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01-02-2004, 12:53:53
This is one sexy looking 'Elite' style game. The rolling demo (http://www.fileplanet.com/files/120000/129467.shtml) (and benchmarking tool) has been out for a while now and can test the limits of any card.

Play.com (http://www.play.com/play247.asp?pa=stcs1&page=title&r=PC&title=136892) have it for the bargain price of £17.99!


Scabrous Birdseed
01-02-2004, 13:24:51
Is this based on the second X-Men movie?

01-02-2004, 14:51:45
Apparently, it contains counterrevolutionary propaganda.

01-02-2004, 19:27:33
Blocked by Mao.

Looks very cool - I can't find whether its played online or off, so I'm guessing off.

Something else I may buy and put in the "to play" pile.

01-02-2004, 20:33:53
It's definately single player. I don't think there's a multiplayer mode. I could be wrong though.

btw it was released in the states waaay back in late Nov/early Dec. Early I think.

Scabrous Birdseed
01-02-2004, 20:42:37
So why are there no Elite-style MMORPGs? It'd make sense!

01-02-2004, 21:19:17
Theres one called Eve online.

Looking forward to X2, loved X:gold but there were a few annoying bits that it sounds like theyve fixed this time round.

02-02-2004, 09:55:27
woooo looks very nice.

02-02-2004, 12:14:26
very favourable review on pczone http://www.computerandvideogames.com/reviews/reviews_story.php?id=100827

also got my copy of PCZone through the post with a demo, will check it out later.

03-02-2004, 00:12:23
I saw this in the store yesterday. Is it good?

03-02-2004, 01:21:10
it is. needs a powerful computer and probably a joystick for the flight control.

It has a neat feature called 'multiple monitors' that allow you to track yours and other craft, you can even remotely control your own ships.

One one of the demo missions you control a frigate sized ship and have to destroy all the ships coming at you. You set all your turrets to auto-fire at any enemy, then control your small fighter on remote. Very cool, if slooooow with 6 different monitors running at the same time :)

03-02-2004, 02:50:20
I got a whopping 26 fps on my laptop at 800x600x32 with the bumpmaps, AA, and shadows all off (Mobility M6, p4 1.7ghz, 256ram, XP). Its still a pretty thing.

03-02-2004, 09:38:14
ran super smooth on my AMD2.5ghz, 512 ram, GF4200Ti :)

03-02-2004, 09:49:38
Is it like Freelancer? I just couldn't get into that game.

Greg W
03-02-2004, 10:45:34
Originally posted by MDA
I got a whopping 26 fps on my laptop at 800x600x32 with the bumpmaps, AA, and shadows all off (Mobility M6, p4 1.7ghz, 256ram, XP). Its still a pretty thing. You're running WinXP on 256M RAM? :eek:

I'm surprised you got above 1 fps with that little RAM.

I have a copy of this, but haven't found the time to install it yet, let alone play it.

03-02-2004, 11:25:01
Originally posted by DaShi
Is it like Freelancer? I just couldn't get into that game. If you couldn't get into that, I doubt you'll like X2, it's much more of a hardcode space-trading sim.

04-02-2004, 18:09:29
Originally posted by Greg W
You're running WinXP on 256M RAM? :eek:

Haven't had any problems - other than Word taking up to a full minute to close, which irritates me. No sure whether that's a memory problem or not.

Stuff opens and works just fine. I routinely have Corelphotopaint, Adobe Acrobat, Word, and Refrence Manager all open at the same time. No problems till I close Word, Acrobat is a little slow to open and close, but nothing drastic.

04-02-2004, 20:14:03
Originally posted by Nav
If you couldn't get into that, I doubt you'll like X2, it's much more of a hardcode space-trading sim.

Thanks. I probably won't get it then unless I can find it at a Chinese 'discount' store.

07-02-2004, 20:09:26
I've been playing this today with my new joystick I bought especially. (Cyborg Evo).

Very cool, though it runs like a bit of a dog on my old pc (even at 800x600).


08-02-2004, 00:02:54
Familiar company logo.

08-02-2004, 10:07:49
yes it's my new space division, currently dealing mainly in beef and batteries. :)

currently trying to make enough money so I can afford a couple of satelites, so I can go off wondering and still direct my transport ship from afar.

Greg W
09-02-2004, 07:30:52
Man that flight model takes some getting used to. Just playing round with the tutorial missions, and hitting anything with a laser is not as easy as I'd expect. I mean I played Freelancer through and could shoot things easily, but this game makes it danged hard through it's flight model. :bash:

Oh well, practice makes perfect so they say. Just not all that sure that I'll be able to put up with the flight model (realistic or otherwise) to get far enough that I'll be at least a reasonable shot.

09-02-2004, 12:30:29
just launch a fighter drone and let it do it for you.

are you using a joystick? Freelancer was great with a mouse but X2 isn't.

09-02-2004, 14:17:36
I've avoided combat totally so far - if someone comes after me I head straight to the nearest station or call in a navy patrol!

Am making nice money on the same "beef and batteries" tactic. Only have 40K at the moment but have seriously upgraded both my Discovery and the Mercury with software upgrades. Can do a lot of stuff by themselves now.

Have found having one of them haul BoGas from Atreus' Clouds to the terracorp wheat farm (I think) across about 5 jumos can make a massive profit - buying at around 50->70 and selling at over 200 if lucky.

Am still on the upgrade path but will think about saving up for a factory soon. I want a couple of 5MW sheilds for the mercury and duplex scanners on both ships first though.

Is it going to be more profitable in the long run to buy a second TS for me to fly while the upgraded one trades on its own or to save the 60K the TS would cost and keep saving for a factory.

I can make frequently make 10K+ profit runs at the moment so 150-200K for a station is not that hard to do.

09-02-2004, 16:09:00
after seeing some reviews i was seriously tempted to get this.

although having seen some shots of Eve Online recently, which appears to be the massively mutiplayer equivalent of x-2/elite, then i'm wondering whether to give that a go instead...

Greg W
09-02-2004, 19:12:59
Yeah, using a joystick. Missiles seem to work well. Almost too well in fact. I can see where that might get expensive in the long run however (not sure if you can salvage them or not).

Dunno if the idea of a fighter drone works for me or not. I like playing bounty hunter, and I like shooting ships. Oh well, just need to see if practice improves things. Be nice if you could tweak joystick sensitivity at the least...

09-02-2004, 19:34:11
I've been playing this almost non-stop since I got it.

buying sillicon cheap and selling to crystal fabs in need can make you a fortune, but obviously the dynamic economy means this doesnt happen very often!

I purchased a Solar plant thinking it didnt use any primary resources, but it does (unlike the AI's!), But still making a steady profit, recently purchased a second Mercury craft. Saving up now for a better personal ship (M4 class).

Only thing is I can't seem to be able to get any data on the different ships apart from the text that is read out?? any idea if this is possible (ie like the info in the manual).

The story is shite. The voice acting is terrible, and the '3d fmv' bits look a bit cack. :) The manual is next to useless as well.

09-02-2004, 20:18:27
Does the story really matter, though? Are you forced to advance it, or can you just trade away and ignore it?

10-02-2004, 10:07:01
Seem to be following the same path as Nav - found the silicon wafer routes last night. You can often buy them at below 300 and sell at above 600.

The AI solar plants do require crystals I think.

Have just deployed my first facility, found a yield 56 asteroid in the ore belt and have whacked a silcon mine on it. The dam thing eats energy cells and although I have a second mercury I havnt figured out how to make it automatically supply the factory yet.

makes a tidy profit. If I feed it 4 cargo loads of energy cells (normally costs around 28,000 credits) I get a hold full of silicon back which I can sell for around 72,000. It cost 180,000 so it should make its money back soon(ish).

I'm planning on building the full energy cycle in the ore belt (silicon mine, crystal fab, solar plant, and whatever the food producer is that you need to keep the fab running) although thats a seriously long way off at the moment.

Still a few more runs from the silicon plant and I'll have enough for another installation.

10-02-2004, 12:01:18
Interesting, how far have you played throgh the story? the kaahk are very active in the ore belt for me. Just scouting it out once got me killed. :)

I currently own 2 mercuries and 1 argon Express, they are almost all fully upgraded and incredibly busy just working for one SPP (Solar Power Plant). the express is excellent for delivering S containers as it's top speed is 215 with a capacity of 715.

Player SPPs do require Crystals however AI ones only require it as a Secondary resource. Some fix in the game to allow more energy creation I guess.

If you want to get goods automatically you have to purchase Trade thingy MkI (from the third base down in the Argon Prime list). MkII allows you to automatically sell your products.

btw I worked out how to get more information before purchasing a ship. Press 'I' for the information screen.

10-02-2004, 12:59:47
hmm. I have the trade 1&2 upgrades on all my ships (2 mercuries and a disco). I thought about getting an Express instead of the second merc but figured as I wasnt going to drive the thing a mid-upgraded merc would be OK and probably cheaper (and it can hold a lot more including the larger silicon product).

I know SPPs are very profitable - they just seem incredibly expensive as a first station. I would find it impossible not to spend the money before I saved enough. At least my 180K is earning money now rather than burning though my pocket.

I deliberately havnt done mission 3 yet. Dont want the kaank interfering until I am in a rather stronger position. I do have a mammoth class TL as a baby sitter to my mine though - if you hire one then tell it to cut engines it will stay there indefinately for free. Nice having all those turrets close by when theres pirates around.

I worked out that my mine makes something like 30K per hour profit so in 6 hours it will pay for itself. Once I have the second merc working properly it should be self running bar the occasional trip there to empty its accumulated silicon. I have my disco out laying navsats in each of the sectors near orebelt that have a silicon requiring factory, that way I can make sure I offload my silicon at >600creds.

I've pretty much given up on the argnu beef runs - unless theres a very short hop one. The profit just isnt big enough when you could be doing silicon instead.

I still havnt got into combat yet. Even with twin gamma IREs the disco just doesnt have enough punch. I might try sticking the full 3x1MW sheilds in it and seeing if that makes it doable when combined with a swarm of fighter drones. Capturing one of those pirate transports should bring in some cash as the ship alone would probably fetch upwards of 50K and apprently you sometime get one with some nice upgrades you can strip.

Another thing I've considered is going mining in a ship - I already have the mineral scanner so I could kit out one of my mercs for under 100K...

10-02-2004, 14:42:00
I might be wrong, but I'm not sure that you can fit a mobile drilling unit in a Merc. Check out the size requirements in the dock.

btw I found this economy guide which is very interesting
also a factory building gude.

I'm currently transporting my silicon mine to Three Rings. ;)

10-02-2004, 20:46:23
Right, I've expanded and started a silicon mine in Three Worlds (not Rings!). I also bought another Express, and deposited 60,000 in its bank account to cover material costs.

As I've been pumping tonnes of energy cells into the game for a while now it's quite hard to find lots of cheap sources of them. So I wanted to get them for cost at my own SPP (ie for approx 12c), however it's not possible by default to set a high sell price and have your own ships buy for another price.

However I found this link to a modification of the BuyWare script here (http://www.egosoft.com/x2/forum/viewtopic.php?t=22053) (which also has loads of useful information). This allows you to control the number of trips (-1 for infinite) and the price to pay if it's a station you own. Really useful.

btw You need to enable the in-game editor to follow the instructions for that mod. While in space (and with no menus open) type 'Thereshallbewings' (case-sensitive) to enable the in-game script editor. Then S -> C -> S to access.

Scabrous Birdseed
10-02-2004, 21:01:10
"Mod"? Is that analogous to brian's "Feature"?

10-02-2004, 23:25:07
Just made a nice profit of 95000 on my first batch of Silicon.

Mmmm what shall I do with my 300g's in the bank.. What! a battlecruiser costs 21mill arrrgh. :)

11-02-2004, 09:38:39
Took your advice about avoiding ore belt - went back to a save game just before bought it and instead deployed a SPP into herods nebula. Now have that, my Disco, 2 mercs and 3 express all set to serve the spp - its making a very nice profit. Have gone exploring and mapped a fair bit of boron territory and the first few teladi sectors.

Have left the game running at home so expect to return to a couple of million credits. I suppose I could have left it on SETA but that would seem like cheating.

Am looking to buy a silicon mine next for the same sector (theres a yield 26 roid there which is OK). I should be able to transfer an express to the mine to supply its energy needs. Then a corvette for sector defence I think :)

11-02-2004, 10:12:11
now thats a neat trick - pre hiring TLs and having them docked to shipyards so when you want another factory you can just buy it without having to actually go there and find a TL to hire. And of course unless they cross a jump gate its free!

Having read about the crystal fab subsidy I think a crystal fab in red light will be my next buy.

11-02-2004, 11:11:00
I'm thinking about doing that too. btw you want a Boron Manta it's an upgraded Express that can carry XL cargo and go twice as fast as a Merc. You can buy it in Kingdoms end for about 150g's

11-02-2004, 12:47:57
woooo sounds nice.

Dont think I've been to kingdoms end yet have to check it out tonight. If the manta is as good as it sounds I'll drop a navsat in there and use that shipyard instead of the one in argon prime.

Hopefully the SPP will have made me around a million creds by then. Or more likely it will have managed to over produce so many energy cells the whole area will be saturated. Still by the time I left this morning it seemd to have made around 150K without any attention.

I might but the fab in herons nebula though. See if I can sell to the trading station for a large amount then buy it back for less. Also theres at least 1 26 yield silicon roid there so if I can find a decent supply of cahoona within 1 jump theres the potential to make a lot of money.

11-02-2004, 16:24:30
I decided to put a Wheat Farm in The Hole instead of buying a Crystal Fab (I thought the supply chain management would be a headache without owning any of the pre-requisits).

I've set it to sell at max price, which fingers crossed, should work and earn me a nice tidy packet.

I've got a Merc each supplying Power Cells at cost(ish) to my Silicon Mine and Wheat Farm. I've got two Express hawking extra Power cells at Extortionate prices. I'm using my Mantra as a spare transport for stations in need etc.

Maybe I'll save up for a better personal ship now...

... and I really ought to be doing some work... :nervous:

11-02-2004, 16:52:01
Theres so many bloody choices.

I'm hoping that when I get home my SPP will have earned over a million credits (it seemd to be doing about 100,000 per hour)

Thats :
another pair of SPPs with several freighters each,
A crystal fab+freighters,
Wheat farm+stuff?
Several mine type factories,
A mining ship fully outfitted,
Definately enough for an M4 fighter,
Maybe just about an M3 if I sell the disco and the fith transport.
A fully outfitted TS with auto-trading software (could be very very profitable)
About 6 fully equipped TS for remote trading (a lot of work but think of the profit)

The mind boggles really.

Of course what will have happened is the SPP will have saturated its market and only made about 200K :)

11-02-2004, 17:19:30
Just setup your PC so that you can remote-control it from the office and check things every once in a while ;)

11-02-2004, 17:26:26
Apparantly running it unattended can cause problems, such as your reputation suffering and possibly a save problem (crashing on save).

Just letting you know ;)

remote control would be a good idea. :D (it can run in windowed mode) however I doubt you'd be able to display DirectX stuff through a remote control app.

11-02-2004, 17:36:02
Isnt that when you run it on SETA for long periods? I think its OK on normal speed.

11-02-2004, 20:29:56
oh ok. know-all :)

11-02-2004, 22:48:28
My SPP made 1.06million :) Bought a nicely kitted out Maka and a crystal fab

Got the fab up and running. Its a really bastard to get balanced. Seems to be the cahoona that is limiting. Wont run the game overnight as the kaahk have turned up even though I didnt do the next mission. next thing to do is to buy more express/manta types - The SPP seems to need at least 4 to run efectively - 3 selling, 1 buying - otherwise it cant clear the products quickly enough and clogs up. I suppose I could just reduce the selling price and have the AI buy from me but haveint all the sellers set to sell for best seems to make a nice profit. I think the Fab will need around 4 freighters, 1 each for wafers and energy (although with the right script I think I can direct one to take it from my SPP) and 2 for the cahoonas at least until I can find buy the missing resource fabs to make the one in the sector a bit more productive ( i think its held up by a lack of stott spice)

it seems to trick is either to setup a totally self contained production line based on the "free energy" economy or to try and fix the production in a sector so it runs more efficiently (and of course ends up supplying your nice high profit factories!)

