View Full Version : Fucking BUSA *whines*

*End Is Forever*
22-02-2002, 15:45:39
Well, we made the next round of the BUSA (University) table-tennis championships. I was looking forward to a nice trip to somewhere close, maybe Nottingham, Leicester, Manchester or even one of the London Unis... but who did we get? Fucking Aberdeen, away! :(

Woohoo. :rolleyes:

*End Is Forever*
22-02-2002, 15:46:37
And now I post this in the wrong forum... magic.

Can someone transfer it?

22-02-2002, 16:47:34
Nope. You must suffer the embarassment.

*End Is Forever*
22-02-2002, 16:51:56
Oh well.

22-02-2002, 17:57:54
Aberdeen is a great city, one of the nicest I've been to in my life!

Vincent Fandango
22-02-2002, 19:53:40
Great band!

*End Is Forever*
22-02-2002, 22:39:49
I'm sure it's a great city, it's just so fucking far away. And cold. And wet. And windy.