite put my finger on it.

Sounds like the English Beat meets the Beach Boys here. There’s a whole lot going on in this song...maybe too much. Sounds like it’s a bit Elvis Costello inspired, actually, only with a lot more percussion than he normally features. It’s almost a bit too frenetic for my tastes, but, ultimately, I like what they are doing here. Thumbs up.

Ooooh...this starts out like most of the albums I listened to in the mid ‘80’s. Actually, I think I have an album with this song on it...from the Enigma Variations compilation that is out in my garage. Or it’s on my Garage Psychedelic compilation. Definitely on one of those two albums. So, since I am fairly certain I own it, I can’t very well say I don’t like it, now can I? Damn..this is pretty old. And the recording sounds like it is from vinyl. The chorus is the giveaway. I’m sure I’ll recognize it when I hear the name. That’s pretty weird.

Jungle Boogie. This reminds me a lot of the Pulp Fiction era of my life. I was dating a very strong and complex woman at that time who was highly gorgeous in an axe wielding sort of way. Anyhow, it doesn’t exactly blaze any trails, as we’ve all heard this song about 50 million times by now. And, actually, for horn funk, it isn’t even that great, really. Serviceable.

This sounds like Poi Dog Pondering after a long night of drinking and coming to the realization that all the sprouts and tofu they’ve eaten haven’t gotten them one inch closer to a lasting career in music. Very “recorded in the bathroom” vibe here. I like how they’ve altered the lyrics while singing at the same time. Good sexual and drug references too. I actually quite like this...as I like anything that doesn’t take itself too seriously. “Whose pussy hole needs filling” and “Who am I gonna stick my dick in” are Baudelairean genius, if you ask me. Good stuff!

Oh dear...hair farmers. Must be Metallica with that extremely played out junt junt junt chord progression going on there. Actually, once the lyrics kick in, I have my doubts--it could be any of the literal army of millions of metal type bands. I have to admit to a certain shame and prejudice when it comes to this genre. I was a teen aged butt rocker. It’s true. My first concert was Judas Priest. I really enjoyed Dio and AC/DC. For some reason I can barely listen to this stuff anymore...it just doesn’t resonate with me. Kind of like my long haired Dyonisian era made me permanently shun the Doors. It really isn’t that bad though, because it is very good musically...and I’m starting to have a very sneaking suspicion this sounds a lot like Sonic Undermind. Hmmm...it is pretty good...but the chorus/overdrive guitar could use a little tweaking to keep it from sounding too jokey and/or derivative. Good.

Jesus, she’s so damn earnest I want to skull fuck her. I’m sorry. Can’t you just see a bunch of idiots high on about 8 hits of windowpane acid sitting in a circle and swaying back and forth to this shit while a heavy cloud of wasted pot smoke and Nag Champa hangs in the air? Her voice is totally horrendous to me, and I think the person who paid her to sing should be shot with dull bullets.

13-04-2004, 09:51:35
I liked that moldy peaches song because it was peurile tripe. Is there anything wrong with that?

Lazarus and the Gimp
13-04-2004, 09:52:20
Anyone else going to post their reviews?

13-04-2004, 09:57:00
1. I really like this song. No idea what it is but clearly it's brilliant.

2. Mike Patton, Mr Bungle? OK, I know it's Mr Bungle because Debaser told me. This was my favourite song on the compilation when I first heard it, and it is again now. Like a lot of Mike Patton's post FNM stuff this is pretty freaky. I've been meaning to get myself some Mr Bungle for a while so I'll be looking for it now. Interestingly he's done the stereo bouncing voice thing that I liked on Dizzee Rascall's album, but with one take of vocals rather than two. Ok that's not interesting is it. The song's a great happy bouncy pretty song, it's what pop music should be like.

3. What gets me about this is that someone's deliberately made their guitar sound like a weak wet farty noise and thought it actually sounded like something they wanted someone else to hear. I can't believe I have to listen to this again to review it.

4. Jungle Boogie, Kool and the Gang, from the Pulp Fiction soundtrack probably... maybe linked with Protein's bond theme from CD1? I really liked the soundtrack when it came out but now I've heard every song on it about a gazillion times they are starting to get annoying. Still, this was a really good song before it became overplayed in my head.