12-02-2004, 01:44:11
well yes ideally you want to be able supply all the resources that your crystal fab needs, that's why I avoided building one, and went for the ones in the supply chain first

My Wheat Factory is ticking over nicely, all I have to do is deliver energy to it.

Unfortunately lost one of my mercs to kaahk activity in Three Worlds, temporarily stranding my Silicon mine. I think my placement may have been slightly poor. I've loaded my Mantra with a rear turret gun and four combat drones in the hope that it might get through the blockade. :(

I really need to get a decent ship so I can defend some of my freighters.

This game definately requires a lot of dedication. the bad news is that I might actually have to do some real work soon! ;)

12-02-2004, 09:41:00
I read the bet way of keeping frieghters alive is to leave them unarmed - that way it attacked they run rather than trying to out shoot their attacker. Fighter drones do help though as they will dump them when attacked and they will distract the attackers.

As for the fab yes its a bugger to get going but once it is going it makes so much cash! + thanks to the subsidy program it makes the SPP work more efficiently. The fab sells to the trading post at something like 1900-2000 and the SPP buys them from the same post at 1600-1700. So not only do I get a nice profit on the crystals its actually better than sending them straight to my SPP. (+ my SPP doesnt have to go out of the sector to keep supplied)

Next will be to find some way to prop up the cahoona bakery in the same sector so the fab doesnt get held up by a lack of food.

12-02-2004, 10:19:36
yeah I think I'll get a crystal fab next, getting crystals is a bit of a hassle!

12-02-2004, 10:38:28
ARSE!!!! Just found out theres a bug in v1.2 where if you get the "presidents end destroyed" video message before you get to brennan's trimuph then you cant continue the story line!


That means I have to start again (waaaaahhhhhhhhh)

This time I am DEFINATELY going to strip that loaned express of every bit of kit before returning it.

The 300K should at least allow me to get the SPP running again fariyl quickly.

Just when I have past the million in the bank point too.

13-02-2004, 01:12:07
what story line? ;)

sorry to hear that though.

On a brighter note I bought a crystal fab, a new manta and sunk 250k for stock. Well over a mill.

Supplying the silicon and energy at cost from my own stations and buying subsidised meat from local trading stations

Just got my first sale at maximum price. still a long way to go until I can get a decent ship. :(

13-02-2004, 10:00:46
Have you tried combat yet?

I bought a Mako and kitted it out and went pirate hunting. Still cant make a significant dent in a transport even with dual APACs. Those 25MW sheilds are too strong.

Went after a few mandalay instead and while I could kill them I couldnt make any bail out - even by slowly reducing his hull strength using AIREs after wiping out his shields with APACs. They do have a worrying havite of colliding with me though - and when they do they always seem to wipe out my triplex scanner.

13-02-2004, 10:31:00
I'm waiting on my new PC to be up and running before doing that. My current one is just too slow for combat. Fingers crossed I should have all the parts today, but I doubt I'll have the time to play properly for a while after that.

13-02-2004, 11:34:14
This collision stuff is rather annoying and there seem to be a lot of people having this problem.

Its almost annoying enough to make me avoid combat totally in anything other than a ship big enough to squish everyone else like a space fly (BTW I love the space flies). I can kindof avoid some collisions by slowing down a lot but the AI seems to sometimes hit stationary objects so its no entirely me.

14-02-2004, 15:31:38
I'm going to try and pick this up at Best Buy today. Coudn't find it to even check the price at Gamestop or EB last night. Both stores had a horrible PC game selection, though. Stupid consoles.

14-02-2004, 18:30:06
Originally posted by Beta1
This collision stuff is rather annoying and there seem to be a lot of people having this problem. That's how I killed most ships in the demo :D

New pc is now up and running, all I have to do is transfer all my files, re-install all my software and I'll be able to play again.

15-02-2004, 10:48:01
oooh. I never realised how beautiful this game is. :heart:

15-02-2004, 15:27:19
They didn't have it at Best Buy either. That's probably a good thing, for the moment.

15-02-2004, 20:27:06
Yep had one of those "jaw dropping moments" early where I just stared at the screen in awe.

Then the docking bay doors of the factory I just left closed on me and cut my ship in half.

Bloody nebulas. Too distracting by half.

Still ove it when you get buzzed by space flys.

16-02-2004, 01:17:29
you ought to start 'collecting' them. :)

16-02-2004, 10:16:25
Just restarted again after the failed pirate hunting idea.

Have just got the SPP in heroons nebula running although as I only have a single merc at the moment I cant leave it to its own devices. Hopefully will be able to pick up a express in the next few hours then a manta at which point the spp should be self-running. I might have to leave it off line and do a silicon wafer run to make some quick profit though.

16-02-2004, 11:03:49
I bought a top of the line Mako (2x5mw shields, gamma particle laser thingys), unfortunately my pirate hunting ended on the second ship I attacked (an M3). Will have another go, if I get killed to easily again I will wait till I can afford a Nova.

16-02-2004, 13:04:51
yeah that sounds like the kit I had except I was toting beta particle accelerator for even more fire power.

Still couldnt dent the multiple 24mW sheilds on the transports while their rear turret could fry my 2x5mW sheilds, and while I could kill mandoley easily enough they never bailed out so there was no money in it. I suspose I could had tried the mako on a few bayomon but I th9ink you really need an M3 to kill M4s safely.

I've decided to ignore the pirate killing until I have a corvette armed with a few ion disruptors.

I think thats going to set me back about 10-15million fully tooled up so I'm going to have to wait. Will do a bit of the story line and try and setup a full energy cycle in herrons nebula first.

16-02-2004, 17:04:36
well part of the story line is doing some pirate killing (I wont give anything more than that away).

I've now got a nova, but the alpha particle cannons are inefffective, so I'm going to try and find the gamma variety.

My Crystal fab is making me some large profits now, next I'll get a cattle ranch (I always wanted to be a space cowboy!)

16-02-2004, 17:16:02
See you later, space cowboy.

16-02-2004, 17:35:34
Do some people call you Maurice?

17-02-2004, 17:33:07
Found it at another Best Buy. They keep online inventory, wasn't expecting it to be accurate, but it worked this time.

Looks a little funny at 800x600x16 with all the candy turned off, but it runs OK. Reminds me of the Moo2 intro, the way it looks at present.

I traded energy cells to a beefsteak factory in Argon Prime last night and made enough money to buy trading software I can't use until I have my own factories (I think). 400 credits a run. Small fry. I'll do a little exploring this weekend for more profitable routes.

17-02-2004, 17:35:30
yeah the trading scripts are for when you remote control your freighters to buy and sell the ware your factories produce (I made the same mistake!).

As you've got the US version make sure you get it patched to 1.2

17-02-2004, 17:37:35
Is there any way to set up an automatic buy/sell route between two factories you don't own?

There's energy to sell in Argon prime at the moment and no one is hauling much of it - so there would be a little steady income from a supply route carrying energy from the power plant to one of the other factories.

17-02-2004, 17:41:17
:bash: Tried to get the patch from the fast connection at work, and I have to register first. The key is on the manual at home.

Its lunchtime, maybe I'll disappear for a bit.

I'm thinking of selling my weapons. I won't survive a dogfight with keyboard controls, and my joystick is with my wife in Maryland (I'm awaiting the jokes). Maybe I'll make up a "Brave Sir Robin" logo for my company.

17-02-2004, 17:47:51
not as far as I know but one of the trade upgrades allows you to trade remotely. So if you have a spare ship you can tell it to fly back and forward although you will have to actually make the transaction at each end yourself. Thats quite a profitable way to go before you have enough for a SPP buy a couple of freighters and fly around in the disco doing odd jobs while getting your freighters to do the boring stuff. A couple of good things to trade in at the beggining are argnu beef (buy at around 60-70 sell at 100-120) and silicon (buy around 300 sell at around 700).

If youve done the trick of selling the sheilds off the espress in mission 2 I would recommend ignoreing the merc they give you (its painfully slow until you fix its hull properly) and heading to boron space to buy a manta like nav said. Its fast and can haul the XL containers you need to do the high profit silicon runs. I think I had about 400K after mission 2. I bought a SPP and have had to baby sit it ever since + it initally eats its own profit until its full of crystals (its only just about self sufficient now). Better option would have been to spend 200K on a well equiped manta and then to have used the remaining 200K to start off doing silicon runs I would have made back the 200K very quickly that way. As it is I'm making profit but am stuck in the disco as the SPP needs my merc to sell its energy cells.

17-02-2004, 17:57:44
Sounds like I can make some more startup money and equipment by following the storyline a bit. I've only delivered the computer bits to the crystal Fab so far.

19-02-2004, 09:56:22
OK who knows where I can buy a few missiles from in the area of brennans triumph?

19-02-2004, 14:23:54
I used a couple of combat drones for that. (I couldnt actually find any missles to buy)

Didn't play yesterday, hope to have some time later to pick up where I left off!

19-02-2004, 15:19:27
Bought a fast Boron transport that could actually handle XL freight yesterday. [Edit: after looking at the thread, I can see where I got that great idea] Now I'm saving up for my first factory. I've finally found and placed a couple of nav satellites, too. They're VERY useful.

The pirate attack when I tried to deliver the propulsion/engine scientists to terracorp headquarters must have lasted 15 minutes. I had sold my weapons, so I ran to Home of Light, but couldn't dock with pirates everywhere. I asked for help from Terracorp and the Argon trading station and got it, still too many pirates. So I adopted a "dodge till your shields are full, ram pirate ships, repeat" method that bagged me about half a dozen ships. The whole pirate attack must time out eventually - my hull became damaged for no apparent reason and the mysterious rescue ship appeared.

I was pleased to see that my new Boron TP, which I had ordered to follow me actually did so and even launched its 4 fighter drones without prompting. It didn't use any missiles, though.

Can you collect drones once launched or are they gone?

Ran into space flies for the first time. Very funny.

19-02-2004, 17:45:51
I think you can recover your drones - havnt tried though.

I left my disco at home rather than risk it getting killed by the pirates. I got attacked in argon prime so ran straight to the shipyard and flew right inside its external dock to shelter from the pirates - they then shot the station which launched all its fighters, AND the argon navy turned up, 2 cruisers and the carrier + their fighter wings + a couple of corvettes. Absolute chaos. Didnt dare leave my hiding hole cos of the amount of bullets flying around. Have you seen how much firepower comes out of a pissed off M1 battlecruiser?

19-02-2004, 17:55:58
No, I have a saved game from just before the attack, though. I may check it out.

Laptop is surprisingly stable running this game, although the bottom of the case gets uncomfortably warm if I rest it on one knee. I've got it on a table now, with the corners propped up so it gets good airflow underneath, instead.

I found the pirate fire very easy to dodge, including missiles, but I had upgraded the TP.

19-02-2004, 18:00:15
Originally posted by MDA
It didn't use any missiles, though. You can set a missle fire probability in the weapons settings, the default is 5%.

Last time I played I also captured my first ship a Pirate Orinico. 30% hull though, might just try to sell it.

20-02-2004, 09:59:17
HAd to fly all the way back to atreus' clouds to buy missiles. Bloody annoying but at least the missile factory had a cannister of space flies floating around inside. 5 tonnes of space flies got for more than 15K at the pirate base in brennans triumph!

Paid for the 10 mosiquito missiles + money left over.

20-02-2004, 16:16:02
how did you manage to dock at a pirate base? I didn't think that was possible.

20-02-2004, 16:53:36
Just asked nicely.(well used the autopilot to ask nicely for me)

It was one of the ones out in the badlands rather than one in a civilised system so maybe those work differently.

When I get back from brennans trimuph I am going to start checking the factories for more free stuff. Gives me something usefull to do in the disco while the SPP makes enough money for the next freighter(s)

20-02-2004, 21:30:31
What are the requirements for custom logos? 120 x 120 JPEG?

Can you change them on the fly or are they set at the start of the game and that's it?

20-02-2004, 21:41:08
well I did a print screen to get the size. 126x126 worked for me.

Only at the start, i.e if you want to use more than one logo for different games, I think you will have to manually change them each time.

20-02-2004, 23:29:29

Edit: I found an images folder and replaced the logo I chose with this one, only the lettering and background are reversed.

It didn't come out like I'd hoped.

21-02-2004, 01:05:48
I think the game treats black as the transparent colour. So go with black background and white text instead.

Played for the first time in a few days. Purchased my Cattle ranch. Yeee-hah. Saving up now for the 1mill required for a Cahoona Bakery. That should hopefully see my profits on Crystals increase a lot

21-02-2004, 16:27:47
Been stuck in brennans triumph for a ages, anyway now back on the road and had my first run in with the khaak. They blew up a freighter, I picked up a couple of wasp missiles for free and legged it. If I was in my TS I could have picked up 900 free energy crystals too.

22-02-2004, 19:25:23
I flew everywhere trying to unload 250 space fly eggs.

In the end I got scanned and had to dump them - they immediately hatched and flew away. :)

Got a wheat farm in the Wall that stays full buying cheap energy and selling wheat at full price. I left the mammoth parked nearby, supposedly it will defend the local area.

Beef will be next, then cahoonas, a silicon mine, crystal fab, and a solar plant.

...and I want a destroyer or corvette to defend them. Patrol routes would be a nice add-on for this game, I think.

If you park a fighter in a factory and make it its"home" will it auto launch when attacked or do you need to park it outside with orders to defend the factory?

I ask questions here b/c the X2 website is horribly slow.

Replacing the logo in the pictures folder didn't change the game I'd already started, but it did need reversed to look right.

23-02-2004, 09:53:04
Fighters parked in their home base will automatically launch to defend it.

I think there is a patrol script available to download somewhere.

To sell space flys in argon space you need to try one of the pirate bases (if they will let you dock). Failing that heading south/west into the pirate sectors should find you a buyer and they dont seem that dangerous (only got attacked once by a single mandalay) and you dont have to worry about being scanned.

Hadn't thought about a wheat farm in the wall - thats a good idea with all that cheap energy. Have you set up a freighter to supply its energy or do the SPP sell to it?

I've just setup my second installation, a silicon mine in herrons nebula. Its not the greatest site as its only a yield 26 roid but becuase its right next to my SPP I dont have to worry about its energy supply. In fact it would run pretty well without any freighters as long as once every couple of hours I send both the SPPs freighters to it to unload 2-3000 energy there and head over there to pick up the silicon to sell myself. Its been running about 1 hour and has produced about 30K of silicon.

I was thinking about a wheat farm but they cost a lot compared to a SPP which makes a lot of money (although you need a fair bit of cash to supply the SPP with crystals before you make any profit)

23-02-2004, 16:40:12
Definately worth getting a SSP as early on as possible. That way you can guarantee cheap energy nearby (and still make a profit off the excess).

23-02-2004, 20:01:23
I can easily sell at max price from my wheat farm in the wall, and have a freighter buy energy cheap. The beef factory I put next to it sold nothing at all, so I put a cahoona factory in next to it and its now doing very well, plus the beef is now moving out of my factory to make Cahoonas.

Silicon mine, crystal fab, and SSP are next on my list, probably in a nearby sector.

23-02-2004, 20:04:54
I had space fly eggs, not space flies. Do I have to release the eggs, then kill and collect the flies to sell them?

Was particularly pissed to learn that my TP can't mount the mining laser I bought. I may get a TL and do some mobile mining just for fun.

