View Full Version : Any Open Office users?

19-03-2004, 20:46:34
Anybody? What are the problems with it if any?

19-03-2004, 23:12:20
I think it's the best of the free office suites. That said, 1.0.1 on Linux was a memory hog and took forever to start up. Since I was already running Office 97 on Windows, I tried installing it on Linux using the WINE compatibility layer. Word, Excel, and Powerpoint appear to be completely functional except for VB macros.

Obviously MS would balk if an entire corporate entity tried to do the WINE trick, so OO is probably a better idea. :)

I haven't tried 1.1 or the Windows version of 1.0.

19-03-2004, 23:21:05
Thanks, Deacon.
Yeah, it would be on Windows 98 and 2000. Was thinking of installing it on sales staff computers. Save the big boss some big bucks $$$$. 'Cause they asked me how much MS office was going to cost and went pale when I told them. :D

19-03-2004, 23:44:45
Oh hell yes. We bought 200 licences for machines here once. Even with the local govt. discount it was a hell of a lot of moolah.

Since that's where MS makes a huge chunk of their money from, they should be less worried about the rise of Linux as a desktop and more about the rise of Open Office or Star Office or some other Office substitute. IMHO :)

I think I had a free copy of Star Office installed on one of my old work PCs. However I was so entrenched using MS Office I never used SO. Hmmm.

Sir Penguin
19-03-2004, 23:46:10
It depends on what you use it for. When it comes to basic functions, OpenOffice is just as good as MSOffice. The only basic things I've found that are missing from OpenOffice are the format painter, and the grammar check. OO Writer (the word processor) has got section division, table of contents functionality, and things like that. It has an envelope printer, but I haven't found a label printer. It even has a convert-to-PDF button that works very well. It has some rare problems with MSOffice-formatted documents, especially recent versions. OpenOffice doesn't have a standalone database application, but it can talk to a database server in a way that looks a lot like Access.

1.1 still takes a long time to start up when you first run it, even when the quick-starter is running. After you run a session it's fairly quick to re-open.


20-03-2004, 03:44:33
I wouldn't call them rare problems, I spent 4 hours fucking around with formatting on a 100-page document last week because the fucktards used StarOffice on our Solaris Machines. What a piece.

Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm
20-03-2004, 04:06:11
That's better than the 6 hours you would have spent using Word :D

20-03-2004, 04:20:15
I generally don't have any compatibility problems with Word and Word.

Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm
23-03-2004, 02:13:19
And I bet other people don't have compatibility problems

(a) importing most Word docs into StarOffice, and
(b) between StarOffice and StarOffice.

So what exactly is your point? If you have one that's valid, that is.

23-03-2004, 02:43:18
StarOffice shouldn't advertise its compatibility with Word, when things such as tables are fundamentally fucked up to the point of being uselessly frustrating.

Considering that Word is the standard, and .DOC files are WORD DOCUMENT files, I have a major problem with people using editors that fuck up WORD DOCUMENTS saving what are patently not WORD DOCUMENTS...

14-08-2007, 13:39:52
A bit late to this one but i downloaded and started using Open Office last night.

I had a trial of office 2007 and wanted to buy it (my new pc is all pukka and legal with no naughty hacked stuff) but it was absolutely bloody impossible just to buy a license-only online to convert my trial installation.

Anyway, so far so good, Open Office has worked fine with all of the various Word- and Excel-created files i have opened with it.

C.G.B. Spender
14-08-2007, 13:43:03
Yeah, I use OO2 when working from home and it's quite good. No problems with excel or Word documents so far, even bigger ones (80 pages)

15-08-2007, 13:14:11
Yeah I've had a great success with OO for the last couple of years. It even saves quicky to PDF, which is great.

16-08-2007, 13:02:58
It's improved over the years, and now runs quickly even on ancient machines.

C.G.B. Spender
16-08-2007, 13:47:56
Oh, it's like viagra then!

C.G.B. Spender
16-08-2007, 13:54:22
BTW Star Division (and now that part of Sun Microsystems) used to be in the same building like my company. They all looked like the classic TV computer nerds. Spooky!

16-08-2007, 13:54:27
But for free!

16-08-2007, 13:54:37
I have very little requirement for this kind of software at home but OO does everything I need (so far). I find it faster and less bloaty than full office which I really don't need.

01-09-2007, 16:57:43
You seriously find it faster than Office?

Office 2007 excel loads in under a second on my PC. Even with a Core 2 Quad and 10000 rpm HD, the OpenOffice spreadsheet takes 6-7 seconds.

Plus it's so ugly. :(

03-09-2007, 08:17:39
Try opening Office 2007 on a much slower machine...

03-09-2007, 23:19:00
It opens quickly on my 4-year old 1.5GHz laptop...

04-09-2007, 08:12:26
I just realised I've never actually used Office 2007. We've got Office 2003 which is slow.

C.G.B. Spender
04-09-2007, 08:17:33
I got Office 2003 at work and it's annoying. I also got the Lotus stuff at work. They pay me to say it's excellent

04-09-2007, 08:18:25
SmartSuite? Do they still make that?

C.G.B. Spender
04-09-2007, 08:27:56