5. OOOH!!! I forgot this track. It's genius. This is the kind of stuff that my brother and his mates make but with the extra genius of the twin vocals singing the alternate viewpoints. It's great the way the vocals diverge and converge again.

6. Bwah ha ha ha ha ha. That's a riff. It's fucking great. I think Laz compared us to this band. If I'm right it's Killing Joke who are currently residing in my "pick up albums when I see them in FOPP" file.

7. This is really nice. Is it the linked track from Scabby's Silent Running soundtrack?

Scabrous Birdseed
13-04-2004, 10:46:56
Whaddyamean MY silent running soundtrack? :eek:

13-04-2004, 10:48:38
Track 1
Hmm well someone told me this is Mongloid by Devo. It made me laugh in that guilty way that laughing at the less enabled members of society always does. As a track i find it a bit overly repetitive, but it's good fun nonetheless.

Track 2
This is right up there as one of my favourite tracks of the compilation. I have no idea who it is by, but their pastiche of the Beach Boys sound has resulted in an absolutely stunning piece of music. I've listened to it loads of times and it still blows me away.

Track 3
Ever since i heard this it's been reminding me of something and i think i've just realised what it was, 'Don't fear the reaper' by The Blue Oyster Cult, so maybe this is them again. This is a cool track anyway, and at 2 1/2 minutes it doesn't outstay it's welcome either.

Track 4
This is 'Jungle Boogie' by someone as featured on the soundtrack to Pulp Fiction. Clearly a cool track but I think i must be over exposed to it or something because it doesn't seem to have the impact on me that it used to. Maybe i'm just turning into a cynical old bastard.

Track 5
'Steak For Chicken' by the Moldy Peaches. Unqualified genius. I think i picked up the album this is on about four years ago, and saw them at Readng Festival the same year, where they put on an absolutely brilliant show. Great stuff, and some of the best lyrics you'll ever hear. 'Downloading porn with Davo' remains my favourite.

Track 6
Now i feel like i'm going to get burned on this, because i love this song, but i can't help the feeling it's going to turn out to be someone horribly uncool. If this song has one problem it is that it probably does go on a bit long. Anyway what the hell, who is it?

Track 7
I guess this is another one of those Joan Baez tracks. On my cd this track makes some ear splitting glitch noise. But this one isn't a patch on the other Joan Baez track so it's no great loss.

Scabrous Birdseed
13-04-2004, 10:50:28
1. I generally distrust songs on subjects other than the usual love/party/complex emotional inner life triad because of the immensely high probability that they’ll be either ironic or pompous doggerel. This one has a certain resolute simplicity though and the line about chromosomes makes me smile. Occasionally.
Guess: Jon Miller, they’re both by American college rockers.

2. Ah, like track 13 on the last CD this one is produced in a somewhat sixties manner, though more along the lines of the Beach Boys. Oh no, wait, it’s travel-brochure lounge pop. Oh no, it’s rocky, surf-influenced indie. Oh no, it’s—hey, stop it! (Just kidding. I like it.)
guess: Lazarus and the Gimp, they both feature castanets.

3. Majorly dislike the mixing on this one. But then you probably know that by now. Otherwise pleasant and (as a bonus) short.
Guess: Eklektikos, you can’t hear what either singer is saying.

4. I know “Jungle Boogie” by Kool and the Gang is meant to be a funk classic. But I simply can’t dissociate it from its use in advertising. Sorry.
Guess: BigGameHunter, winter as contrasted by jungle.

5. “Steak for Chicken” by The Moldy Peaches, possibly a different version from that live-and-alternate-take double-CD that I came within minutes of swiping off the student newspaper a couple of years ago. Can't be arsed to check but this seems to be funnier than I remembered it. (It is, of course, brilliant. Who can resist lines like “My former life I had a sister/I kissed her and I dissed her/she got swept up in a twister/first I laughed and then I missed her”?)
Guess: King_Ghidra, they both feature sexual imagery in some way.

6. Very strange. Rather than build up heaviness this song slowly deflates like a leaky colostomy bag. The move from heavy rock via boring grungy vocals and a rather pansy melodious bridge to what can only be described as the full-blown Robbie Williams would be amazing if it wasn’t so disappointing.
Guess: Mr. Bas, they both feature guitars in non-traditional settings. Or something.

