View Full Version : Starsky & Hutch

23-03-2004, 16:34:47
Anyone seen it yet? If so and it's shit you have 25 mins to warn me - I'm off to see it in a bit :)

self biased
24-03-2004, 03:51:11
i enjoyed it.

24-03-2004, 11:10:07
Not a bad film - Ben Stiller was funny in the final scenes when he dresses up as the carpet salesman guy at the party ("DO it! DO it!")

24-03-2004, 12:54:47
can you just clear something up for me? is it a spoof or is it just the same mix of drama and easy humour that the original series was? i've heard conflicting reports

24-03-2004, 14:13:57
Hmm, much more spoof than "serious" action film. In fact, it is pretty much entirely a spoof but played straight by all the actors involved - no mugging to camera etc. Pretty funny too.

self biased
24-03-2004, 16:58:18
there's nods to just about every 70's genre of movie...

26-03-2004, 23:23:09
I liked it:)

07-09-2005, 10:06:41
Yep, and great Ben Stiller movie!:D