View Full Version : CD sales drop blamed on piracy? Bull shit...

26-02-2002, 14:25:01

How about blaiming the fact that there's so much shit music around at the moment? Ooh no, that's far to difficult to face.

26-02-2002, 14:33:31
She added: "When 23% of surveyed music consumers say they are not buying more music because they are downloading or copying their music for free, we cannot ignore the impact on the marketplace."

Yep, so lower your prices. :rolleyes: Oh and... wasn't there an 'economic downturn'? Wouldn't you expect that to hit CD sales?

26-02-2002, 14:57:38
Yeah, exactly - every single other industry in the world has managed to blame it's poor 4th quarter results on the "Sept 11 factor", so how come the CD sales industry seems to manage to ignore it!


26-02-2002, 14:59:31
This crap pisses me off. I wouldn't buy their shit even if I couldn't download it. Stop over charging for shit and maybe someone will buy it.

Vincent Fandango
26-02-2002, 17:05:05
And it still doesn't explain why CDs are 50% more expensive than MCs

27-02-2002, 03:10:21
Ar, me be downloadin' CDs for long nights away from shore.

Provost Harrison
28-02-2002, 23:53:55
Mike's right, the prices of CDs should be dropped. They hike up the prices to extortionate level, yet whinge when people are finding alternative sources of acquiring music :rolleyes: You know, I often order CDs at about 7 a piece from the US which sell in HMV for 15...fucking rip-off Britain again...