View Full Version : Why are Borland's IDE so fucking ugly?

22-03-2004, 01:23:52
And slow?

I'm using JBuilder X and downloaded C++Builder X, and they're all very slow, and VERY ugly.

They've got font aliasing that makes Windows 95 without font smoothing on look good.

23-03-2004, 18:10:30
Because Borland wants to look retro!

Way back when, Borland was the one and only professional code monkeys would use. Use anything else, and your fellow code geektoids would beat you to death with their pens, slide rules, TI Scientifics, and pocket protectors. And of course, no code monkey wanted to use anything else, as Borland really was the absolute best compiler.

Then, Microsoft started hiring away all their talent, and their board of directors started using the company as their personal piggy bank. It went so far down hill, that after a few years, the CEO and 51% stock owner tried to sell the company for a mere 1 million dollars to Microsoft, Bill Gates, IBM, Oracle, Larry Ellison, Paul Allen, and Steve Jobs, just to name a few. NOONE took it.

It then got passed around like a trophy cheerleader girlfriend for the varsity football team for a few years. Eventually, some people remembered that Borland *used* to be the bomb, and it still retained a small, hardcore loyalists. And ever since then, they've been trying to rebuild it back to the one and only choice for code monkeys.

The JAVA aspects have been real mean for it... as IBM now owns them, and wants to take over all JAVA direction and eventually ownership. So they have to make their JAVA the way the IBM big marketing brains tell them too... and that isn't the best way, just IBM's way.

The retro look is to remind people that they used to be the very best available to the development sector, before they crawled under the shit pile, so long ago.