I can'tbelieve I didn't buy a jumpdrive sooner!!!

23-02-2004, 22:43:33
you bought a jumpdrive? :)

24-02-2004, 09:39:50
I think the teladi TP can mount the mining laser.

You might regret paying for a jump drive if you do a bit more of the story.

Now have an SPP in Red Light to add to the silicon mine and SPP in herons nebula. I have high hopes for red light as the entire economy in the sector seems stalled through a lack of energy. I think I'm turning over about 400K per hour from the SPPs and an occasional 100-150K lump sum from the mine (thats with a fair bit of SETA use while flying around mapping sectors). Next buy, another Si mine in Red light if I can find a suitable asteroid or another SPP in another system (although that will require at least one more manta to run it).

Khaak are being a pain, Herons Nebula is currently shut down as its got a couple of M3 khaak flying around the place and I dont want to risk my transports until the navy turn up and clean up.

25-02-2004, 06:06:39
I needed a replacement by the time I got the mission to install the free one. I would have been ticked if I still had it. They're worth paying for.

Spend some time hunting pirates in Split territory until they let you dock, then buy their 25 MW shields. I have a Barracuda with a pair of those, an ion disruptor, and a Gamma HEPT that I can use against one or two Khaak M3s, despite the irritating frame stutter and horrible mouse control.

The only way I can see to make money with pirates is to sell about 4/5 of your captured ships and use the money to refit the rest and repair your fighter. I don't have the time to capture more than a ship or two. Ore belt and Priest's Pity are good hunting grounds. Just don't accidentally hit the pirate base like I did. :bash:

I need free time to build more factories. I'm not making much money letting SETA run while I'm eating, and I can't run it and work on my writing at the same time. Maybe next week. :(

25-02-2004, 06:26:10
The ion disruptor kills bugs dead. :lol:

It was an accident!

Still can't get over how well I can hear their song in the vacuum of space.

25-02-2004, 09:51:00
bleah. Herons nebula still swarming. Bloody collusus is getting lazy moping up the last few M5s.

Still got another Si mine up and running in ringo moons. Am having a slight crystal shortage but probably only a short term problem. Hopefully will have SPP number 3 up and running this evening, should be making enough then to save up for a nice M4 for me!

25-02-2004, 13:14:53
I have that occasionally as well. despite having my own crystal fab. Shamefully I don't think I've played since friday.

25-02-2004, 14:32:18
I think the problem is at the crystal fab stage - it either runs out of food or silicon and then stops working for ages, especially if the food shortage is caused by something way down the line running out of energy.

I think the solution is to let the transports roam a bit further - my SPPs are locked to the sector they are in to stop the transports roaming to far. I might try setting them to 1 jump incase the neighbouring systems trading post has crystals. I now spend most in game time monitoring my factorys from my manta which I use to cash in the silicon and while I'm at the fab I pick up that a load of crystals to distribute round the SPPs that are stuck. Maybe I should spend some time hauling argnu beef to the bakeries to make sure theres always food for the fabs...

I would just buy some cattle ranches but they seem to be rather expensive when compared to SPPs for less potential profit.

Having done some reading kingdoms end is apprently a good place to put a SPP so thats the next target, I might just take herons nebs freighters over there until the khaak bugger off.

25-02-2004, 19:19:44
I definitely wish I'd spend my early money on expanding factories instead of buying and fitting an M3. Blowing up pirates is good stress relief. I just have a hard time finding the money to get the M3 repaired when its damaged.

I've got my own cattle ranch and cahoona factories to supply my crystal Fab, but there's such a surplus of beef in some sectors you could easily skip the cattle ranch, its not profitable. I'm always shortest on cahoonas, even with my own factory.

How many factories are you guys working from at the moment?

25-02-2004, 21:16:58
Well there's no surplus of meatsteak cahoonas (i guess that is what you meant) in my game. I have to buy it at average cost from trading stations. So once I can afford (and once I play again) a cahoona factory, I'll get that and start shipping everything to my crystal fab. Then hopefully sell crystals for the full markup.

25-02-2004, 21:30:55
No, I meant there's a shortage of meatsteak cahoonas, there's a surplus of the beef to make them. As a result, my ranch is just a waste of space and money. I can get cheap beef to make meatsteak cahoonas all over the Argon sectors.

Still selling my wheat at full markup(46?), with cheap energy (<13) in the Wall. A good steady source of income, and it was my first factory.

I'm selling my surplus crystals at 1800 with no problems, and no shortage at my nearby SPP. The crystals disappear faster than my excess energy production, so I would guess I sell the crystals higher without problems. I wasn't sure how much of a priority the AI assigns to buying crystals, since they don't actually need them to produce their energy (its a secondary resource for the AI SPPs), but mine are selling well. I could always set up a ship to sell them myself, I suppose, but its easier if they come to you.

25-02-2004, 22:32:37
its the trading stations that are buying up the crystals - they will buy at any price so just whack it up to max.

25-02-2004, 22:33:57
Forgot to add - dont move your crystals directly from your fab to your SPP if you can avoid it. Let the trading stations buy them at max price then buy them back at 1684 (the price the trading stations sell them at). That way you actually make an extra profit out of the deal.

It works I've tried it.

25-02-2004, 22:45:43
I just read that on the forums today, I'll try it.

Also found a "best SPP location list", most of them are pretty easy to figure out without a list, but someone put one together.

1. Kingdom End / Rolkís Drift (One of the Best Locations there is)
2. Red Light
3. Lucky Planets
4. Heronís Nebula
5. Reservoir of Tranquillity / Barren Shores
6. Interworlds
7. Emperorís Mines
8. Patriarchís Keep / Choís Defeat
9. Omicron Lyrae
10. Ocean of Fantasy
11. Seizewell
12. Pontifex's Realm
13. PTNI Headquarters
14. Company Pride
15. Akeela's Beacon (Best sunlight in the game)

26-02-2004, 11:34:02
Excellent I have SPP in 3 of the top 4.

Have left the game on SETA over the day so hopefully I should have at least 10 million in the bank. Should be enough to setup a complete energy loop in Ringo Moon. I want to setup a loop that feeds a second "half loop" outputting crystals for zero cost.

Should be a big profit margin in that as once the loop is self sustaining it outputs enough energy for about 5 factories without requiring resources. If you feed that energy to a cattle ranch, a silicon mine, a cahoona bakery and a crystal fab the fab can output crystals without any cost. Thats 2000 credits profit per unit :)

Anyone got any better ideas of what to do with a few million? I might just about be able to afford a corvette I guess.

26-02-2004, 13:29:34
mmmm Corvette. I badly want that one from the beginning of the story. :D

26-02-2004, 14:05:31
Yours for a mere 6,216,268. And thats without weapons...

26-02-2004, 14:13:24
might actually help to play the game! sod it I'll just cheat. ;)

26-02-2004, 15:00:50
well I'm running on SETA while at work so I cant complain.

BTW check out http://www.xscripting.com/ for loads of stuff including patrol scripts and trading scripts.

And cheat scripts for Nav

26-02-2004, 18:14:09
Wandered into my first Xenon sector, right in front of a capital ship. I didn't survive long enough to see what class it was.

I can't kill Xenon by any method other than reducing their shields with the ion disruptor and then ramming them. They're too maneuverable to dogfight. Not easy to ram, either.

Khaak fighters are actually easier, they seem to like charging straight at me.

Greg W
29-02-2004, 01:42:01
Out of curiosity - I notice that you can buy rudder control improvements for your ship (excuse me if I get the actual term wrong, I don't have the game open atm). Does that improve the flight model enough to make it vaguelly "normal"? Or does it just take (lots of?) practice to avoid oversteering when dogfighting?

29-02-2004, 13:13:24
rudder improvements increase the speed of ship rotation, so I'm not sure that might help if you have oversteer. (I gather you are using a joystick right?)

Greg W
29-02-2004, 19:12:17
Yeah, joystick. I find that if I push the joystick out to max, it takes a long time to stop turning in that direction after I straighten up. And thus I overshoot the target a lot. I played around for a while and got a little used to it, but I still overshot vaguelly regularly. Which is why I gave up after about two hours or so.

29-02-2004, 21:05:21
I'd add the max rudder improvements to a ship you're going to fight with (not that expensive). I gather you're not attempting to do this in a freighter class ship?

I've had no problems, however I've hardly ever had to push the joystick 'out to max'. Only with evasive maneuvers.

Greg W
01-03-2004, 09:23:10
This was in the tutorial ship, mostly.

I think I'm just too used to other space flight sims, where if you center your joystick, your ship will go dead straight ahead immediately. This game seems to have implemented some physics whereby it keeps turning for a while. Or something.

01-03-2004, 10:09:22
Never noticed that but then I'm not much of a fighter at the moment.

Just completed a free energy loop in herons nebula. Bloody expensive to setup and its still filling up with resources but once running I can couple it to my silicon mine and produce silicon at zero cost (and still have some spare output of energy cells)

Think I'm up to about 8 factories now, 5 in the loop in herons ne a SPP in kingdoms end and a silicon mine in ringos moon.

Anyone tried putting a SPP in Queens space AND kingdoms end? It looks like theres enough demand but I dont know if I could keep it supplied with crystals...

01-03-2004, 16:42:43
One in Kingdom's End and Rolk's... Drift? The one in Rolk's Drift is always running out of crystals.

I have the same oversteer problems Greg has, but I'm using mouse control, and I think I remember that being on the known issues list.

After Greg mentioned that my computer should barely run with 256mb memory I started to notice the minute-long lags when I open and close programs. Thanks Greg, it wasn't bothering me at all until you pointed it out :)

01-03-2004, 17:05:22
hmm thought that might be the case. I wonder if a crystal fab in one of the kingdoms end-> queens space sectors would work or whether there would be too much competition for food...

Seems the major boron sectors are rather over loaded with food production factories. Atreus' clouds seems to have about 10 BoGas factories and a larg number of BoFu plants but never enough energy to actually run anything.

I might have to see if theres enough silicon anywhere nearby to setup a crystal fab or two.

Hell maybe I should just buy myself a nice heavily armed M4 and gop pirate bashing for a bit. Have about 400K in the bank at the moment so could afford a pretty good mako and still have some money left over for another silicon mine (that I can run for free off my loop)

01-03-2004, 18:27:42
After a lot of SETA, I just bought a Paranid corvette :) - the gamma shockwave thingy is much good fun. Just don't use it with friendlies around.

I sat outside the launch bay of the pirate base and shelled pirates as they tried to leave - they try to evade while still in the tube and they blow up. Its like stomping on an anthill.

01-03-2004, 21:54:21
LOL will look forward to that.

Just got my M4 with ion cannon on it.

Am off to see what pirates look like without any sheilds :)

02-03-2004, 09:51:41

2 captured orinocos and a baymon all with >80% hull and a few random upgrades/freight. (+ a split TS I "aquired")

Almost 1,000,000 credits worth of ship in just over an hour.

Am going to sell the orinocos (far too slow) but I might refit the bayomon. The TS is definately getting traded in.

Anyone had problems with SPPs in Red light - mine has seemed to suddenly stop making money...

02-03-2004, 13:52:01
No. Try putting an extra freighter to selling the energy if you're not already doing that, or just lower the price a point or two. Sometimes it gets hard to sell, I think the in-sector factories get saturated and you can't sell at your target price without going to adjacent sectors, which is slower, so your stock builds up...

When "knocking" on the pirate base, its become customary to giggle like a little girl and say "knock, knock!" in your best "little girl from Poltergeist" voice.

02-03-2004, 15:08:53
Thats probably it. Maybe I should divert some of it to one of my silicon mines rather than try and pump it into a saturated sector.

Dont really want to increase the jumps as they will end up in presidents end or ore belt.

Just realised I get 500 credits per khaak kill in argon space with my police license. Maybe I should tool up with some PSGs and head off to presidents end and whack a few clusters.

02-03-2004, 17:20:58
I think you get 5000 for an M3 - I've only ever killed one by ramming it, though.

02-03-2004, 17:26:52
cool, Might have to save up for a tooled up corvette and go and smash up some clusters...

05-03-2004, 11:28:17
Anyone noticed teladi pirates bail very easily.

Just had two in a row bail at >80% hull

05-03-2004, 15:30:26
I've heard that some races bail easily, but I never kept a count.

Haven't played much lately, except for some brief bouts of pirate thrashing to relieve stress.

I stopped the SETA stuff, your combat rating goes south in a hurry when you do that. I'd rather keep enough rank to qualify for the bounty hunter missions now I have a corvette.

If I had a joystick, I wouldn't need the corvette, though.

One thing I don't like about the Paranid corvette is the slow roll, even with maxed rudder.

05-03-2004, 15:58:20
I need a corvette - My SPP in greater profit keeps getting its transports shot to pieces everytime they head into the next sector south. Wouldnt mind parking a corvette in there and smashing up the three clusters still wandering round in there. I have three transports stuck docked in stations down while the khaak wander around outside.

05-03-2004, 17:23:29
Good idea. It'll probably save money in the long run. I don't bother protecting my shipping, except by limiting the number of jumps to keep them out of pirate sectors. Costs me tons in replacements, too.

Really annoyed me when the Khaak moved into one of my shipping lanes and I didn't have the firepower to get rid of them myself. The sector defense in some areas is really weak. A corvette solves that. I can just ump in and go on a ramming spree, the AI likes to ram into my shields, anyhow.

06-03-2004, 19:53:34
actually I found the corvette is not needed - my orinoco with AHEPTs and I-Ds can take down a cluster without too much trouble so now I just jump to whereever the trouble is and sort it out.

Its the 2x25mW sheilds - I can take a khaak M3 headon either blowing it up or ramming it to finish it off and take no hull damage.

Still want a corvette though but every time I get to about 4million creds I end up buying another set of factories.

Now have 2 free energy loops but I have found that splitting them so the crystal fab sells to the trading stations and then the SPP buys them back makes even more money. The fab seems to make 100K or so everytime I check back and the SPP still makes a small profit. Only downside is you cant run another 4 factories off the SPP as it needs to sell the excess energy to pay for the crystals or it runs out of creds.

Have got the hang of capturing now. When I'm not putting out the khaak outbreaks I'm checking my navsat net for pirate convoys and taking out the Ts and orinoco. At around 75K for the TS and 200K+ for the orinoco its very profitable. Even if I kill them I have most of the police licences so get a bounty on them...

07-03-2004, 21:46:02
Saved credits for a Boron TL, crashed it into the shipyard. 16M damage. Here it is just before the accident.

Never give docking orders to a TL just after it leaves the dock.:bash:

I plan on using it as a minicarrier for captured pirate ships (as soon as I get it repaired, that is). They should stand a much better chance of surviving a short trip to the TL, compared to crossing a sector or two to get to the shipyard.

07-03-2004, 21:52:30
Oh, and my corvette got destroyed patrolling Argon Prime. Should have been the safest place for it. I should have reloaded, but the empire building is 90% of the fun.

08-03-2004, 09:41:06
How the hell did it get killed in argon prime? Theres an M1, an M2 and a couple of corvettes in there already?

Actually I bet a stray shot from it hit either the M1 or M2 and it got pissed.

I have mine parked in ringo moon protecting my crystal fab.

Would like a TL but dont have the money. I seem to have over saturated the crystal market and am now sitting on a couple of hundred that noone wants :(

I may have to rearrange my loop and use it to power some more factories for free rather than outputting the crystals...

Either that or build more SPPs.

08-03-2004, 21:41:53
Originally posted by Beta1
Actually I bet a stray shot from it hit either the M1 or M2 and it got pissed.

or it got rammed by one. I should check my messages again to be sure, but I don't remember any cause of death being listed - my freighters are usually listed as Your Boron Dolphin was killed in Herron's Nebula "by Unknown Enemy Ship" or in Ore Belt "by Asteroid".

