View Full Version : What games to you currently have?

26-02-2004, 20:07:24
Most of these were for game reviews, but I realize I now have a sizable collection lying about.

Of course, this contridicts my constant thoughts of "I have nothing to play!":clueless:

Age of Empires Gold Edition
Age of Empires II Gold Edition
Civilization II Gold (seems to be a trend!)
Civilization II Test of Time
Civilization III
Master of Olympus
Ceasar III
Combat Mission
Hearts of Iron
Sim City 3000
Age of Sail II
Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri
Master of orion III
Starfleet Command Gold Edition
Starfleet Command II Empires at war
Starfleet Command II Orion Pirates
Starfleet Command III
Emergancy Fire Response
Massive Assualt
Star Trek Armada
Star Trek Armada II
Star Trek Voyager Elite Force
Star Trek Voyager Elite Force II
Squad Assault Westfront
Atlantis Underwater Tycoon
No Man's Land
Disciples II Servants of the Dark
Disciples II Guardians of the Light
Disciples II Rise of the Elves
Pirate Hunter
Cossacks European wars
Cossacks The art of War
Cossacks Back to war
Roller Coaster tycoon 2
Roller Coaster tycoon 2 Time Twister
Pax Romana

Also have a ton of old games downloaded from the web, like Colonies, Civilization I and Imperialism.

26-02-2004, 23:52:24
You need to change your thoughts to "I have nothing good to play!" :)

I think my list is a ad longer but it consists of more older games. There's a few that are on your list though.

27-02-2004, 15:00:12
Some are good, some bad, a lot of it is just luck of the draw really.

27-02-2004, 16:51:04
Which is why I'm really picky about what I buy these days. I think the last real stinker I bought was Imperium Galactica II and boy, did THAT ever suck. I think I might have played it through a grand total of one time and it became shelfware.

In your case, if you're given them for review purposes, you'll end up with a few more losers than that :)

27-02-2004, 17:36:02
Wow, that's quite a list there, chris. If I can be arsed to think up all my games later, I'll post them. Not nearly as much as yours though.

27-02-2004, 17:46:21
I bought only a small fraction of the list Drek, most come from game reviewing, some were gifts.

I haven't even played all of them, I was sent the MoO III to be reviewed, but thank god, someone else did it first, so I never had too play it.

But the good part is, I end up playing stuff I norally wouldn't, like the Tycoon stuff. IO actually ended up likeing roller coaster Tycoon, even though I initally was loathe to play it.

23-03-2004, 20:41:41
I've said since it first came out... Roller Coaster Tycoon is a fun game! It's a good little empire builder!

My list of games would be longer then all of my posts here put together (including whats in the archive). Seriously. Although recently I've really dropped off trying out new games. Just hasn't been much worth bothering to try in the last 2 years or so.