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22-03-2004, 04:47:21
warning: I'm not even going to try to make this post accessible to anyone who isn't familiar with the game:cute:. There's just no point.

My Deck: Clamp Bidding

12 Mountain
4 Swamp

4 Bloodstained Mire
3 City of Brass
= 23 land

4 Goblin Sledder
4 Skirk Prospector
4 Goblin Piledriver
4 Goblin Sharpshooter
4 Goblin Warchief
3 Gempalm Incinerator
4 Siege Gang Commander
= 27 Goblins

4 Skullclamp
3 Smother
3 Patriarch's Bidding
= 10 other spells

4 Echoing Ruin
3 Flashfires
3 Detonate
2 Oblivion Stone
3 Sulphuric Vortex

Some explinations: I built this to combat Goblins, and with less emphasis on playing Ravager Affinity. With hindsight, it's impossible to say whether this was a good move or not. I didn't
lose a single game all day to rival Goblin builds, and I didn't win a Ravager affinity match without losing at least one game.

Match 1:
Goblins vs. Goblins (Seng)

Seng's Goblins were built for Ravager, including cards like Electrostatic Bolt maindeck, and probably too much artifact kill. The match plays out very quickly, I think both times I cycled a
Gempalm on a crucial target like Warchief or Piledriver, and then there is just no answer to Sharpshooter/Siege Gang Commander. Gempalm is fantastic though, being able to kill one of their cards for the lost of zero of yours is often a game winner.

1-0, 2-0

Match 2:
Goblins vs. Ravager Affinity (James)

James is a nice person and a great player, but he completely comes across as an smug git when he's winning. I utterly screw up my sideboarding for the second game and he gets good starts both times, the second game leaving me casting bidding to retrieve two Sharpshooters purely as chump blockers. Thankfully it's over pretty quickly and I don't have to listen to James's inane
comments about how he doesn't fear Bidding at all for too long.

1-1, 2-2

Match 3:
Goblins vs. Ravager Affinity (Yii)

Then there are really fun people to play against. Seng has a great sense of humour, but Yii is just one of those fun, energetic asian types that trading card games are made for. He wins the first game in a reasonably long fought battle, and once again I am left feeling bewildered by the speed and power of Ravager. This time, at least, I don't take out my cheap goblins during sideboarding and I end up with enough power to survive past turn 4 in the second game.

At which point he makes a rather stunning play. Turn 4, with a newly played Goblin Sharpshooter on the board, he casts TWO Disciples of the Vault, declines to attack, and passes the turn.

Bewildered, I quickly shoot them all at the start of my next turn, and soon after that I resolve a Siege Gang Commander, followed by a huge bidding for the win.

If there was a turning point in the day, it was Yii's triple Disciple play. The clouds opened, the sun shone down, and for the rest of day I was blessed with a near insane amount of luck.

Game three seems to be slipping away from me until I rip an Echoing Ruin off the top* and take out three Frogmites in one hit. His skullclamp draws him two cards, but there's no card
advantage gained this time and I'm rapidly coming to the conclusion that it doesn't matter how many cards I let Ravager Affinity draw in the late game, so long as there IS a late game I'm probably in really good shape.

I foolishly drop to ten life late in the third game, but he doesn't have the double shrapnel blast* and I bidding for the win.

3-1, 6-3

Match 4
Goblins vs. Goblins (Dave)

Aha, more Goblins for me to beat up on. The match is over inside 10 minutes (Gempalm again both games, and he gets stuck on one/two land for far too long in game 2*). I go get a Burger for
lunch and text Rachel my results.

Match 5
Goblins vs. Ravager Affinity (Ray)

I offer an intentional draw since we both have the wins to make top 8, and Ray accepts, explaining that he fears Goblins more than any other deck there today. I happily accept, failing to mention that I fear Ravager Affinity more than any other deck there today. We go and watch other games.

3-1-1, 6-3

Quarter Final
Goblins vs. 12post (Tracy)

This is the first top 8 for both Tracy and myself, and she isn't happy to see Goblins across from her. I win the die roll and game one is a narrow, narrow win for me - had she started first and
hit the critical 9 mana, I think I would have been toast. Two Oblivion Stones act as hefty speedbumps, but I manage to play around them and my second Siege Gang commander comes down as she is on 7 life and 8 mana.

Game 2, Tracy gets to 9 mana *with ease*, as I fail to put any pressure on with a poor starting hand. I get swiftly beaten down by Darksteel Collosus, after seeing the full crew of Collosus, Leonin Abunas, Platinium Angel and Duplicant. An utter romp for 12Post, although Tracy is still certain she is making obvious play mistakes and the hovering presence of boyfriend John is unsettling us both.

