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26-03-2004, 05:30:24
Best Browser?

Best Mailer?

Best IRC Program?

Best IM Chatting Program?

Best Freeware Firewall?

Best Overall Firewall?

Best Freeware Virus Scanner?

Best Overall Virus Scanner?

Best Spywear Remover?

26-03-2004, 05:40:43
Best Browser -> Firefox
Best Mailer -> Outlook 2003
Best IRC Program -> They're all crap, grow up and ditch IRC
Best IM Chatting Program -> Trillian Pro 2.0
Best Freeware Firewall -> ZoneAlarm
Best Overall Firewall -> Norton Internet Security
Best Freeware Virus Scanner -> AVG
Best Overall Virus Scanner -> Norton Anti-Virus
Best Spyware Remover -> Tie: Spybot & AdAware

Sir Penguin
26-03-2004, 06:29:35
Best Browser?
I use Firefox, but it still has a few noticeable bugs. On the other hand, it has close buttons on each tab, so it wins over the others.

Best Mailer?
I use my UVic webmail account. I used to use Eudora, but it suffered from feature creep. I liked what I saw in Pegasus. Generally if I've got a mail program installed, it's pine. I've been thinking of branching out, so to speak.

Best IRC Program?
I don't use IRC

Best IM Chatting Program?
Don't use IM very much, but when I have it installed, I use Yahoo (it's what my parents and friends use). I've tried Trillian, but it didn't work with Yahoo, and I didn't care enough to figure out why.

Best Freeware Firewall?

Best Overall Firewall?
ZoneAlarm. I suspect the XP SP2 firewall will give ZA a run for its install base.

Best Freeware Virus Scanner?

Best Overall Virus Scanner?
Norton Anti-Virus. AVG doesn't have a changeable schedule in the free version, which is extremely annoying. McAfee and Norton are the only other scanners I've tried, and McAfee was trash.

Best Spywear Remover?
A swift pair of hands. Er... I mean, Spybot S&D + AdAware + cageyness


26-03-2004, 06:50:00
Browser: Firefox
Free Firewall: Kerio Personal Firewall

Everything else I pretty much don't use. No IRC, no IM, and I read my mail through a web interface. I don't run any virus scanners or anti-spyware tools. I went to housecall.trendmicro.com to get rid of MSBlast after I set up a firewall.

26-03-2004, 09:33:36
Originally posted by Sir Penguin
Generally if I've got a mail program installed, it's pine. I've been thinking of branching out, so to speak.


No longer Trippin
26-03-2004, 19:50:36
Best Browser? Explorer, simply because the monopoly fought long and hard for my privledge of using their lovely software. :)

Best Mailer? Through web interface - anything other than Outlook or Eudora

Best IRC Program? None

Best IM Chatting Program? I don't have any installed - though I last used ICQ (for you idiots).

Best Freeware Firewall? Kerio Outlook Pro (ZL is slipping, I bought the Pro version and was more impressed with the free one from Kerio)

Best Overall Firewall? Turn off your computer

Best Freeware Virus Scanner? AVG

Best Overall Virus Scanner? Norton

Best Spywear Remover? A nice format. I have some shit in mine that nothing has rooted out yet.

26-03-2004, 19:51:53
Pengy, Yahoo has repeatily changed their format, to close out a few of their many Marinis Trench sized security holes, and to block out "alternative" (read: Trillian) IMs. Trillian was pretty good at catching back up and being able to access Yahoo last time I was paying attention. I've been a bit too busy lately though, so no clue on the last fun and games.

26-03-2004, 19:52:21
Kosh, you should have asked what was the best Spam filter for eMail as well.

26-03-2004, 21:32:34
My ideal spam filter would involve violence. The spammers don't listen, but their bodies must. :)

26-03-2004, 23:19:17
Yes I forgot a couple of things. I'll ask now:

What's the best Email Spam Filter?

What's the best Pop-Up Blocker?

Sir Penguin
26-03-2004, 23:36:12
The best spam filter is not to let spammers have your email address.

The best pop-up blocker is Firefox. Opera is good, too.


Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm
27-03-2004, 02:20:29
Browser: Firefox (so I've heard from a few sources now)

Email: Outlook 2k+3

IRC: Don't use it, won't use it

IM: There are no good ones, just user preferences. No-ones mae a really killer IM yet, so I withhold this award

Free Firewall: ZoneAlarm

Overall Firewall: Can't say, it's probably a combination of hardware and software I don't know enough about.

Freeware Virus: AVG

Overall Virus: Award withheld, due to the fact that they're all fairly crap, even Norton (taking into account Norton's ever more draconian licencing)

Spyware: Only used adaware occasionally, but I tend not to get spyware so this is another category I don't get much use from.

Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm
27-03-2004, 02:21:36
Spam Filter: Dunno, like SP says, don't give out your email.

Popup Blocker: Haven't had any problems with Google toolbar yet.