View Full Version : Adat pipeline toslink

29-03-2004, 00:51:45
Anyone have any experience with ADAT? The studio I'm going to be doing stuff at is using a temporary set up due to broken ADAT machines.

They are using an ADAT machine as an interface to a PC. The PC has 12 in/outs. Apparently the in/outs are fed by a toslink pipeline and the channels are split into 8 ADAT, 2 analogue and 2 SPDIF.

I just need to get it clear in my head what is going on with the wiring before I go back. Are the SPDIF and analogue channels literally going through the ADAT machine as part of the toslink pipeline along with the ADAT channels or would they be wired separately?

29-03-2004, 14:09:21
I think maybe you should google or find some specialist forums!

29-03-2004, 14:44:29
I think I figured it out anyway. :)