09-03-2004, 09:49:17
Death by asteroid - I like it.

I dont understand why they list khaak as "unknown enemy"? What else is it going to be?

The classic cause of unlisted death is the hull eating nebula - theres one in atreus clouds that got one of my freighters so its advisable not to park M1/2/6 in there. Also M6s have habit of going after pirate bases and getting themselves killed so I now set mine so pirates are friends. After all its that khaak that go after my freighters not the pirates 99% of the time.

When asteroid mining yesterday - pretty good fun and profitable although I think a TL is really needed to make it an effective option as it would take TS class ships forever to move from one asteroid field to the next without jump drives.

Am now reaching the point where I have money coming in as fast as I can deploy factories. Now up to 2 loops, one powering my silicon mines and wheat farms in the sectors north of argon prime and the other outputting crystals, 5 solo SPPs (kingdoms end/paranid prime/rolks drift/greater profit/lucky planets) and a setup in seizewell with 2 silicon mines and a SPP (also where my mining ships are)

Everything seems to run nicely now except the SPP in greater profit which I have temporarily shut down as it was losing too many freighter in bluw profit. Once I have another centaur I'll take both and my M3 into blue profit and blow the crap out of the pirate base in there then leave one on duty in there to keep it khaak free and verything should be fine.

Whats your most profitable setup then? I'm looking for ideas for the next factory.

My SPP in kingdoms end is a real money earner but the star is the rolks drift one. Always got crystals always producing, never fills up. Money keeps on rolling in. The Si mine in three worlds is also vert profitable. Lucky planets looks like a good earner but is still in its setting up phase and occasionally lacks crystals.

09-03-2004, 18:03:47
Haven't put one in lucky planets. My Rolk's drift and Kingdom's end SPP's seem to be competing for crystals. One or another is always out. I just put a crystal fab, bogas, and bofu factory in Kindgdom's end, and a silicon mine in Three worlds to try and solve that problem.

I've got about seven SPPs in all, and a handful of crystal fabs. Somtimes the crystal fabs pull in as much profit as the SPPs. I haven't really compared SPPs to see which are doing best, but I will.

I have a snail and majaglit factory in Red light that I'm hoping will do well selling to satellite factories and the trading stations in Red light and one of the nearby north sectors. The plankton and stott factories I have there took off immediately, the stott sells at max price easily (I think there are 3 in-sector bakeries that buy). Profits aren't as good on those kinds of factories, but they're easy to maintain. I have wheatfarms in Argon prime and The Wall that I've barely had to touch since I set them up, and they sell at 42 and 46 cr.

Went back through my logs yesterday - my corvette was killed in Argon prime by an unknown enemy ship. So much for that.

I'm thinking about setting up another sector trader. I had one in a ship with maxed shields in the sector next to Akeela's beacon, with the corvette patrolling for protection, and it got killed almost immediately by Khaak-ka anyway. I never could figure out how I would be able to keep accurate track of the profits a sector trader makes, so its kind of a shot in the dark.

The Shaker
09-03-2004, 18:10:09
what's a sector trader?

(i'm way behind you guys in this one...3spps is it)

09-03-2004, 19:06:05
The trade software mkIII (I think its available at terracorp headquarters, and a few places I can't recall) can be installed on a ship and it will llet you command it to automatically trade between in-sector factories. As it trades, its supposed to get smarter. You lose a small percentage of the profits with an autotrader, but should still come out ahead.

The problem is the software is half a million credits - so your trader has to survive quite a long time just to pay for itself and the cost of the ship you put it in. Fast ships with high cargo and 25mw shields are best (no weapons, you want it to run away). The Boron TP was the first one I tried to use, and I turned it loose in a sector I had left my corvette (Aladna Hill?) in to guard a couple of factories, thinking it would be safe.

I may try putting a dedicated "protect ship" command on a heavy fighter this time instead of a general sector defense corvette. That's an extra million credits the trader needs to earn to pay for itself, though. Maybe a captured Orinoco...

My Orca TL (that ship is cursed, matey) had a large cluster spawn right on top of it while I was 60 km away in an M3. It had the shields down in the 70% range before I could get back. It defends itself like a beached whale. A handful of the little M5s had found their way into its rear blind spot and were coasting along firing continuously into its shields. It had about 50 drones in its holds, I thought it would have launched at least a handful of them. Maybe I should load it up with wasp missiles in case this happens again.

09-03-2004, 19:47:27
you can always make it launch them manually. Anyway M5s eat fighter drones. I'm suprised even a large cluster would do that much to the shields - the medium ones only managed to strip half the ones off my centaur before it wiped them out. And thats before I stuck on the second 125MW unit.

Turns out my star SPP inst rolks drift - its rolks FATE!

Just N of atreus' clouds

10-03-2004, 20:27:00
US 1.3 patch now available. I don't know if the UK version is different.

10-03-2004, 20:31:20

Patch 1.3 Feature list:


* There are several versions of this patch for different language and country versions. To download it from our website you have to register using the online registration key of your product. This will make sure you always get the right version of the patch. Registration will also give you access to additional download content.

* This patch requires version 1.2 to be already installed. Only older Australian and North American (US and Canada) versions can contain versions below 1.2. All European versions are 1.2 from the start.

* Many of the new features of version 1.3 affect the ability to MOD the game (make custom modifications of X2 and edit the universe). There is a separate "modder kit" available for download from our website for everybody interested in modding X2. It includes tools to generate mods as well as 3D exporter and documentation on writing scripts or using the galaxy editor.

* Modified universe versus "original" universe: Since the introduction of the new modding support, the game can now run in two different modes. "Modified" and the original X2 unmodified mode. If players want to run self modified scripts or want to include any game content that could be used for cheating, the game will switch to the "modified" mode. Scripts which egosoft finds acceptable for inclusion into the "official" game (i.e they can not be used for cheating) will be signed by egosoft. Only signed scripts will be accepted in "unmodified" mode.

* The first time you load an old 1.0, 1.1 or 1.2 savegame, it will have to be converted. This can take a much longer time than normal loading. This is only a one time effect. Save again and the loading time will be normal again.


* Savegame handling: To make saving games more secure, savegames are written in a temporary file. The actual savegame file is only replaced after a successful saving.
* Autosaves are now rolling over a set of three files by default. So you will have the last three autosaves available instead of only one.
* Steering inertia changed - steering is more exact for fast ships.
* Trade extension MK3 is now integrated in X2, available at the TerraCorp Headquarters and some Teladi Trading Stations.
* Jumpdrive Command available in the Command Console allowing you to command ships to use their jumpdrive. All escort ships will use the jumpdrive too. Recursive through the chain of wings/escorts. The recursion stops if a wing/escort leader can not jump. A jumpdrive and enough energy cells must be present in the ship. Manual jumps (Shift-J) do not trigger escort ship jumps, use the autopilot jump feature to do so!
* The turret command "missile defense" works now like "protect me" instead of "attack all enemies". But if the ship executes "attack all enemies", the "missile defense" command will search for enemies too.
* NPC capital ships now use the "missile defense" command instead of "attack all enemies" in some turrets.

*NEW* game "modding" support:

* Ability to play a modified game (custom map, custom scripts, custom shiptypes etc.). In this mode the story plot of X2 is deactivated and the game shows a small "modified" overlay logo on the screen.
* Possibility to include a mod package (.cat, .dat) in the start window.
* Galaxy Editor available.

More info about these modding features are available as part of the "X2 modder package" from www.egosoft.com. This package also contains valuable tools for creating your own mods.


* FIXED: Video recording mode now supports particles and trails
* FIXED: Menu doubled when ejecting in a station
* FIXED: Corrupt savegames when using long player ship name
* FIXED: Crash in space if objects are very far away
* FIXED: Xenon J was invisible
* FIXED: Docking not possible at Paranid Drone Fab (fixed in some 1.2 versions too)
* FIXED: Copy protection problem if game started with default savegame (German version only: If your savegame is affected please use the separate savegame patch!)
* FIXED: "Invert Tilt Control" setting not saved when no joystick available
* FIXED: Wingmen and turrets continued to attack captured ships
* FIXED: Turret lead indicator wrong if ship speed is above zero.
* FIXED: Ecliptic Projector was incorrectly displayed in turrets.

Note when using custom scripts:

Be careful if you use user-made scripts without the Script Editor. If you want to patch such a savegame you should activate the Script Editor in v1.2 before installing the patch: In v1.3 user-made scripts are only recognized in a "modified" game.

Also NOTE: some built in new ship commands like the Jump Drive and Trade Extension MK3 command use command slots in the range from 0 to 15. So it may be possible, that commands installed by user-made scripts are no longer available in the command console till they use other command slots (16-31).

Trade Command Software MK3

The Trade Command Software MK3 is a new upgrade available at the TerraCorp HQ and various Teladi Equipment Docks. This extension is compatible to TS, TP, M3 and M4 class ships as well as the Goner Ship. You might think a price of 501.338 Cr is a bit high but believe me it's justified when comparing the cost to the profit this extension can make.

Once this software kit is installed on a ship, that ship will feature a new command "Start sector trader" in the Trading Command Console. Give this order and the ship will start to trade autonomously in its current sector aiming for the best profit.

Every time a ship running this software has made a profit of 50.000 Cr (for you!) it will substract a small fee from your account, consider this the cost of maintenance and docking permission. At the same time the ship will enter the next "level". The higher the level is, the more intelligent this ship will behave when trading. For example from level 4 on it will check the product of the station the ship is landed at and see if it can be sold for a profit ensuring no unneccessary empty runs are made.

Note that these levels are bound to the "pilot" of the ship. They will remain even if the command is stopped, however if you enter the ship you "fire" the pilot and all levels are gone!

This is the "sector trader" version that is only capable of trading within one single sector - it will not pass jumpgates on its own. The next version will upgrade the MK3 to become a true "universe trader" which is capable of doing intersector trading and eventually will even use the jump drive. This upgrade will eventually be available for registered players in the Download section of www.egosoft.com!

10-03-2004, 23:04:25
I'm a bit concerned at this modified flag inactivating the story line.

i wont be upgrading until I have completed the story now.

11-03-2004, 17:36:23
Just completed the story. It ended kind of abruptly. Much less appealing than building a trade empire.

11-03-2004, 17:54:18
Thats what I heard. Just going to deploy some snail farms and a jewelry factory in three worlds (going to supply magjalit to first the advanced sat factory then my own sat factory once I find somewhere to buy one) then I'm off to nyanas whatsit to meet bret. Have to make the run through xenon space though...

Hoping I'll have enough for a TL when I get back :)

Love my corvette - three worlds was swarming when I got there and the centaur just waded in and wasted 3 M3s and about 20 M5s. Never looked like it was in any trouble.

However once I go to 1.3 I really want an osprey - slow as hell but those multiple lasers per turret look very dangerous...

11-03-2004, 21:26:33
The split one had multiple lasers and its nice and fast. Relatively weak shields, though. I had one for a few hours, then left it on patrol and it died. I can't seem to keep the corvettes alive unless I'm IN them.

I'm torn between buying another Paranid or Argon corvette, but its probably going to have to wait until next week.

11-03-2004, 23:41:32
The argon one I think.

Have just deployed 3 more SPPs - one to complete a loop in ringo moon (freeing up the red light one for general trading), one in three worlds as part of another planned loop and one in antigone memorial. Then found I couldnt aford enough freighters, the khaak promptly shut down the stations in thre worlds and the pirates (three bayomon) went after one of my ringo moon instalations causing all the freighters in that sector to leg it to their home bases and lose orders.

Took me about 20 min to send in the corvette and clear everything up, then reset orders followed by half an hours asteroid mining to pay for the new ships.

Now pretty much everything is running again, the new loop in ringo moon is starting to output crystals and energy and the new SPPs are starting to accumulate crystals.

Going to try and buy a paranid TL next I recon it will be very handy and should make a passable sector defense unit when not in use (its a but underarmed but when full shielded its practically impossible to kill so it should stall the attackers it cant kill untill a corvette can get there)

13-03-2004, 22:27:59
Ooh, the patch unlocked the osprey corvette.

14-03-2004, 16:31:05
still cant afford a TL :( But have bought another 3 SPPs and 2 soyfarms :)

Have scouted a lot more sectors. The area down around cardinals refuge looks nice. very safe as theirs lots of M1/M2 about, and I think the economy could be very easily fixed with very few builds. Basically the crystal fabs seem to be stalled due to a lack of food and as a result the energy prices are through the roof. But theres plenty of farms down there it just needs the middle factory in 2 sectors to open up the flow of energy again.

15-03-2004, 16:43:28
holy shit turns out in 1.3 you can capture xenon capital ships! Some guy on the egosoft forums capped one one and got 31mill for it!!!!

Apparently you have to have a high combat rank and then take one of those courier missions where xenon activity is suspected.

Aparrently he took the mission in his M5, flew to his corvette (osprey mounting multiple PSGs) smacked the crap out of the xenon and found one of the cap ships had surrendered to him.

Very very cool and might get me out of my mining ship to try and replicate it. (think I'm about 2 combat ranks off the needed level at the moment)

15-03-2004, 19:11:38
I saw that yesterday. Apparently he's the first one outside the devteam to report it.

What rank? I'm now Ace 3rd grade. I bought an Osprey and junked about 4 Xenon cap ships and a Xenon base to get there.

I discovered accidentally that Cap ships can be rammed once you have their shields down and you'll take little damage from it.
That's seems a little like crashing a bomber into a battleship, sinking it, and flying away. I guess if the bomber has shields... :)

Fixed Trinity sanctum up with a couple of soyfarms, a silicon mine, crystal fab, and power plant. They should take off shortly. There are FIVE soyerys in Trinity sanctum and only one soyfarm. Easy money, I hope.

I want a Paranid M2. Wants it, my precious.

16-03-2004, 10:54:52
yeah that whole area is screwed food wise.

I have a Soyfarm in emperors wisdom (next door). Also easy money although it is now part of a crystal fab loop as theres also bugger all crystals in that area.

I'm tempted to convert it into a pure energy loop and use it to fuel a load more farms in the surrounding sectors.

Think I will fic up the cardinals domain area first though as it has the same problem but is really really safe (at least one M6 in almost each sector).

problem in most of paranid space seems to be a lack of energy due to a lack of crystals due to a lack of food - I'm a little worried about building farms and finding I cant power them.

I think you need to be at least admiral or the lowest ace grade to get the missions where you can cap the M2s. I'm currently about 20% off that rank, but then I'm staying at 1.2 until I finish the story. I couldnt survive without my modded buyware command. it makes the accounting so much easier.

Greg W
17-03-2004, 06:02:29
Oh, for those wondering about my complaint about the steering - I have a very easy way to show you what I mean. I stumbled accross it because my joystick wasn't being detected for some reason.

Which sounds eerilty similar to one of my wife's complaints. :nervous:


Load up the simulator, combat training. Using the arrow keys on your Keyboard, turn your ship so there's an asteroid or planet right in front of you. Now turn 360 degrees and let go of the arrow key when your ship is exactly aligned on the planet (or as close as you can get).

Take note of just how much further your ship turns before coming to a complete stop. On my PC, the planet which fills approximately 1/4 of the screen width is almost off the edge of the screen. This is with the 1.3 patch, never tried it quite that way beforehand.

17-03-2004, 15:36:10
I have that problem even with the mouse - a hard right turn ends up being an uncontrolled spin.

Seems easiest to control with the arrows - just tap in the opposite direction and the turn stops. You don't need to worry about combat, though. Just get good shields and ram everything.

Greg W
18-03-2004, 08:40:14
Yeah, but I like being a mercenary, hunting down the pirates and blasting their arses to oblivion. :bash:

18-03-2004, 09:28:42
I havnt tried that simulation but I dont have too much problem dogfighting usually. Although that said I have pretty much given up capturing now and if I need to de-louse a system I just take my centaur in there and let the turrets blow the shit out of everything.

