View Full Version : King_Ghidra!

Scud Wallaby
30-03-2004, 21:16:40
What set up did you need to play FFXI in the UK?

Cheers mate.


31-03-2004, 08:49:18
do you mean hardware?

i was running it on my old 1.4 athlon, although i still had my radeon 9600 in it.

as for other stuff...

a credit card and a bogus US address are all you need :D

the address thing isn't really as exciting as it sounds, basically at some point during registration you need to say whether you're from canada or the US i think, and then provide an address. It doesn't have to be the same as your credit card billing info, so you can put in any old crap you like.

I used the address of that Wanker's bar place :lol:

Scud Wallaby
01-04-2004, 16:26:44
Good stuff - thanks for that. I gave up my Ultima Online subscription; really enjoyed it but just started to get a bit bored. Might give FFXI a whirl if it'd that easy! Cheers.


01-04-2004, 17:20:16
You can also download and play lineage 2 for free while its still in its english beta. From what I understand the main problems are text based.