View Full Version : Outlook Express IAF files

31-03-2004, 07:31:07
I had to reinstall the rowing club's computer due to a HD crash.

I would like to find a way to recover the e-mail account password from an IAF file I was able to retrieve from the old drive.

Does any of you guys know if there is a way to do this ? I tried searching for some tool that would do this on the net, but couldn't find one.

And before you ask why I don't have the ISP reset it, it is a huge pain in the ass, because they require a snail mail with all sorts of information, plus a copy of a passport blah blah blah.


31-03-2004, 13:56:38
I think you ought to get that snail mail and passport out asap. :(

02-04-2004, 13:31:40
yep. Or get another ISP.