18-03-2004, 15:48:43
Originally posted by Greg W
Yeah, but I like being a mercenary, hunting down the pirates and blasting their arses to oblivion. :bash: It could be an issue with the drivers for your joystick, my saitek evo works fine, but occasionally it loses its centre and I need to recalibrate it.

Greg W
19-03-2004, 06:22:48
Um, how would that make it happen with my keyboard (when my joystick is currently not being recognised)?

Thanks for the thought tho.

19-03-2004, 09:32:07
yaaay finished the story line.

Now can get on with my plan to eradicate the split. Bastards I hate them with their stupid squeaky voices. I'm going to wipe the lot of them out.

Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm
27-04-2004, 20:10:19
So is anyone still playing this? It's only been a month since you stopped posting after all... :)

I bought this about 10 days ago, but due to recent illness have only been playing it in the evenings for about 6 of those days. So far I'm having fun, having recently purchased a factory, but I've been reading up online about economies and stuff, and I notice that there's supposed to be a script on xscripting.com that lets you instruct your freighters to only take supplies from your own stations. Yet it looks like something bad happened to xscripting: it was down for a long time, now there's just a forum there with a handful of scripts, and the one that was linked to from the-commander.com article is not among them.

FYI, the article is http://www.the-commander.com/x2tutorialadvfacs.htm, and the script mentioned within is referred to as "the excellent script written by Raskor414 that acts as a replacement for the "Trade->Buy Ware..." command" (http://www.xscripting.com/?name=Downloads?name=Downloads&d_op=viewdownloaddetails&lid=70&ttitle=BuyWare_replacement).

If anyone managed to DL this script during their travels and still has a copy, I'd be most grateful if you could email it to me. Ta!

28-04-2004, 15:26:37
I have it on my copy - I'll see if I can dig out the .zip

Have stopped X2 due to the outbreak of BF Vietnam.

Am considering restarting from scratch but not doing the story at all.

Anyone noticed that 1.4 will nerf the XL cargo in the manta? Thats going to fuck up my existing empire which only uses mantas specifically because they have XL capacity.

28-04-2004, 16:38:34
Just installed this on the good computer with the Radeon 9600 - looks much better than on the laptop. :D

Qaj the Fuzzy Love Worm
29-04-2004, 00:09:58
Who woulda thunk? :D So now you can play with the pro monitor bar and not have it slow down quite so much? My 9600 handles it pretty well, very nice indeed.

Any info on what 1.4 will fix? Hopefully they'll get rid of what seems to be the hideous mouse oversteering problem! I'd much prefer to use mouse than my Sidewinder joypad.

29-04-2004, 14:53:03
My old sidewinder joystick worked well - I eventually need to figure out how to map the strafe drive to it somehow.

01-05-2004, 17:21:30
Humm... I picked this up yesterday. Runs pretty well on my little Toshiba lap top... for about an hour. Then BSOD and total reboot. Very odd. It's the only thing that does that.

03-05-2004, 12:12:41
started a new game a few days ago - used the custom galaxy option then chose X2 universe, basically you start with the disco and 1000cr but - no story. No crappy cutscenes.

And as yet...

No irritating khaak!

Have made about 20K so far doing BBS taxi runs. Just need enough for an M4 then things start to get fun!

05-05-2004, 20:18:32
Well, Microsoft recommended a special NVidia driver update. I installed that, and no more crashes. Still, very strange that only X2 ever managed to crash my Toshiba.

So where is this Brennan's Triump sector? I thought I'd do a bit of the storyline while building up my credits. But I seem to keep missing the path to it. I don't suppose the "story" could be any more obvious, could it?

05-05-2004, 20:19:30
And why is it that most "space" simulations are nothing more then driving a car in 3D (in the air but still with ground friction)? I find that extremely annoying...

05-05-2004, 22:25:12
from memory brennans triump is roughly SW of argon prime.

its in the pirate sectors to the W of presidents end. As you may be aware, traveling through presidents end is not particularly advisable, you can bypass it by travelling through paranid territory (SE through cloubase SE to the first paranid sector) then e for 3-4 sectors then NW till you find the pirate sectors. Alternatively heading NW to atreus clouds then SW through the pirate sectors should get you there too.

Would recommend you stock up on some mosquito missiles before you do though, also if you have anything tougher than your disco (an M4 would be better) I would use it.

if you want a game with more physics to it Independance War2:Edge of chaos has some nice handling - no friction at all. You can fly at a couple of hundred kph in one direction, dissengage the retro systems, spin the ship 180 around its y axis and fire back the way you came while flying backwards at full speed. And it has a better story than either freelancer or X2 although I've never managed to finish it (its a hell of a lot longer and more mission driven than either of the other 2 games)

Actually I cant recommend IWar2 enough, I think I might go and reinstall it!

08-05-2004, 01:56:29
Thanks! I finally found it. The first time, I went in with a couple of drones and mosquitoes, and found out that wasn't enough. So I had to make a side trip to go pick up more. Sigh. And then all that for "Build up lots of factories and ships before going on". Bleah.


08-05-2004, 08:59:00

14-05-2004, 19:18:26
So why havent these games been reviewed for the front page?

14-05-2004, 19:26:46
Well, I've got my first SPP. And I'm ticked off. You'd think there would be some owners quarters or something on the darn thing. :)

Although I really am irritated that there is no way to tell my auto-trading ships to DON'T travell through the Khaak incursion event sector. Bleah.

I am also irritated with the number of bugs in this game. Nothing crash and burn, just odd things. Like your Passengers Transported # doesn't start to accumulate until you run the gambler (multi leg optional). Each of those legs count as 1 passenger. Now all my "I want to go see my SO over on SPP Alpha in Home of Light" now ++ that number. But prior to that, they didn't.

Lots of little things. Like your auto-trade ships are all-knowing. Er... if they are all-knowing, why is it I have to waste money on putting in a Nav satellite to get that data? Why can't I just have the SPP send it to me?

And why does the advanced nav satellite claim to have video feed capability, but you cannot set it or anything else in its sector on monitor?

Why can't I use my SPP as a warehouse?

Why can't I assign ships to protect it?

Why can't I give it 50 drones? Then it could launch it's drones.

Why do I have to be PRESENT in one of two ships that I wish to transfer cargo between?

Lots and lots of odd decisions in X2.

And isn't it strange to be told you are a great navigator when all you did is set the ship's autopilot to dock at a destination? My, what a great mouse clicker you are! Er... thanks. I think.

17-05-2004, 01:47:34
You can assign ships to protect it - set the SPP as your defending ship's home, then give it orders to defend/protect. If its docked it will auto launch when attacked. You can only protect one thing at a time - either one of the station freighters or the station itself.
I don't think it redocks when the coast is clear - another one of those funny little bugs. A lot of them seem more like careless mistakes than design decisions.

A TL makes a good warehouse, but its ridiculous to buy one for that reason alone. They're great mini-carriers for your ships.

I generally save up and get a corvette to guard an entire sector instead. You can cover multiple factories in a single sector that way. You'll still have freighter's picked off occasionally, but at least you don't have to clear the bad guys out yourself.

I have a habit of putting badly damaged captured pirate ships in a local shipyard so I can remote buy replacement freighters.

17-05-2004, 09:50:37
Originally posted by Darkstar
Well, I've got my first SPP. And I'm ticked off. You'd think there would be some owners quarters or something on the darn thing. :)

Although I really am irritated that there is no way to tell my auto-trading ships to DON'T travell through the Khaak incursion event sector. Bleah.

yeah a bit daft but the best way to avoid that is to either clear the sector out and leave a corvette on patrol there or to simply not build stations in the surrounding areas (esp as there are more profitable places)

I am also irritated with the number of bugs in this game. Nothing crash and burn, just odd things. Like your Passengers Transported # doesn't start to accumulate until you run the gambler (multi leg optional). Each of those legs count as 1 passenger. Now all my "I want to go see my SO over on SPP Alpha in Home of Light" now ++ that number. But prior to that, they didn't.

Lots of little things. Like your auto-trade ships are all-knowing. Er... if they are all-knowing, why is it I have to waste money on putting in a Nav satellite to get that data? Why can't I just have the SPP send it to me?

And why does the advanced nav satellite claim to have video feed capability, but you cannot set it or anything else in its sector on monitor?

never noticed the passenger one - guess I'm not a taxi driver

the advanced nav sats do have a video feed but it appears on the sector map as an overlay. If you have a advanced nav sat in the sector the map background goes all misty, if you start zooming in on an area rather than just the map symbols you can actually see the stations etc in a 3d top down view.

Why can't I use my SPP as a warehouse?

Why can't I assign ships to protect it?

Why can't I give it 50 drones? Then it could launch it's drones.


becuase its an SPP - like mda said if you want a warehouse buy a TL or use one of the HQ generating scripts

you can assign ships to protect it (but i wouldnt bother very little has the fire power to destroy a station and if its does you M3s are not going to stop it.

ditto drones - if it is a threat to a station drones aint going to bother it


Why do I have to be PRESENT in one of two ships that I wish to transfer cargo between?

acutally you dont just in the sector, if you attach one of the ships to a monitor then switch controls to that screen (like you would to fly one remotely) you are then effectivly flying that ship and can do remote transfers. I think you can always transfer cargo between a docked ship and a TL/carrier

Lots and lots of odd decisions in X2.

And isn't it strange to be told you are a great navigator when all you did is set the ship's autopilot to dock at a destination? My, what a great mouse clicker you are! Er... thanks. I think. [/B]

18-05-2004, 13:15:18
Originally posted by Beta1
acutally you dont just in the sector, if you attach one of the ships to a monitor then switch controls to that screen (like you would to fly one remotely) you are then effectivly flying that ship and can do remote transfers. I think you can always transfer cargo between a docked ship and a TL/carrier

I did not know that. Cool.

18-05-2004, 15:12:54
yeah its not a well documented feature but once you switch to that monitor (you can even make it expand about twice) you are basically in full control of the ship - you can fire its weapons etc and if you enter the menu system it acts as if you are in that ship.

Very usefull for mining, you can have 2 or three miners out smashing rocks, use their autopilots to fly to the rocks then switch to manual, blow the rock, then back to autopilot to collect the silicon. And while its doing that you can switch to the next one and get it mining all while sitting in the comfort of your TL!

18-05-2004, 22:43:27
Thanks for the advice.

I noticed something... I had been letting my my little M5s auto-trade when I wasn't running the high yield size S cargo with them. Over time, I built up a few freighters operating/auto-trading out of my SPP, but I was still letting the little guys go auto-trade (since they tended to not make a difference in the sell price being such small holds). Anyways, all my gun and micro-chip runs all came up ready at one time so all my M5s were busy running guns or chips... and suddenly, my SPP "exploded" in it's money making. I just don't see why... Other then, of course, the M5s were no longer hitting that odd 23 spot (and turning it into a 22) in front of the freigthers.

I do have a question... Where are the 25 Meg Watt shields sold at? I had wanted a new ship to play with, and didn't have enough at the time to buy the "L" version of an M3... so I went for a simple M4 type (since I knew where the 5M shields are). It seems a waste to buy an M3 and not get it outfitted with 25M shields... and if I don't buy them up front, I don't know where to get them. My exploring the universe in Discos or Octopi got chopped off at instant death sectors. (you are flying along, nothing showing on scanners, no enemies, then BOOM. Just dead.)

BTW, have you checked out maxed out an Octopus? Those things can turn in PLACE! Very funny.

And I find the "Equipment" docks funny... if they don't SELL that weapon/good, then they will buy an infinite supply of that item. You might have to sell off a thousand of the guns in sets of 208, but they never fill up. And they only buy or sell at a fixed price, so it doesn't matter on that end of the transaction.

I will try yet again to see if I can assign my M5s to protect the station. They wouldn't let me, for whatever odd reason. However, it seems that is what they are meant for. Other ships show "Inbound, Landed, Outbound" in their "owned" ship list. M5s show "Landed, Space" for their status in the "owned" ship list of a station.

And Red Light is a very profitable sector! But due to how pathing is done, anything in the Antigone's Memorial line that is the destination, the ships go R-R and end up in President's End. And lots of Khaaks there to chase and kill them. A total pain in the ass having to keep my eye on things like that. When all I need is a "do not include this sector on autopathing" function.

Lot of really oddball things.

And why can't I get a news feed in my station? I can understand no job offers, but in an Argon sector, I should still be able to read the Argon bulletins otherwise, right? Strange strange.

Oh... you just need a nav satellite in a sector to be able to remote trade with ship yards. No need to leave a damaged ship there to do it. I've only lost 2 nav sats in shipyard sectors.

Anyways... I really like trading games. But this game has so many oddball decisions in it, I wonder if the makers really played this game?

And what do you mean... Headquarters script? What is this Headquarters script you speak of?

19-05-2004, 09:52:08
There are player made scripts available that fix or workaround some of those oddball decisions - Egosoft has a scripting/modding forum, I'd start there.

"BOOM, just dead" events are probably hull-eating nebulae, they can take out an M5 pretty quickly - I think there's one in atreus' clouds - there are shield draining ones, too, but they're only a problem in combat.

25 mw shields are available in Split equipment docks. You may have to kill a few pirates in their sectors to get landing permission, IIRC.

19-05-2004, 16:44:49
I think your SPP finally hit full crystal stores

If you have a ship auto buying crystals for the spp then it will go out and buy until the spp is full - crystals are very expensive and the station hold several hundred. As a result you dont see much profit to start with as the station will spend the money its making on more resources. Once its full though it just has to top up the ones its using so you get loads of money.

As for red light. yes it is very profitable but its still very profitable if you only set the ships to 1 jump. Then they stay out of presidents end AND they wont steal resources from your stations in herons neb and three worlds which are very very nice systems if you set up right (SPP in herons neb can hardly fail to make money)

While your at it stick a SPP in kingdoms end or the sector east of there and in paranid prime. Those two are mega mega bucks - you can barely make enough Ecells to supply demand. If you put in a crystal fab you could probably run 2 SPPs in each of those sectors.

25mw shields are also found on captured pirate ships occasionally (I ended up buying my own fab)

As for auto defence M5s - really dont waste your time.

Any pirate ship or khaak cluster will kill a M5 in seconds and still wont be able to damage your station. You need at least M3s to be worth it and even then it is more economic to buy a jump drive equiped M6 and have it on standby to clear out sectors that have pirate/khaak problems.

When you get late in the game I found my job was mostly managing the sector defense M6s and using my TL to place new factories.

Just remembered another trick - if you want to store random shit at your SPP either buy or capture a freighter and dock it at the station. Then you can transfer the stuff you dont want to the freighters hold and leave the freighter docked at the station. Good use for captured pirate ships (especially knackered ones that wont fetch a decent price at the wreckers)

19-05-2004, 20:55:46
The "Boom, Just Dead" events are *not* ship hull eating nebula. Not unless there are invisible nebula that do 100% hull damage instantly. Current, I suspect that they are SQUASH mines that I was travelling too fast to have show up on radar/sensors.

I had to drop a Laser Tower in beside my SPP, very early on. Regular pirates would just otherwise show up with armadas and attack everything going near my station. Now, they'll decide to chase one of my inbound ships occassionally, and get blown apart by the Laser Tower. (Which you can set to protect your station, unlike regular ships.) But it would have been handy to have the docked M5s at least go out and distract the pirates from shooting up the laser tower, freighters, and the station. Especially since auto-pilot M5s never miss a "kill missile" shot (but rarely actually hit anything else).

