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No longer Trippin
27-02-2002, 05:12:26
Well I shelled out a whole 20 dollars to by this game. I can play it and beat the scenarios, but I still don't grasp some of the details to well, or should I say, grasp them well enough to use them to my benefit. Any tips would be appreciated.

Resource Consumer
27-02-2002, 10:27:42

Unfortunately the genii at Paradox have chosen not to release EUII over here until later this year (bastards).

I am pretty familiar with EU1. To get the full experience play the Grand Campaign or whatever they call it now. Then the full scope of politics etc come into the game.

Tip : wars cost money. Go for it only when you are sure you can win and fully annex the minor countries (you can't annex majors). Be careful how often you do this or eventually everyone will gang up on you.

Tell me which country you want to play as and I can give you some tailored advice.

27-02-2002, 11:16:25
At least trip can win the scenarios

In the game I'm playing (Napoleon's Ambition as Austria) I had France conquering all those little states in the middle of the map (Helvetia, Bavaria, Savoy, ...) and then march straight on Vienna.
Meanwhile Prussia and Russia ate up Poland without doing anything to stop the French bastards.

I had to give up all my provinces in Italy to sign a truce... :cry:

No longer Trippin
27-02-2002, 13:48:48
Never thought I'd be the one posting tips here but here goes what little I know. RC is right, you need money. Focus on promoting your Mayors to Governors and Baliffs to Tax colectors in towns which have a high output (generally 20+). If stuck as a "middle state" like Austria, pick a side to ally to and attack the other. Try to have one religon in your realm, as anymore than that, especially a Christian nation with muslim provinces in it can be messy (like Russia). Umm, that's about all I know.

Resource Consumer
27-02-2002, 13:57:04

I usually play as Russia and Turkey.

You can usually tweak your tolerance levels to deal with two religions in your empire. Three is doable at a cost (keep troops everywhere as you will get revolts, promote bailiffs to judges to mayors etc and avoid wars). Four religions is not doable.

Tip : If a province has less than 5000 people, send a colonist there. It acts as a missionary and changes the religion to that of your state (this is for EU1, I think there might be seperate missionaries in EU2)

Resource Consumer
27-02-2002, 13:58:27
In the middle state, Switzerland is a good ally. Very easily defended due to the mountains and opposition troops die in droves. Ideally, get your potential aggressors to attack Switzerland while you get in at their provinces round the side.

27-02-2002, 14:29:16
I resent that hint :mad:

27-02-2002, 14:50:14
What happens when they capture switzerland ? With all those banks, your enemies will outspend you!

No longer Trippin
27-02-2002, 19:33:59
RC, thanks for the tip, I'll have to try it. Just got done with a playing session after a crash to desktop (has happened in almost every session I've played for over an hour - seems like a memory leak). Where do you adjust your tolerance levels from? I remember it being mentioned in the manual, but I can't find the damned thing. I usually play as Russia as well.

One thing I can't stand is when you control an enemy province and your ally signs a peace treaty which gives him that province which the enemy doesn't even control at the moment.

Sirius Black
28-02-2002, 08:17:02
Where do you adjust your tolerance levels from?

Go to your Countries page (the one with your monarch stats) by clicking on your capital, and then click on the religion indicator. You are now on the religion screen, and you can set tolerances and change religions.

I learned EU1 just by continuing to play. Eventually I got it ;).

Resource Consumer
28-02-2002, 14:11:37

Tips for Russia (they may have altered the country definitions slightly for EU2 so interpret with care).

1. Look to head east rather than west (although if you don't have it at the start, grabbing Ingermand is useful - watch it, though, the Teutonic Order can be tougher than they look).

2. Take out Kazan, Golden Horde and then Astrakhan. Perpare a big army and look for overkill. Crimea is usually your ally and is useful for these ones. Beware, though, watch out that Astrakhan and Golden Horde are not in an alliance. You can still take them but it is messy.

3. Now you have Samara with all that lovely gold. Sit quiet for a bit. Starting another war now will make the other majors pretty antsy with you. Probably, P-L will start on you at some point. Promote and Fortify and get some troops on or around the front line with some hefty backups in the big support areas. If P-L do start on you, look to attack the Orthadox provinces. BTW, you should be looking at your tolerance levels for the Moslem states you now have. Ingermanland will give you a colonist a year which is well worthwhile to change some religions.

4. Now you have a choice. East through Siberia, down through Persia or take out P-L. In the first case you can take out Sibir and the Uzbeks and keep going East. You will have to wait at tome point for a Conquistador to appear.

5. Check to see if Turkey is beating up on Persia and also reallly pissing all the Christians off. You can make good gains through a weakened Peria but, BE WARNED, you are unlikely to swallow it on one go - it's a bit big.

6. Try the P-L route if you want to get involved in Politics and beating up another major.

7. In practice you can try all three. After a while you won't have to declare war, they'll all declare war on you. So, you have to be stealthy. Win a bit. Stop. Build/Fortify/Promote. Explore east with the new Conq. Fight war. Return to beginning.

8. After a while you should be streets ahead of everyone except Spain and you'll do them when you hit the Pacific and the CoTs there.

28-02-2002, 17:58:04


No longer Trippin
03-03-2002, 09:42:14
RC, I generally played as the Russians since it left my back against a wall, well sea actually. No place that the enemy can bypass to attack me easily. Depending on the time period, Crimea is either an ally or an enemy. If they are an enemy I generally destroy them after Poland. I've found that expnding east does work, though I generally wipe out poland/lithunia first (and if they have a CoT in their nation, I go straight for that so the AI doesn't grab it. After which I turn east with a couple heavy stacks were Persia or the Ottoman Empire could creep up. (I think it was pushed out the door, as some things advertised on the box aren't there, and it's crashing even worse after the patch (not a good sign). This is the 2nd patch I'm running (v1.03). I'm thinking of reinstalling it as the crashes to desktop weren't as awful. Hell, sometimes just exiting the game causes it to fuck up windows.

Damn it's expensive to change a people's faith. I hope that one settler trick works, would save me a lot of frustration in the mid game when I'm requisitioning others territory into safe hands.