7. More Joan Baez, Now With Added Glitches™. Perversely that makes it mildly more interesting.
Guess: Spartak, The connectin is that they’re both by the same singer and from the same soundtrack. Um.

13-04-2004, 10:56:45
1) This song is much more enjoyable to remember than to actually listen to. (Not that I dislike listening to it but it's a little monotonous for my tastes). The lyrics are oddly catchy and I often catch myself singing them under my breath when I'm waiting for a train or somthing of the kind. So a positive review then, I think.

2) Mine.

3) This is "Pink Turns To Blue" by Hüsker Dü. I've always been impressed by the superior melodic and emotive qualities of Grant Hart's songs and this one is no exception.

4) Promisingly funky but somehow fails to really hold my interest. The music is certainly fun but the vocals bore me at best, irritate me at worst. Always seems too long despite being quite a short song, which can't be a good thing.

5) "Quirky" out of tune vocals over largely unimaginitive guitar playing. This another track which should by rights piss me off no end, but has somehow managed to endear itself to me anyway.

6) "Millennium" by Killing Joke. I really like this one, which has finally convinced me that I should probably buy myself a copy of Pandemonium. Great dynamics, great vocals, great song.

7) Joan Baez strikes again! Not an unpleasant experience but still not one which really strikes a chord with me. A bit tame.

13-04-2004, 14:07:25
I made no effort to try and guess who submitted what


The mongloid song, I find this one to be pretty fun. I like the opening beat and rythym. I have actually heard this one before I beleive. Don't really like the high pictch noise that ran through it about halfway though.


This song is fairly interesting. I think it is cool and interesting, but probably would never buy it. It seems to refer back to many previous types of music or song.


I liked this song, but it did seem heavy on the distortion. I liked the melody in the voice.


Pretty sure that I have heard this one also. Not really my sort of song, but could be fun on occasion maybe with others (not something that I would want to listen to by myself). Found it a little repetitive.


I picked this song. It is steak for chicken by moldy peaches. I like the voice and the guitar is nice as well. I like how the the lyrics interweave and mix, it is great.


Decent harder song. For some reason I have not been into harder songs as much recently so I didn't really dig this one. I really liked the rising part quit a bit though.


This sounds a lot like one of the songs from the first one. Nice voice, but not really my style. Doesn't grab me.

Jon Miller

*End Is Forever*
13-04-2004, 14:43:18
Track 1

It’d fit in as backing music for the new Doctor Who series. I can’t say I can think of anywhere else it could be played without sounding hideously dated.

Track 2

An intriguing combination of the Beach Boys, alternative dance, and black metal, and it is every bit as dreadful as that description might sound.

Track 3

My mood lifted as soon as I heard the first guitar. It can’t possibly be as bad as the previous two tracks, I thought. I was right, but the song is still something of a disappointment; a promising, feet-tapping rhythm underwhelmed by a weak melody and crap vocals.

Track 4

No doubt Johan would make some disparaging comment about my true reasons for disliking this track. He shouldn’t. I don’t like it because it’s fucking awful.

Track 5

“Argh, it’s Tenacious D… oh wait, no, at least Jack Black’s vocals don’t grate like this… it’s going straight through me… for fuck’s sake TURN IT OFF!”

Track 6

Songs like this were the reason I stopped going to Ziggy’s in York on a Tuesday and starting braving the indie-lite and cheese in Toffs. I’m struggling to think of a redeeming feature, and all I can contemplate is “well, it isn’t No Way No Way”.

Track 7

The whole “Muse extracts with a female classical vocalist” approach actually feels less like Evanescence and more like Mary Poppins. Still, it’s easier on the ear than the previous two tracks.

Mr. Bas
13-04-2004, 14:58:51
1. Nice start. Quite a pleasant song, funny lyrics, but with nothing much to comment on... Right, we're supposed to find a pair now, aren't we? Errr... My completely random guess is Sean.

2. When this started, I suspected this would be some kind of Beach Boys-style track. Luckily, it got much better; this is a really nice diverse song. The vocalist sometimes reminds me of Mike Patton, and the music is sufficiently schizophrenic, so this might very well be one of his many projects. I'd definitely consider buying this... As for the connection: I don't really have a clue. Assuming this is indeed something by Mike Patton, my guess is that Eklektikos contributed this, but why? They're both song #2?

