View Full Version : I got SS2 working in XP!

27-02-2002, 19:28:36
Yep, just had to install the patch (:lol: ).

Of course, that didn’t stop me dying at the first opportunity. Having got so far on Thief, on Expert difficulty, I wanted to be a marine (firepower) and play on Normal. That would be easy, I though. At least I can shoot the damn things this time.

Not if they turn out to be quicker and more accurate than I expected. And more plentiful. And I only had a barely-working grenade launcher with 2 grenades.

Ah, happy days.

28-02-2002, 15:18:18
the problem with playing straight marine is the lack of ammo - you end up using the crystal thingy and bludgeoning everything to death to save ammo for the tough enemies. You need to diversify into the psi skills to have a chance, I think. I didn't and never finished the game (actually, I'm too scared to go back, the body of the many sounds like more than my heart can handle).

28-02-2002, 17:08:19
You definitely should learn psi powers - I'm now totally stuck at the end of the game with not enough firepower or ammo, and desparately needing things like psi invisibility or all those other funky skills that I didn't learn. I specialised more in Naval stuff for the hacking/computer skills.
Great game though, really really really scary for a long time. Bastard hard though to finish.

28-02-2002, 17:14:36
Agreed. tough and f**king scary.

Its not the body of the many that does me (it just makes be feel seasick) Its the way you can here the cyborg midwives calling to you and when you first encounter them they are bloody hard to kill with the weapons you have at the time. And you can hear them clinking around down the corridors and calling to you and calling to you and calling to you

Sorry started having flashbacks there. I'm going home to play something relaxing. Like AvP or something.

28-02-2002, 17:33:01
Cyborg Midwives...

28-02-2002, 17:46:43
I did exactly the same as Funky when I played it the first time. Hacking is such a useful skill at the start just to get stuff, though.

And what about the Rumbler in the pitch-black basketball court?

01-03-2002, 09:00:03
Rumblers - never did find a weapon that dealt with them suitably swiftly. Scary bastards they are, especially when you're trapped in the changing rooms outside the swimmingpool/basketball courts!

01-03-2002, 10:24:17
Assault rifle, with antipersonel rounds, auto fire. Drops em in about a second

01-03-2002, 13:01:24
I kept confusing AntiPersonnel rounds (AP) with Armour Piercing rounds (AP) throughout the entire game. Perhaps that's what screwed me with the rumblers......