View Full Version : Patrician III, anyone?

Greg W
15-03-2004, 07:24:03
Anyone ever tried this? Hard to find info on the net about it, as it seems to be a small sized dev team, and there's no (easy to find) fan sites (well, there's one for Pat 2, and I did find a MB with soem stuff).

Basically a trade sim, set in the time of the Hanseatic League. Looks vaguelly interesting, but I must admit to never having heard of it before, and never having seen it in any games shops that I frequent.

15-03-2004, 08:57:01

15-03-2004, 08:59:02
The game was pretty successful here. There's a long history of barely motivating repetative accountant games here in Germany (Kaiser, Hanse ...).

15-03-2004, 17:13:59
My site has a review of it:


We also have some good screen shots of it.