View Full Version : Ok, so my machine is getting annoyingly slow

30-03-2004, 11:10:14
Might as well upgrade, can't be bothered to go for a cutting edge machine, don't use it enough.

Any views on

1. this (http://www.evesham.com/PCs/Info.asp?e=89100E03-3BD5-4959-ADFF-BAEC7BC362A6)
It comes to 627 (inc VAT) when I take off monitor and other stuff I don't need, which isn't too expensive.


2. this (http://www.evesham.com/PCs/Info.asp?e=57AB7621-677A-4454-B7F7-940AAD6AB6C3) which comes out 687 when I take off monitor and other stuff I don't need.

Basically, is it worth the extra 50 for the differences between the two?

I think the only differences are:

AMD Athlon 64 3000+ processor with HyperTransport technology instead of AMD Athlon XP 2800+ processor
Onboard C-Media 6 channel audio instead of Soundblaster compatible audio

Or, any other randomly related comments.

I want to get an entire box rather than just upgrade parts 'cause then I can give my current box to my parents who currently have my old PII 233.

30-03-2004, 12:12:49
Go for the one with the good soundcard. If you're spending that much money then 50 isn't that much. Plus, that's the before haggling price isn't it?

30-03-2004, 12:19:52
This is the online price, can't haggle with a submit button.

30-03-2004, 12:29:25
i would go for the better processor version

but i would also go Intel :D

30-03-2004, 12:33:53
Intel seem a lot more expensive for the same speeds

758 for this one which is a 2.8GHz


I don't see why it's worth that much more.

30-03-2004, 15:02:48
unfortunately my geekiness ends here.

I'm sure asher and SP will be along shortly to dispense ther knowledge.

30-03-2004, 15:20:39
Go for the 64...yes it is faster. The intel is not worth the extra.

30-03-2004, 15:27:00
Sweet. I'll probably wait a month or two before I get round to it and by then that level machine will be faster anyway. :D

30-03-2004, 18:30:05
Go with the Athlon 64 box. It runs faster memory and the Athlon 64 is a better CPU. The markup for the better motherboard, CPU, and memory is fair. The Radeon 9200 might run the newer 3D shooters a little slowly.

No longer Trippin
30-03-2004, 18:32:00
Number 2, it's fast as most Intel's out there, not to mention cheaper.

EDIT: The 9200 sucks, it's only a D8 card, and a stripped one at that. If you can upgrade to at LEAST a 9600 you'll be fine. A 9800 Pro would be what would fit the system though.

30-03-2004, 18:54:54
I have a radeon 9600. I run all my games top line performance sweet.

I must say though, i am highly disappointed with the length of NLT's posts in the two new machine threads. What happened ot the old epics? :p

30-03-2004, 21:15:55
Give him time, best to start again small, and then build on that. Also he probably didn't think funko would be up to it.

I agree go for a 9600, 9800 is probably too much for the amount of gaming you do. ie none. :)

Sir Penguin
30-03-2004, 21:31:31
Chalk up another one for the Athlon64 system. The extra 60 is more than worth it when you consider the greater upgrade freedom.

I'd go for the 9600 128MB card too, if you play any 3D games. If you don't play games, then the 9200 is just fine.


30-03-2004, 21:34:50
Haven't played a game seriously for over a year. Warcraft III that was and ran fine on my machine. :D

Sir Penguin
30-03-2004, 21:47:16
Then I wouldn't bother with the 9600. The 9200 SE is a crippled card, but it will draw a desktop accurately and swiftly. :)


30-03-2004, 22:57:31
1) Go for the Athlon 64, absolutely
2) Never, ever, buy an "SE" ATi card. If you not an avid gamer, there are cheaper cards you can get. If you're any kind of gamer, there are far better cards you can get for the same price.

Sir Penguin
30-03-2004, 23:24:24
The SE card is the cheapest one available for that system.


31-03-2004, 00:24:06
Well, if games aren't in the picture, then all the specs can be dialed down.

31-03-2004, 10:51:46
Right, thanks kids. I might just get the 9600 in case I feel like playing games.

Then again I could get a new guitar or amp or something. Hmm.

31-03-2004, 13:09:28
or a high class prostitute for an hour...

31-03-2004, 16:02:09
Funko would rather have the guitar amp.

31-03-2004, 16:03:28