I've yet to lose an M5 to any khaaks. I set them all to "Protect Me" and they survive me attacking moderate sized khaak clusters with ZERO damage, despite being what the Khaak are trying to laser and missile (ignoring me). So it seems to me that M5's do have some combat value. Especially when they are such good missile killers. (knock on wood)

So far, I've lost 1 M5... my first Octopus I bought just to see what they could do. That was during the first pirate attack on my SPP... They shot the octopus dead as it was going out on AutoSell (and I just got the notice about being attacked. Bleah). Since maxing an Octo is cheap, I didn't see a reason to go back to a prior save point and "rescue" it. Too easy to replace the next time I needed a really fast errand boy.

It had occurred to me that I could park my captured PS in the SPP and use it as a warehouse. But frankly, it's faster then my Mercurys... and the faster a ship travels, the faster you make money.

There is something VERY odd going on with the auto-trading. I had been crystal maxed for a long period of time (and I'm talking long enough to fly a buster between all the Argon and Boron and Teledi Equipment docks, selling off guns), but was barely accumulating with the M5's set to autosell. With one Max Speed (and only cargoed+ to give it 500 empty space after space EQ) Mercury bestbuying Crystals (set to Free Trade Station max buy rate), and 1 max speed/max cargo Mercury and 1 max speed/max cargo Pirate Ship trading, I went through the roof. Just putting in a couple of my Discos though, and their Credits per minute rate dropped and stayed that way, until I again removed the discos. It seems that something odd happens in the next destination logic so it starts to look at the maximum permitted reachable sectors, not the closest. Remove the M5s, and it swaps to looking for the closest max price, not the longest. Freaky.

I was worried that the 25 MW shields were only available via pirate kills, at purchase time, or via Split. Since I'd been starting out, that would definately had made it a worse decision to buy the cheapest Nova and outfit it with 5 MW shields. Those 25s are just too handy... like when the AI turns around and makes a strafing run straight into you and collides with you.

And I just got my first Nova last night. Sweet. :) It's "slow" speed wouldn't be a big deal, but I've got a ship remote trading in the Teledi sector that has everything so freaking close to each other... not enough time for the (j) to even click a three times before it needs me to (d) it and make some more money.

Yeah, I thought about Kingdom's End for my first SPP... but I like the lighting effect in Red Light, and I've never seen a Khaak incursion in it. Maybe that's just the RNG. Dont' know. But that's where I set up shop to begin with. And at jump 4, I've found that with my M5's out of the autosell loop, my autosell freighters never head towards the Wall or the Hole (and so don't travel through President's End). They only go through PE when they decide to go sell something in Elana's. And it still ticks me off that they know the precise prices there, when I don't have a satellite there! Gr!

I'm overdue to put in another station or 2, now that's I've gotten something I can clean out the moderate khaak collections with. I think I need some more fighting power before trying to clear out the huge cluster incursion points though. Too many of those M3 equivalent pryamids in those.

And how are you freight e(X)changing from afar (in sector)? You lose (no signal) docked ships on monitors if they are not the ship you are sitting in. Are you saying to activate their monitor before it flies into the the station's dock, and then its monitor won't go into no signal?

And why would you sell off captured ships? You got a full inventory already AutoSelling and AutoBuying at all your stations? Not interested in adding in another station?

How long do fighter drones last? I don't understand why they auto-destruct so quickly if I stop them to recover them (and the dock at... command doesn't seem to allow for telling them to get back in the hold automatically). Are fighter drones good for anything but missile decoys? Why do they have room for another gun, but don't carry another one (cargo 2, carried: 1 Gamma Impulse)? Do freighters that auto-deploy their drones auto-recover them once the danger is over? I haven't seen that happen, and it would just be too damn convinent for me to believe the programmers actually coded that.

Question: if you have an Argon Police License, can you still dock at the pirate stations? ;)

21-05-2004, 12:25:41
could be a squash mine - they dont show up on sensors till your pretty close...

Have they patched the game recently as its seems we are playing totally different things! I have found laser towers worse than useless - totally under shielded and turns far too slow to stop anything.

I think I might see whats happening though - your M5s are on "protect me" so your in sector with them. In sector combat is fully computed so things like manueverability are very important. Try the same trick when your not in sector and it works out combat results using a different model where firepower is far more important and manueverability pratically irrelevant. Khaak eat M4 and M5 class ships in OOS (out of sector combat).

As for the protecting station business I tracked down the answer - just set their homebase to the station you want and leave them docked - they will auto launch if the station is attacked.

Your using really daft ship combos for you SPP - thats why the profit is low. Even after they nerfed the mantas cargo it is the best energy seller out there. You want a decently fast ship buying crystals (cargo hold is not to important as they are small and few in number). You then want 1 ship selling - not more as they tend to go to the same place if you do. This ship wants a large cargo hold and needs to be fast. The manta is much faster than the merc or the pirate ship and though its max hold is lower it comes at maximum to start with so is cheaper. It can also outrun anything that can penetrate a 25MW shield so you shouldnt lose many to the khaak. Equip it with 25MW shields if you can but no weapons (you want it to run not fight) and it will shift the ECs as fast as you can make them - hence max profit. I suspect with TS/M5s selling the SPP has filled up and stopped producing.

forgot - all my ships that i use myself have teleport systems - hence the remote cargo swaps although you may still be able to do it at stations using the docked ships menu.

as for selling captured ships there 2 main reasons - You make a lot of money very fast (a good orinico will get you 300,000 for 5 minutes work and if I prod a pirate station and then fight the guys coming out I can easily capture 5-6 bayamon/mandaly+2-3 orinioco - thats around 1.5mill easily.

Also they are bugger all use unless your collecting fighters for some reason. For trading the manta beats everything by a long shot so I just sell the pirate ships and buy mantas!

when i stopped playing I had around 30 factories and probably over 100 freighters. Almost every one was a TP class probably 50% mantas, a load of express and a few of the teladi one.

If your really having pirate armada problems the best solution is an M6 class ship. Buy a Centaur (dont buy a hydra or the osprey for this - the hydra is under armed and the osprey too slow) load it up with max weapons/speed/sheilds and stick it in the problem sector set to attack all enemies.

It will kill pretty much every pirate or khaak that pass through the system and will engage them as soon as they appear. Meaning you only need one to defend the system. Costs around 10mill to do per sector - if you have a factory loop running thats around 6 factories and 10 ships. Much cheaper than a M3 per factory and much more effective.

21-05-2004, 22:32:36
I just discovered the Freight Beamer option. I hadn't worried about beaming between ships in space. Wasn't really useful before I had my Nova. Now, it's useful to have an M5 pull up so I can run over 4 or 5 sectors to handle something quickly in person (and outrun any new khaak incursions along the way) and then scramble back to my Nova to go clear out more Khaak. What a totally boring piece of shit design that is... I have real difficulty in thinking any serious *game playing developer* would think such a thing adds to the fun of a game. But there are just really stupid people out there and some are game designers...

And I was collecting M5s. Just to see the differences. I like to play with things. It's been very handy to be able to have an Octo head over 12 to 14 sectors to pick up something, while having a couple of Discos run high yield items. As I said, I just tend to park them "at home" when not in use. And that leads to me just telling them to go do some small time auto-trading. They really don't change the market price pre/post trading, except for that rare 23. But it does seem to change the routing of the freighter ships. And if Harrier trades 100 E-Cells 10 times in the time it takes a Merc to trade 1000 E-Cells, then you made the same profit. And that is OFTEN true, if they are travelling out of Sector... A lightly EQ'd Harrier has a significant maximum hold capacity, for starting out. (As I JUST got a Nova, I think I am in the "just getting juicy" part of the game... just getting ready to set up and defend production loops)

The SPP had grown organically in its collection. My first PS, I captured with the Buster... I was just passing by, got over-run by a fight, and it ended with the pirate surrendering to me to get out of its fight with the Nova that was gunning for it. Very Funny. And that ship proved useful.

I'm days away from having an M6. Right now, I'm just doing basic Khaak clean up. They keep super cluster spawning directly around my SPP's home sector (not in it, but adjacent to it). That's a serious pain in the rump at the moment. I could set my Nova to autokill the things (it will without being harmed from the experiments I've ran), but if I dont' want it being damaged doing so, I need to stick around in sector for it to do that. At that point, I might as well fly the thing, right?

Mantas? I don't recall having seen 1 manta yet. Are they Split or Paranid craft? They sound like they should be Boron, but I don't recall any being sold in any Boron Shipyard sector I know of. I'll have another look though. Maybe I missed it. Stranger things have happened.

I did have an awfully tense moment just before I had completed collecting the funds to get my Nova. I was in my Buster, running a large collection of M sized weapons toward CEO's EQ, and a Super Khaak cluster spawned in the sector just westward of CEO. I didn't have any trouble CROSSING over to CEO. But, coming back, the big Khaak pieces all decided to target me. When you only go 5 meters or so faster then them, it makes for a slow pursuit that you have to be careful not to change directions in much. Probably the most attention the game has demanded since I started it.

And somewhere along the lines, I've discovered a few more "funnies". At some point, my Octo, while on a "Follow me" orders, got stray shot at, and therefore shot back at, some passing Argon craft. This has made it an "enemy of Argon". But it is only an Enemy of Argon if I'm *in* the Octo. Otherwise, it can trade just fine with Argon people. What the heck? That's really a total piece of shit thinking! I really wonder what the developers where smoking when they coded up this game! If Argon have marked that ship for death, then they should blow it up regardless of if I am in it or not, yes?

Other fun things... I've only bought 1 Argon Law License. But it is only in force when I'm in certain ships. My Nova, and a couple of my M5s. It otherwise goes away. Sometimes, it prevents a station that sells Argon Licenses from offering it. Othertimes, it doesn't. Very weird. Some serious quirks in this game.

And why is it that the Teledi think I'm practically "The Second Teledi", but my Argon Trusted Friend status keeps rolling over from 99% to 0%? It's a very strange mechanism.

I'm looking forward to better trading games. There's plenty for me to mess with and try out in X2 still, but I don't think it's going to be a permanent fixture on my HD. Too many stupid things about it. If RRT3 hadn't been so disappointing, I doubt X2 would have survived THIS long on my game machine. It's definately in the 4 to 6 (out of 10) range as far as games go. I don't think I'd recommend this to most builders... it's not really oriented for that. It's really oriented to getting a small, steady income, and then just flying around blowing up Khaak (its a flying combat car versus flying combat car fighting game that disguises itself as a trading game with a minor mystery plot).

22-05-2004, 23:04:26

Version 1.4 - combo patch/update

Galaxy trader!

24-05-2004, 16:06:09
It seems the real secret to making money with SPPs is to keep you sectors ranged to 0 or 1. Then it makes many trips, quickly. They all won't be 22s... but they will be quick, letting the station rack up the funds. And as long as there is enough enough demand for e-cells in that range, you won't have any problems. And since you only need to make a little over 6 credits per e-cell to break even on the cost of crystals, that's serious cash in quick speed. Strange that the default sector outs permitted is 9.

I ended up picking up a Mako last night. Currently, there's a lot of Khaak strangler tiny things (their M5 equivalents) scattered throughout the local sectors. Not a big deal for freighters or decent fighters, but their missiles are good enough to kill a player M5 in one shot. And the Mako does ~250, so it's just a touch over half as fast as a Disco. Good for me to run about pretty quickly. I didn't have the funds for anything bigger then a Nova, and I wanted to go faster. ;)

Patch 1.4? Do you have to start over?

24-05-2004, 17:26:00
I guess we won't know until its finished.

24-05-2004, 19:10:38
The thread says that it is *currently* backwards compatible, but no promises as to final.

And an expansion? I'd be happy if they just put in the basic UI elements that should be there. If you are in Best Buy mode for a craft, why can't you just tell it to go there? You have to back up and then tell it 1-2-Location. Bleah. Very strange lack of UI touches.

24-05-2004, 21:04:24
thats cos the gui is basically the same as the original X. For the next game they really need to go and start from scratch and sort out the interface. Then life will be much easier.

The problem with having a nova for sector defense is that its too slow. It cant catch most khaak (maybe not even the M3s?)

As a result its fine for defending a station thats under attack but its useless for protecting ships moving through a sector (unless you want one nova escort per freighter. Having a single M6 in the sector means it will start pursuing a cluster the second it appears and it is easily fast enough to chase down the M3/M4s and will catch the M5s as soon as they attack anything.

They are not that expensive for what you get compared to a M3.

Mantas are boron. Kingdoms end sells them but I cant remember if you they are at the wharf or the shipyard. You dont see many flying around - infact you rarely see a AI TP although they are the most economic transport in the game

24-05-2004, 21:40:47
:gotit: Ah. Now I remember the Mantas. Yeah, I looked at buying a TP when I decided to buy my first freighter, just because they started off with 1000 hold (and are the same price as Merc). But the Merc's ultimate 1500 top swayed me to go with it. If I restarted, I'd probably decided different...

I actually didn't buy the Nova for sector defense (acting on it's own). I bought it to be able to (try to) go clean out some Khaak infestations and play with the pirates. It does well for that. I've learned that I cannot let the Nova auto-fight against _larger_ super clusters. And I've discovered why I never lost a "Protect Me" M5... it's got to do with how *I* fly. I never sit still relative to the enemy, until I line up their six hole. And as soon as you start blasting their hit zone, the AI starts deciding it's time to change course, and then you have to change course. Since the AI can only ram moving objects, but never hit them, and won't bother shooting its missiles at something that doesn't fly in a straight line for less then 3 seconds, no trouble on my part. Set the Nova on Auto-Fight in a big cluster, and it flys straight for too long, and gets simul-missiled and shot to death. For a couple of M5 slices, it does "perfect kills". For moderate clusters, they just don't have the firepower to kill a Nova.

I'm looking forward to getting more money so I'm up to what you are talking about. But I'm a still several real days away from having the funds to buy such things. It would be faster if I could leave my machine running in (J) mode, but I don't like leaving it plugged in unattended during the thunderstorm season. I've lost too many phone modems and a few cable modems to lighning already over the years. No need to risk a machine for nothing. I'll eventually get the funds...

28-05-2004, 04:18:56
This game is extremely irritating. Lots of just "Bang! You are dead!"

Bah. Either this game has a total piece of shit code for hits/collisions, or it has critical hits. After 20 minutes of fighting, I just had a solitary Khaak M5 shoot me once in a Maxed Nova (and shields and hull both at 100%), and destroy me. "Bam! You are dead." I've seen other Khaaks do the same damn thing with their missiles repeatily to me. Critical hits on the *player* never have a place in a Single Player game. Especially not that uses SAVE POINTS! Bastards.

So, is there a critical hit system? Or just really shitty code?

28-05-2004, 09:06:31
i have no idea - I've never had an instant death (apart from when I tried to take on a khaak M3 in the startout disco. Instant zappy purple death rays...

And the time I ran straight into a black asteroid! (well a normal one that was in shadow of a larger one that I totally failed to spot before my M5 (the really fast one I forget its name) added a new crater.

28-05-2004, 09:22:16
You mean the maxxed out Octopus? Yeah, those go crunch nicely. Right after I had maxed out my first Octo's engine and rudder, I smashed it 3 times leaving the station. First time, I hit esc, tab, and then turn it. Only, it turned so fast that I turned back into the Free Trading station. BOOM! I didn't know what happened, it went so fast. Reload, repeat, get a flash of the Free Trading station. "No way!" I say to myself (ok, it was to the computer, but the same effect). Reload, only juice the throttle to a little over half, turn to get off approach path... see Free Trading station spinning around me. Whoopsie! Pulled out at the spin in place facing the station's edge, boom!

Those Octos are easy to crash. But really, really fast. ;)

28-05-2004, 11:25:00
The Paranid Pegasus/M5 is fastest, IIRC, but they're all fast. Have they fixed the octopus cockpit problem. There was a problem with seeing where you were going, I thought. The pegasus is fun for those "get me to my next meeting" series missions that increase reward for each trip. If you SETA through a gate with it you'll likely miss or end up doing loops without actually entering the gate field.

AI collision avoidance is still awful. Its improved slightly with the patch, and they say they're continuing to work on it (for all that's worth).