Game 3, I curve out with turn 2 Warchief, turn 3 Piledriver (off the top*), and turn 4 Warchief/Prospector. Tracy scoops and hunts out her anti-goblins tech she had sided in, showing me Circle of Protection: Red - a card for which I would have had next to no answer. 12Post is never going to give me long enough to fill a Graveyard with Goblins, cast bidding, and sharpshooter her to death (entirely aside from the neccessary 9 damage to kill Abunas/Angel).

Happily, she never drew a single one!*

It transpires she's also not playing with Decree of Justice* (another fine way to abuse all that cloudpost mana), and given this was her first top 8, I leave the match feeling like I have just
stolen something and barely escaped with my life. Make no mistake, 12Post is a tier 1.1 deck at the very most.

4-1-1, 8-4

Semi Final
Goblins vs. Goblins (Scott)

Scott is easily the best player in Christchurch. Easily. I narrowly managed to beat him in three games at the PTQ the day before (mainly because I got Ageless Entity/Nourish two games out of three), and drafting against him is more or less a lost cause.

As against that, he's playing Goblins! Yaaay!

Scott's Goblins roll over in two games straight, and it transpires afterwards that he has no cycling guys at all. His sideboard is fairly strong against Goblins, but since I'm maindecking most of my little green hate, that's not an issue.

Game 1 I resolve a Bidding with more and better stuff in my graveyard, and just manage to keep his trumps off the table long enough to do 20 damage. Game 2, I think involved mana screw for him plus the ubiquitious Gempalm Incinerator. He manages to resolve a Sharpshooter before I can, but my Siege Gang Commander hits the table and can deal with it before he finds a chump to sacrifice to it*.

5-1-1, 10-4

Goblins vs. Ravager Affinity (Ray)

Heh. In what seems like a destined matchup, Ravager Affinity with Ravager hate plays Goblins with Goblin hate. I fear his deck most, he fears mine. Finals stuff is a tense time, and it doesn't help when the store owner Chris puts the prize of $300 and 12 Darksteel packs down beside us and starts taking photos. All of a sudden, I get a tiny glimpse of what goes on at the pro-tour - playing an incredibly random game like Magic for actual money and prizes is not good for the nerves!

I win the coin toss (under slightly controversial circumstances*), and game one manages to go long... way long. I am almost too tired to think properly after a long day and as a bonus I've developed a nasty cough. I chump block forever, I cycle a Gempalm to kill a Disciple, and I finally resolve a huge Bidding to swing the game in my favour. At this point, as I pass the turn, Ray is stuck with the choice of putting down a second Disciple and hoping that I don't decide to sac Goblins to Skirk Prospector and Siege Gang the first one, or of making the 'correct' play and holding on to it with a massive horde of Goblins about to beat down his door.

I honestly can't say if I would have reacted in time to save myself from it, I was that tired.

He plays 'correctly' and keep the Disciple in hand*. Next turn, I have enough power on the board to attack, Siege Gang, and Sharpshoot for the required 18, and the game is over.

Game two, I mulligan down to 6, and he chooses to start. This time at least I have worked out my sideboarding correctly (or, well, at least confidently) - Piledriver out, Echoing Ruin in, and that's ALL. He gets two Frogmites on about turn 2, follows up with a Myr Enforcer a turn later, and with the help of Override - Siege Gang and Override - Bidding the game is over inside 6

Game three, I start and he mulligans down to 6*. His hand is obviously poor and I curve out well - turn 1 Prospector, turn 2 Echoing ruin on his skullclamp, turn 3 Goblin Warchief, turn 4 Siege Gang Commander, turn 5 Smother on his activated Blinkmoth Nexus and he scoops.

Ray is the most fun of anyone in Christchurch to play against - he's undeniably the best smack talker around (apparently I am heretofore to be known as Ted) and he's a pure gentleman whether winning or losing.

I finish the day exhausted and have a Guiness to celebrate - bless the Irish! I'm not sure what it is, but there is just something special overall about Goblin Bidding. It can perform
appalling at times, but the deck is just so damn LUCKY that it's not surprising to see that, more often than not, it will win the tournament. I can't put it any more exactly than that - this deck is build on the chance of good things happening just often enough to come out ahead of the field.


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Holy fucking shit, my adrenalin is pumping!!!!!

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Does constant negativity ever get you down, Asher, or is it a self defense mechanism to stop you from going crazy?

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Well, it's never won me any Magic tournaments. :(

Greg W
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Um, so was that just a repost of someone's tournament success, or was that you, Shiny?

Greg W
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Er, nm, just read the thread in the other forum. :cute:

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I guess I should sign it or something:p.

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[ric flair]WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![/ric flair]

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Well done dude!