3. Mine

4. Three good songs, and just when I thought this cd was on a roll, this piece of crap began. I've definitely heard this before, but I'm proud to say that I have no clue who this is. Maybe I'm being a bit harsh now, but this is just the wrong place, wrong time and wrong mood for now. Debaser? And I'm not even trying to guess what is the link with the other song anymore.

5. Pretty funny. A light-hearted song that's meant to be slightly offensive I suppose, but it's quite enjoyable really. It sounds rather old, but probably that's just the impression they want to give. Link? Let me guess SB, since both this and yo relatives were songs that humorously tried to be somewhat offensive.

6. Right, this is a bunch of shitty Americans who try to sound like Rammstein, and fail miserably. The riff at least seems to be nicked straight off one of their songs anyway, and the vocalist tries to sound guttural and manly but is ultimately just shit. Rubbish nu-metal. Making the link is difficult as well, since I imagine all of you have better taste than picking something like this. By elimination, I say Jon Miller did this, the connection being that both songs are quite unimaginative and boring.

7. And this must be the second Joan Baez song. It's okay, but the track from the first cd was far better. I suppose this is similarly hippy-themed, but I find it hard to focus on the lyrics with the way she sings. Unlike her previous song, the vibrato gets a bit annoying sometimes, but still, not a bad choice spartak. I guess the link is simply the same album and artist.

13-04-2004, 15:02:40
1- What the hell is this? Is this early Gong? (I prefer Flute Salad and Oily Way if it is) I kind of like the psychadelic feel but the production is horrible. The drums sound like someone gently tapping a crisp packet and the guitar sounds like it was played down a telephone. Having said that, if it is Gong then they probably did record it down a telephone whilst tapping a Crisp packet and is therefore some sort of clever acid-induced art statement and is meant to sound shit. I don't know. I'm bored of second guessing band's intentions.

2- Yeah baby. Kind of like the Beach Boys at the beginning then like a cartoon, then like a nightmare ketamine trip then it starts sounding like the Super Furries then it gets better, then worse, then better. It's either tortured genius or long-winded pretentious twaddle. I genuinely don't know yet. I think I'd like to hear more but in context. I guess this is part of a larger body of work? My first instincts tell me I like it and that it will be used in a clothes commercial one day.

3- Great guitar part and vocal melody on the chorus. Not sure about the drumming and really fuzzy noise though. It's a little annoying. It's a little bit like a crap band covering a good song. If I could EQ this to get rid of that damn fuzzy noise I think I'd really like it.

4- My track

5 - Is that Nico and Lou or a pair of excellent impersonators? It reminds me of getting stoned at parties and some twat getting a guitar out and ruining the atmoshpere with half-baked rubbish arty shite." Hey man, I wrote a song about a slug, it was like totally climbing up my window and I like wondered what it would be like to be like a slug. It's only got one chord, a whiney melody and it's fifteen minutes long but I thought you'd really like to hear it now that the party is getting started. Please say you want to hear it. I'll kill myself if you don't. Do you like my shirt? I made it out of a pair of trousers I found at a charity store because I spent my whole grant on weed. Hey, you going to eat those pringles? Only I totally haven't like eaten anything in a week."

6- First impressions - drum machine and chugging guitar. This is a home recording isn't it? It sounds exactly like a home recording I made a couple of years ago using a computer and a guitar. Even the growly vocals. Bit dull. Nothing seems to be happening. Yawn. Maybe this would have been massive in the 80s? Is this a real signed band? Weird.

7- Did Asher contribute to this CD? This is from a 70s musical or something isn't it. What's up with her voice box? I actually want to strangle that woman to death. She sounds like she's trying to sing whilst sitting on a pnumatic drill. Vibrato is a great thing used sparingly. Make her stop. aaargh! I'm pretty sure that this was put on as a joke.

Lazarus and the Gimp
13-04-2004, 20:03:31
Ho ho. I bet Raven would love to know he's just been called a drum machine.

14-04-2004, 01:05:37
He shouldn't use a drum machine then. They definately aren't acoustic drums on that recording.

I'm pretty sure I saw Killing Joke when I was twelve at a festival in some park in London. I remember them being pretty good.

It really does remind me of all the sonic undermind songs I wrote and recorded on my pc though. I wish I could find a copy of "The Reckoning" so you could all hear it and see what I mean.

14-04-2004, 08:13:58
I have one at my house.