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17-03-2004, 00:15:54
When I was 8 or 9, I used to be a great little breakdancer. Honest.

Anyway, my friends and I used to breakdance to the Streetsounds Electro compilations and we used to show off at the local roller-disco and to the secondry school kids at the school near me, my special moves were the swandive, the caterpiller and the windmill. I never could spin on my head though. The Electro compilations were superb. I only ever owned electro 3 and electro 9.

For the sake of nostalgia I downloaded a track that I haven't heard in nearly 20 years and it still fills me with the same kind of excitement that it used to. Jam On It by Newcleus, I'm downloading a load of the other Electro tracks too. It's surprising how much of modern dance and rap came from this era. In some ways it sounds so dated but in other ways the beats are as fresh as they always were. The whole thing was so new and exciting back then that all rap that I hear in this second wave coming from the states just sounds dull and lifeless.

I wish I could still breakdance. :(

Resource Consumer
17-03-2004, 00:50:04
So does Michael J.;)

It is apparently related to melantonin. See Qweeg's recent post.;)


Scabrous Birdseed
17-03-2004, 08:05:23
Now if you could make my jingle sound a bit Electroish that'd be great. :)

Scabrous Birdseed
17-03-2004, 21:53:24
BTW, what second wave? We're in the fourth wave, quickly being supplanted by the incredibly creative fifth. :D

18-03-2004, 12:14:24
Ah the Electro compiliations - I only owned one record when I was 13 and it was Electro, er, 4? Best music I ever bought :D

BTW - where are you downloading this from? I'd love to get some of this stuff burnt to CD