29-05-2004, 23:50:33
Just found the Paranid Pegasus. Looks nice.

There is DEFINATELY a critical hit system. And at least a modified version is applied the regular AI. I just had a khaak M3 go from it's max of 204 to 53 in max speed in just one shot. It didn't even loose its SHIELD when that happened!

ANd I get very ticked at this complete piece of shit. Just wasted 90 minutes of my life cleaning out a sector from M3 khaaks only to have a super cluster of Khaak spawn on my location (10 meters AWAY!), break up, and have one of the damn little guys one shot kill me. No one else had even fired at me (I keep an couple of monitors open showing for and aft when I am in combat). I hate this sort of shit.

This game has lousy UI, lousy modelling, lousy AI, with the stupidest save point system in a PC game. If you love trading games, this is only a "get after I've wasted my money on well designed games". If you love space combat, this is a total failure. If you love empire building, this isn't the game for you either.

It's a piece of shit that would be okay if they'd put in some thought into their UI and implementation. A good game made bad by shitty designers. I give it a "Don't spend more then $10 on it, if you like trading games. Otherwise, it gets a total skip it."

30-05-2004, 08:12:45
LOL, another DS recomendation!

30-05-2004, 16:52:28
Gee, I fired it back up again this weekend and was having fun, too.

The space combat and UI are shit, it just isn't enough to turn me off the game... and the combat has gotten better with the patch.

They could have made it better if they spent a little less time on top-notch graphics and worked on those other things. They do seem to have a reputation for doing good work AFTER the release of a game. Still, I don't expect a brand new UI, or set of UI shorcuts anytime soon.

30-05-2004, 20:36:19
I'm with MDA - the faults dont really annoy me as they way I play the game I dont really encounter them as much as some people .I never really did any fighter combat - if you want to mess with me I'm in that M6 over there. If the khaak want to smash into my sheilds at max speed thats fine by me, I have more than enough to spare.

31-05-2004, 14:19:23
You can have critical hits to your ship systems, but I've never encountered an instakill critical.

01-06-2004, 05:17:40
Plenty. Lots and lots and lots of instant kills. I've scored lots of them on the enemy, and the enemy has no trouble scoring them on me. The whims of the RNG dieties. It wouldn't tick me off very much, if you could save anywhere. But, you have to hit the Goner's up for "Salvage" at 3K each if you want to save anywhere other then a docked in a Station. Very poor decision.

I did notice in the manual, after final reading it a bit, that it mentions there are critical hits. And I have to say, there's nothing like killing Argon One with a single stray shot from your Nova. Whee. Now, that's fun.

On the plus side, I've now captured a Xenon L thanks to instant kills. Full shields, full weapons, full missile load. Definate "Cockpit" hit is on that list.

I do a lot of basic clean up. 1 maxed Nova can take on most khaak clusters, so long as you never shoot at the M3 (and your rear turret never does) and they don't have missiles (they've shot most to all of them off already). Missiles still mess me up, as I haven't learned what the icon in the missile lock/warning translate to in real missiles yet. You can do the missile crawl (up-up-right-right for about as quick as you can press down and release, repeat until no more missiles are incoming) and destroy 99% of the missiles will be shot down by your turret. But it's still pretty cruddy design.

Eh. I've about got the funds for my first M6. That should allievate most of my Khaak clean up problem. I've got the scratch for the ship itself now, but I figure I need another mill or so to finish outfiting it fresh out of the shipyards.

Greg W
01-06-2004, 05:34:31
I give it a "Don't spend more then $10 on it, if you like trading games. Otherwise, it gets a total skip it."And yet he's still playing it. :D

01-06-2004, 09:45:12
another suggestion for killing missiles.

Use ion disrupters - they are area effect and will kill any missile within about a 45 degree cone from the front of your ship.

PSGs work too but theres more chance of friendly fire there.

01-06-2004, 09:46:21
Hey, I like trading games! :D

And I'm waiting on the new building and trading games due out. I'm looking forward to Cyberlore finishing "Playboy Mansion" so they can get back to Majesty 2. And Spells of Gold should be coming out in the near future. Settlers 5 might be ok. Chris Taylor's Transport Tycoon 2 isn't that far out. And Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 isn't that far out...

01-06-2004, 09:56:07
And Greg... after putting in that much time into the game, I want to see the damn M6 for myself.

I've tried Ion's. I thought they only stripped shields? I cannot imagine trying to swap over to Ions, cycle through the enemies until I find the missile, shoot it with Ions, then double press 1 and 2 to get back to ship damaging weapons. I've got a vid recording that is a 15 to 20 minute long duel where I was fighting a few M5 Khaak and one M3 and using Ions... trying to figure out why they lost their shields straight out, but they were otherwise unbothered by it. I'm not impressed with Ions... in a simple ship on ship, they seem good, but in a melee, it's just a pain to cycle them through to waste the shields and then cycle back to something that will damage/kill the ship. Keeping the Beta Hepts in place means a couple more passes, but no chance of confusion when you drop back into their 6 slot and start blasting and something "harmless" goes and tickle their tail pipe instead.

Ions do look neat, but they piss off everyone around. Not a good thing for general Khaak cluster clearing (1 out of 4 times, there's friendlies engaged with the cluster).

01-06-2004, 11:19:15
In a friendly-free zone, they're OK for khaak M3's - they're all shields and just a little hull. BetaHEPT works just fine on pirates and khaak M5s

Still not sure how you're getting the instakills. Doesn't sound like I'm missing much if it works both ways.

01-06-2004, 23:48:13
Just the whims of the RNG. And I get plenty of instant kills on me, so it goes both ways. It appears to me that there is a base 1% chance of instant kill with any hull potential damaging weapon (missiles, lasers, HEPTS, PACs... haven't tried anything else) regardless of shield or hull of target. I never instant killed with Ions, just stripped shields.

And my Beta HEPTS do great on the khaak M3s. I save those for last in cluster clean up with my Nova. Use basic car fighter tactics, and they just drop dead. You drive up their six slot, drop speed to match them or be slightly slower then them, and light them up. Khaak M3s are slow to average to react, letting you chew half their shields on the first volley while they do their small jinking. They turn one way, you cut the opposite way and drop back into the six slot, and start chewing. Their shields will generally have regenerated 25% value... and you'll chew it down to about 25% that time. Rinse and repeat. They are dead on the fourth pass.

These comps have no clue about real jinking. They like to rotate on their axis. Totally worthless. But I suppose that's just one reason that your character is supposed to be a "god" of fighter pilots in the game. Cause everyone else is just a total idiot AI. If it wasn't for instant kills, I'd never experience any sudden end from anything in the game. Well, not so long as I have a decent missile targeting extra turret. ;)

02-06-2004, 22:10:07
I load up one Ion and one HEPT = no shields and no hull in no time :)

And you dont need to target the missile - its normally bloody obvious which one it is on the radar. The one thats gaining on you very quickly. Then just spin the ship round and spray the Ion cannon in the general direction.

never been on the receiving end of a instant death so cant comment really.

Anyway went bacj to playing this today, second time round. made around 15K from BBS missions, am approaching the point where I could buy a second M5, cant decide what the best option is. Much harder playing without the story line and that 300K from stripping the TP in the second mission. That first 100K is hard work when you have bugger all hold space.

So any suggestions what to do with 50K? make another 6K and buy and octopus for the extra speed which should make the BBS missions easier, or keep plugging away till I can buy a manta and go trading or a Mako and go killing...

02-06-2004, 22:47:00
If I was looking for HULL capacity, I'd suggest getting a Harrier. That 100 hull can really crank the money with the right profits.

How much money can you get using a Mako to hunt what? Khaak M5s or Pirate Frieghters? And if you can get 100K, shouldn't you just go for another 100K and get your own station? Then go pirate hunting to get your own crystal runner?

02-06-2004, 22:48:36
And half the khaak fly faster then the missiles! So again, how to tell? I'm used to Khaak M5s running up on me. I'll try and pay more attention to the radar, and see if I can pick out the missiles though.

02-06-2004, 22:53:01
And maxing an Octo is going to cost you another 150K or so, isn't it? So it would be a while before you can run the fastest courrier missions in that...

For steady money, I'd think you'd want to go Station, and keep running the chips, computers, and courrier until you can afford a second ship. You could then buy an M4 to run crystals when you aren't out hunting whatever it is that you seem to think an M4 can hunt safely. (Is there enough weak pirate ships that an M4 can take?)

03-06-2004, 08:23:04
A mako can easily take a bayomon. Once you have a few of them you can refit one and capture a orinoco. Repeat until you have a fully refited ori (the shields are usually the expensive bit there). Then you can take on anything. A good captured ori gets you a couple of hundred thousand, even a bayomon gets around 80K. So it can be very profitable

03-06-2004, 11:44:31
I just captured enough pirate TS to pay for an SPP and refit one to buy crystals with my mako. I'll get a split or teladi M3 later, whichever is fastest.

This was my first Mako as well as my first M4. I like it.

03-06-2004, 22:15:18
I really wasn't impressed with the Argon M4, the Buster. But the Mako seems pretty nice. Haven't really taken it into a lot of combat to see what it can and cannot handle though.

I just got my M6 last night. It's only half maxed. Still need to get another 125 shield and 2 Gamma HEPTS for her (rotating the Betas on it's main forward to the turrets). That ship really shows the games cracks and inconsistancies.

And it lets me demonstrate that there are 3 seperate turning speeds, 2 of which are hard coded. Mouse (fine grain, hard coded rate), Joystick (fast, hard coded), and Arrow keys (True rate). The fun thing with the Centaur is that she turns as fast as a Moderate Disco with the joystick, but a comatose pig when you use the arrow keys. You can DOG FIGHT the ship using the joystick, but NOT the arrows.

I'd noticed the 3 different rates a while back, but until now, all the ships I really spent time using all arrow turned faster then the joystick. Not true now, which is why it stands out.

You know, what with the docking bay on the Argon M6 having been moved, but all the M5s still docking in the old position, which means they just sit right behind your big box under your rear tail, like some kind of little pilot fish hanging below a shark or a whale. I like that when you undock, the launch is straight down (showing the old style bay was oriented straight down), but I don't like that docking, you get no lights. I've gotten spoiled to that. And why can't you save? Just cause it would ruin their pain in your Ass "Save only while docked at Stations"... Of course, an M6 can only dock at Equipment Yards, Shipyards, and TerraCorp HQ, so that cuts down even further on such a thing.

When I was buying it's init EQ, I hit the Trade 1 and 2 software. Whoops. It cannot TRADE. So why even LIST it on the EQ list? Another piss poor UI oversight.

I also do not like how M5's auto-dock when told to follow. I understand WHY theyd do that... it's a "docking location", and you are at that "docking location", therefore it docks (like you were docked at a regular station). But it could be a hassle since I do a lot of sending out M5s to collect this is and that, and bring them to me to swap their "gopher" items to where I need them.

And since when are "fighters" only M5s? The game usually reserves that phrase for M4s and M3s, and calls M5s scouts.

This game could so have been a real modern gaming trade masterpiece with a little attention to detail on the UI and game consistancy. But, at $10, it's a good trading game... if you are into trading games ;)

Oh... last night, prior to being able to get to the ship yards, the game was really ticking me off. I had to clean out the same Khaak super cluster 6 TIMES using my maxed Nova. I got instant deathed the first time (hazard of the RNG for me) by the last M5. Twice, the last M3 of the fight (Another super cluster spawned on top of little ole me while engaged with the original super cluster) of the group turned and RAMMED me - DESTROYING all my missiles and both my forward facing Beta HEPTS (with miscellaneous damage to drive GoFast and TurnMore, cargo exts, and most to all trade aids)! I really want to see these cascading critical hits code section in a debugger. Something in that ramming resolution was deciding the one ramming was turned into multiple hits at times. Those were aggravating, but standard fare for me. The thing that REALLY pissed me off were my TSes interpretting the last order prior to my beginning to fight or the first orders to them after the fight ended as (C)-2-1 instead of (C)-1-2. That REALLY pissed me off. I hate losing freighters because they do "attack @" instead of "dock @"! I do sometimes miskey that when I'm going too fast. But half of my TSes flipped their keystroke sequence, and I was being careful after the first time. I don't know what it is precisely, but I've learned to let the game "settle down" after wasting large piles of Khaak. Maybe it's the game trying to generate new Khaak incurssions (since every time you waste the M3, there's a new incursion at the next spawning check)? I've noticed that when the game is busy, it sometimes skips all input from the keyboard entirely. Probably related.

Like I said... this game just hints at how great it COULD be, but isn't. Still it's more fun then being hit in the head with a hammer. ;)

Greg W
04-06-2004, 06:19:25
Originally posted by Greg W
And yet he's still playing it. :D :p

04-06-2004, 10:55:15
easy answer to the TS problem - dont give them fight software or weapons then you wont accidently tell them to attack someone.

They dont need them anyway - you want them to run from attacks not stay and fight.

04-06-2004, 12:28:52
You'll find they live a LOT longer without defensive weapons. The AI doesn't discriminate between defensive and offensive weaponry or to different threat levels.

X2 is frustrating at times, and horribly addictive. :)

04-06-2004, 15:13:46
although the average TS cant outrun a snail! I always used TPs for transports. A manta with a 25MW shield can out run anything capable of hurting it. (apart from DS's khaak of instant death)

06-06-2004, 04:19:33
If I could only find the sector that 25 MW shields are kept, I wouldn't have too many complaints more complaints about this game then SMAC. I really need to go find those. Just haven't been in the right place, or maybe I've overlooked it.

After I was doing well on money, I bought my first SPP a maxed out Merc. And then I stuck in the top weapon it can have, gave it 2 dozen Mosquitos and a dozen fighter drones. (I bought it to just do crystal runs, but wanted to keep the odd pirate from deciding to go eat it for its cargo.) That particular merc has totally eaten up 6 seperate Khaak incursions. I've never refilled its missiles, but I keep it with between 12 to 24 fighter drones. Speaking of which, how does the merc recover all its surviving fighters? There isn't a command for that somewhere, is there? Left alone, I've noticed it recovers the fighters. If I mess with it (like, change it's orders to go "hide" in the nearest station), then it won't recover its fighters. Very odd.

BTW... I now have full shields and Beta HEPTS all around on my Centaur. I suppose I shouldn't even BOTHER with forward weapons on it, as it likes to slaughter everything with its turrets. Very interesting to watch it turn to bring its turrets to bear when given a KILL ALL command. Other fun observation: The first battle I went into AFTER I got the second 125 MW shield was a warm up raid on a Pirate TS. It one shot killed me! Got to LOVE that RNG. Full shields showing, full hull, bang! Dead. Whee. Total load of shit. Whatever team of programmers thought critical/cascading hits on the PLAYER would be fun needs to go work for MS so they can really give fun to the masses.

Fun stuff observed... I can just catch up with any large ship I'm fighting, and catch it on my shields. Those ships will then spin on the shields and just cascade die. Doesn't matter if its a Pirate TS, a khaak M3, or the Argon One. Once it starts the roll of death against your full shields, it is in a predetermined continous, cascading death. That's the ultimate attack. But you can only do it by matching their speed and "scooping" them onto your shields. Your shields will never take damage from them while they are rolling though, so no worries, once you've got it rolling. Some very strange workings in this game. (I cannot do it with small ships in the M4 or M5 range cause they die instantly.)

How many of you are using Trade MK3 "Sector Trader" mode? I haven't heard many people speaking well of it on the X2 forums.

06-06-2004, 21:48:54
Mk3 sector trader works good only in well-protected sectors. Anywhere else and you're lucky to break even.

It also will sometimes stop and send you a "no place to trade" message when there's plenty to trade. That may be related to the trading experience level the sector traders have. I can't tell, I just reissue orders and they go on their merry way.

