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Nills Lagerbaak
22-03-2004, 10:35:24
If anyone can help me on these two matters, I would be forever gratefull!!
1) Windows XP comes with a program to let me record directly from an analogue video camera and edit the results. However I have no kind of appropriate input as far as I can see (video, svideo etc.) Do I need any kind of fancy video card, or is there a USB adaptor or some other input that will let me do this. If not, then why does XP come with this as a default application?

2) I recently bought a MIDI to game port cable. The only problem is that the cable is slightly two wide for the input I have (the one I have looks exactly like a monitor input). Are there any other cables available for midi input?!?!

Thanks a million!

22-03-2004, 13:14:07
1) You most likely need a video capture card unless your analog camera has a firewire connection. As to why...well I have a capture card, they aren't that expensive.

2) Count the pins on the input and look for a cable that will fit...search online.

22-03-2004, 13:28:50
Strange you should ask that as I am presently looking to find a decent comparison review site for TV cards. I'm hoping to save the data stream from a video player (or whatever) and "play" with the result (says he with hardly any spare time to contemplate it).

I came to the conclusion one needed an input port for this, and that meant a TV card (probably).

Anyone have any suggestions of a good brand or a specific card ? Or indeed a decent hardware review site ? (Preferably of the "here's the top dozen cards in your price range compared and this is our opinion and why" type, rather than the "here's a dozen different reviews of cards, you try to compare them yourself" type.

Nills Lagerbaak
22-03-2004, 14:20:31
Thanks zmama, I shall start counting the pins now!

Nills Lagerbaak
22-03-2004, 14:26:44
OMG, I just looked up an analogue to firewire converter. "starts at 500 pounds"!!!!

Well there goes that idea then.

22-03-2004, 14:33:49

Here the cards run about $50-$100

22-03-2004, 14:39:41
Those analogue to firewire converters you saw Nils, were probably for broadcast tv use. I don't think you need that.

Another good brand of cards is Dazzle.
Personally we use an ATI Radeon All-in- Wonder. Its much more expensive than the sep. tv cards but is our video card too.

22-03-2004, 14:52:54
For hardware reviews I go to:

22-03-2004, 17:14:50
Thanks for the input.

Still difficult to find comparisons rather than single reviews, but no doubt we'll get there in the end.

I recall looking at Hauppauge web pages / products a few years back. Thought they were most confusing then, still do. Still, it's fun to "window shop" :)

23-03-2004, 13:24:52
Gary, think you maybe want the PVR varieties.


best one is

23-03-2004, 13:57:54
Looking good, thanks.

23-03-2004, 14:02:07
Supplementary question. So those in the know choose PCI over USB options then ?

I assumed I was needing a card, but see one can also get external plug-ins.

23-03-2004, 14:09:57
If you have usb 2.0, external is okay...if you have usb 1.0...go for internal

27-01-2006, 10:08:00
Just thought I'd demonstrate how quickly I act on advice :)

Bought a second hand PVR 350 on eBay last week. Feeling slightly better yesterday afternoon (been off sick Mon to Thur) I decided to have a go at installing it.

Only checked the ability to show the TV and play the radio so far, but it went well. (Would benefit from better signals methinks, could pull in more FM stations.) That is until I rebooted, and then the TV just came up as a black screen. Tragedy !

Checked all cables, but knew all was ok as the teletext app that is installed with it still worked. Seemed no data stream for TV part :(

Not knowing what else to do, uninstalled every app installed by the setup prog, by hand, using the "remove apps" from 'control panel. (There was no overall uninstall icon anywhere !)

Reinstalled it all again, and it's fine again. Ages later took a deep breath and rebooted again, stayed up this time ?!? Lord only knows what happened, or whether it will happen again.

Does anyone know how to organise the channels it found ? I naturally want them in the order BBC1, BBC2, ITV1, Channel4, Channel5 : but they insist on being in the order found during the scan.

Hmm next I have to bring down the video from the bedroom and wire it up to the card, to see how the record to disk ability works. Any bets on how long it'll take me to get around to that :)