I have one Boron TP trader that's done extremely well in Paranid Prime.

08-06-2004, 01:37:05
Well protected sectors, or sectors with lots of trading opportunities? :D

I've got several MK3 on several of my TS ships now. While I get irritated with the occasional "No more trades. 54 runs for 54 Credits", the normal range is more X runs for X * 5K... which is base good run rates for me, so that's no complaints by me about those. And speaking of Paranid Prime... the first time I set a maxed cargo/engine Merc free in Paranid Prime (its first use anywhere), it made 660K in like 52 or 54 runs. Paranid Prime ROCKS for trade.

I don't the the MK3 "learns". Repeating the same trade commands in the sectors results in the same returns on that sector. And so far, it looks like all ships with MK3 share the same trading "db".

I have yet to have a MK3 Sector Trader tell me it had no trades in error. But I was confused for a while trying to figure out WHY it would report no trades, when there were goods at good prices. I was able to catch that not only do you have to have goods at or below average price, but you also have to have that good at that time listing as at average price or above as well as it being at or above purchase price. So sometimes, you'd see a trade, but it falls out of the MK3 test conditions when its trying to find a ware. But I keep reading about it loading up a good at average price and selling it for average price. And I don't think it takes into account that the price may have changed when it gets to where it was going, but I haven't watched any for the full start to "no trades" notices.

I got the MK3 so SOME of my traders will keep going while I'm doing 30 minutes, one hour, and even two hours worth of straight sector clean out combat.

I discovered a couple of VERY neat things recently.
#1) If your Protect Me ships have Jumpdrive and enough E-Cells loaded when you Jump somewhere, they Jump with you on their own. Very neat.

#2) You only need 2 tranporters among all your ships in a sector to be able to teleport or beam freight. The second transporter does not have to be on your TARGET ship. I found this an interesting "bug". I've repeatily now beamed into my frieghters missiles refills out of my huge collection of salvaged missiles from my Centaur's hull, and skimmed over a few hundred E-Cells at a time to it from frieghters with no Transporter. So, is that a bug? In my first experiments, I had to have a transporter on both ships to teleport or beam freight between them. But that was long ago and I wasn't bothering to write down these things, so maybe I didn't get that right?

08-06-2004, 08:47:55
paranid prime is a brilliant sector - stick a SPP in there, it makes more money than any other sector I tried (except maybe kingdoms end)

15-06-2004, 20:15:51

Ok, I decided to kick forward the plot some over the past week. and had a very funny thing happen doing so...

*** Minor Spoilers may be ahead ***

Ok, when given the choice of going with Brett or going with Sanyo, I decided to do the fast route, because I really didn't want to go slow (Brett in Nova... VERY SLOW!). So, we finally get to the cross the Xenon sector bit. And Sanyo's ship goes straight to 0 Hull and 0 Shield. And stays there, while she is busying wasting processor time on shooting at the Xenon Battle ships. At first, I was a wee bit concerned... Like, would I have to swing by and pick up here dead, imploded head to return to her mum. But no... she was indestructable. She just shot her full load off and kept zapping them with her paltry Boron M3. Once I figured out she didn't need a scripted rescue (it really is that kind of cheesy game), I proceed to drive my Cadillac (I mean, Centaur) across the sector, ignoring all the incoming fire. Seeing as the big Xenon ships didn't move, they weren't a threat to popping the ship.

So, I get the other side, and the Centaur continues to show it is in combat! I go smash 12 pirates (of various builds) and 4 Khaak incursions in the next sector. I transfer over to my docked M5 and go do a bit of trading. But it won't stop showing the Centaur was in combat. So I save the game, and reload. THEN, it finally stops showing the Centaur is in combat. Bleah.

Ok, after wasting even MORE time there, I figure the script is broken or that's where Sanyo dies, so I point my Cadillac over toward the mission target sector and drive through. Cut scene times... Sanyo is mysteriously back, with full hull, shields, and missiles! Whee!

Some really lousy scripting, and time to do the FIRST fight. But since Brett has a Nova and started at the fight location, and I had to drive there, Brett waste everything around. Go to next fight... My Caddy waste everything without trying. Go to next fight... that's the one where the minor Khaak are parked outside the West gate, and the Mammoth is due in 5 minutes. It takes me about 4 minutes to get over there, but Sanyo has yet to HIT anything. Lousy AI... So, worried that my 5 minutes are almost up, I unload missile swarms on the 5 M5 Khaaks that are all flying at 555! I steamroll the M3, and do another 3 missile swarms (Mosquitoes and Wasps) and the last swarm kills the last fast bastard. 5 seconds later, the mammoth arrives... and is shown destroyed by the original (and now very dead) Khaak cluster. The bastard coders didn't bother CHECKING to see if it's the "script created" Khaak that are surviving when the Mammoth arrives! 3 different SUPER clusters had jumped into the system while I was running their script! Let me tell you, it SUCKED to be Terracorp that day. They just kept sending in the Mammoths... and the script kept killing them, because OFF MAP were the Khaak super clusters, chasing around solitary fast pirate ships running for their lives from the clusters! It took FOREVER to chase them all down, and smash them flat. ANd I had 2 more super clusters pop in while doing it! I end up on the far side of the map, and the Teledia attack starts. By the time I'm HALF WAY across, the Mammoth's guns have wiped out all the Teladi... and 2 different super clusters that spawned off near it, and headed over to shoot at its little M5s! And yet, the script calls for a mere 4 Khaak M5s to be able to destroy those mammoths!

I can see this game was "well tested". That's why it has so many basic errors in its spelling and script text...

Still, it was fun watching those Mammoths blow up, and they just kept sending more. Like Marines. ;)

And how do I get a new paint job for my Caddy? I notice all ships but mine remain pristine. Mine seems to have some form of "dirty" counter, and has so many "age" spots on it that very little of the original biege shows throw. It's hull is 100 percent... only got it nicked once (a fight ran into a "No Shields" nebula, but even then, it was only missing 5 HP) and has since been fixed.

Just curious. It seems silly to "age" the players ships when no other ships ever do.

15-06-2004, 20:38:45
Oh and.... Hurray! I found 25 MW shields for sale! And the Split are happy to sell them to me! Hurray! Now I can finally upgrade my TSes!

I decided to pick up a Split Mamba. They are about the only GOOD looking Split minor ship. I had thought its 25 MW Shield would get it dead very fast, seeing as even a Nova at 75 MW worth of shield AND rear turret will die versus enough Khaak (with missiles) on its own (playing Escort to keep it handy), but so far, it's done just fine. And its more then fast enough to make a good escort for the Caddy. I like having 2 ships, the docked M5 and something that can handle bigger cargo, when driving the Caddy. Too often do I hear a small "pop" of something hitting the full shields, and then immediately "Jump Drive Destroyed" or "Transporter Destroyed" or "Best Selling-Best Buys-Trade Extension destroyed" (ALL! in one timy plink!). or "Gamma-Beta High Energy Projector Destroyed" (ALL WEAPONS! GONE! BASTARD RNG!), or the slightly less annoying "one item" destroyed. (Time to replace and restock. Bleah.)

Although it HAS been a while since I got InstaKilled. Must be due for that...

I really like the Sector Trader. It squeezes out every last credit from a decent sector. And well developed sectors mean they run forever. Seriously... They only miss the gun runs (where the EQ doesn't SELL that gun/missile, so you can dump off all of that gun there) and running around the galaxy with Sili to get a 700 plus sales price. Too bad Trade Mk 3 won't work for the non-Freighters. Bastard coders! My garaged fighters could be out making basic trade good runs automatically then!

Still, it's alright to putter around with. Like SMAC. ;)

16-06-2004, 10:17:31
There's no such thing as a plot spoiler with this game. The plot is already dead.

16-06-2004, 21:44:40
I'm surprised that when you comm Sanyo, you don't get the full body pan of her in almost nothing, considering all the trouble they took to do that in the Boron Scientist run.

16-06-2004, 22:10:22
You probably aren't missing anything, have you seen the "frozen claw" rendering of their hands?

16-06-2004, 22:20:54
Well, most 3D games skimp on hands. Paddles or wedges usually. Feet are always wedges, even in stuff that take the time to model hands with seperate fingers and with highly sculpted faces. Just looks so strange, because the feet are just basic shapes, when they took time to so detail other bits of a bod. If you are going to do basic, then do basic, you know? A mix just looks so...weird.

And nothing makes me laugh like highly modelled females with poorly modelled males. I mean, even Boris got around to finally detailing the men as much as the women... ;)

28-06-2004, 20:48:48
You know, it's just not right that I lose Argon friend rating cause some dumb Nova pilot decides to turn into me when I'm standing still, shooting pirates. Don't those stupid kids realize that a Centaur is too tough for them to ram at full speed? It's not like they are Khaak M5s (which hit you and send you flying if they have full shields and hull)!

BTW... are they going to fix Salvage Insurance? Trade Mk3 builds up Salvage Insurance for its trading level. If you end up jumping into that TS, you "gain" those Salvage Insurance levels and the ship is returns to 0.

I'm finally reaching the point in the game where I need another M6 for sector defense. My trading armada has gotten so large, that my solitary Cadillac just cannot be in 2 places at once. What should I look at for my #2 M6 Khaak exterminator?

Why does the game keep saying "You should build up more stations and ships" between all the darned "game plot" missions! Sure, having a second M6 would have been handy for the "Find the hidden Khaak Base, destroy it (and did we forget to tell you to bring back the parts? Whoops. Well, we said we'd get them, but we changed our mind. Go fetch, gopher.)".

Also... have you ever seen a UFO? :D

29-06-2004, 08:54:20
yes seen many ufos, followed them around, dont seem to do much. Have you found the secret boron military system? or the research post hidden behind a giant asteroid? or the system with the asteroid field made purely of silicon? Or the weird thing station that some people claim is a ufo base but is actually a programing glitch? Made it to the pirate anarchy port yet (havnt done that one myself but apparently it is possible)

As for a second defense ship - I bought a second centaur, give them both jump drives and you can cover a large number of sectors easily as long as your navsat grid is good.

29-06-2004, 11:08:36
Originally posted by Darkstar
It's not like they are Khaak M5s (which hit you and send you flying if they have full shields and hull)!

Khaak M5's pop like soap bubbles and only dent 25 mw shield on a mamba M3, what game are you playing? :)

Is there greater ramming damage on higher difficulty games, or is it just the materials you start the game with that are different?

29-06-2004, 22:06:32
The programming staff claim there are NO differences in the game settings, except for starting equipment and money on your Disco.

While I was doing the "Find the hidden Khaak base" game plot mission, I was laughing my behind off. I had blown up the hidden Khaak base, and was setting at 0 speed in my topped out Argon Centaur (I was trying to clear out all the mega swarms of Khaak that had come in while I had been "locating" it - Finally total was over 10,000 M5s and 2,000 M4s - which I'd only shot 1 of before that mission!). Those Khaak M5s would fly into my centaur, and send it flying. They ~never~ "popped like a soap bubble". It always took active guns to kill them. Since then, I've been watching... and if they have FULL SHIELDS, they always survive ramming you at their top (500!) speeds regardless of your speed. But them Argon Nova with full 75 shields do pop like soap bubbles! Strangely enough, Pirate transports don't pop... unless they have some shield and hull damage. They act like Khaak ships... RAMMING SPEED! FIRE PHASERS! BAM! Dead enemy ship.

I've been meaning to find out if I can "ram" an Argon Capital ship and watch it die, since all Argon minor ships (TS, M5, M4, M3s) die if they touch my Argon M6 regardless of my speed or their shields. Bet it's the same thing. If 75 Mg of shield isn't good enough, I don't see any amount of Mg doing them any better. Like I said, bad physics, bad modelling. The programming staff even admit that... they didn't want to waste time on non-important things like physics when there was trading and game plotting to worry about.

30-06-2004, 13:25:40
really weird. I've never seen that at all. And I've been flying a TL through the main trade lanes bouncing TS and M3 ships of my hull like flys on the windshield. Never see any deflection from my course and never see any equip loss unless I have no shields (and my TL has something like 400MWs)

30-06-2004, 16:06:25
I have occasionally seen equipment loss with shields left. Not often, but its memorable when it occurs.

I have been bumped hard enough to do some hull damage by spaceflies. It happened when I lowered my shields to pick up a freight container. I think that was pre-1.3

30-06-2004, 16:51:40
if you have your shields down and you hit something your fucked no matter what it is. Like when you try and pick up a container thats too big to fit in your hold...

30-06-2004, 20:04:49
I just thought it was hilarious. Those little Khaak M5's ramming into me pushed me clear across the sector. I'm not kidding. I ended up only 10 km from the west gate (starting a mere 2.5 km from the Khaak base wreckage, which was clear up in the north east sector of the grid!). It was really funny. I mean, the Centaur is huge compared to them, but they battered it all that distance! Very determined, but very stupid... ramming like that always left them with 0 shields and just some hull... and then my turrets tended to kill them before they got far away to recover their shields for another go at you.

Speaking of which... what's the real difference in the turret fight settings? I noticed that Missile Defense is very useful... it makes the turrets swap over from whatevers in range that has shot or rammed you (Protect Ship behavior, I think) to any incoming missile in its arc. But do you find any other setting really useful?

And are wingmen actually useful? Further playing has shown me that they tend to die faster then just escort ships on "protect me". Which reminds me... WHY is it that your own ships will ram into you on protect, follow, or wingman orders, but the other fleeters never have that issue? Not Khaak swarms, not carrier groups... everyone else can have a defensive swarm of ships, and they don't ever whack into each other. Just into you. What's wrong with these shit eating coders? Is that another "feature" to make the game "funner" for the player?

And I STILL lose equipment in my Argon M6. Just not as often. But it's a bitch loosing both your 125 MW shields from a single mosquito missile. Wheee! Fucking piece of shit coders that have never *played* a fucking game in their life and wouldn't know what fun was if she was a whore and gave them all freebie hand and rim jobs!

30-06-2004, 20:13:44
Oh yeah... I finally figured out what a rare few of the one shot kills were...

Hornet missiles TARGETTED at other ships that just happen to fly in such a way so the hornet missile decides to hit me rather then what it was shot at. You don't get a missile warning on those. I've seen it happen about 20 times now in game (and actually caught it with the Hornet on in my target tracker 3 times)... I'm minding my own business, going down the star lanes, and *suddenly* a fight breaks out between a couple of ships. One turns to haul ass, the other starts chasing it... I'm WAY clear of the fighting (20 to 40KM+), but the runner turns and then... BAM. Instant death. The hornet missile chasing it turns to follow it and rams me. Dead whatever I'm flying. What fun. What joy. If MY hornet was that far from it's target, it would self destruct. Hell, if a Hornet was targetted on ME and I out-distanced it by that much, it would self destruct. But not in NPC versus NPC action. Stupid shit for brain coders using multiple code paths to do the same thing! They really need to go to work for firaxis with Classic fuck ups like that.

I've also seen the Khaak ships dropping missiles when destroyed. Mosquitoes, Wasps, Dragonflys, and Silkworms. I just cannot figure out how they got onto the Khaak ships to begin with.

And why can't you pick up other's people fighter drones? that would be a nice little ship addi on... drone salvager. All those NPC freighters that die, you could go collect their lost drones! :D

01-07-2004, 01:30:37
I only use hornets on cap ships and bases/factories. They're too easy to overrun because they turn like double decker buses.

01-07-2004, 09:16:43
now that makes a little more sense - I've had hornets launched at me before and one of those hitting you would make pretty much any non capitol ship go boom. (although I suspect a fully kitted TL could probably take a hit from one and stay standing)

01-07-2004, 21:31:27
Well, there is still the odd Khaak M5 fires one laser shot at your fully kitted, fully HP and Shield Centaur and you just instantly die. Quite a bit of fun, that is... as you have to go and reload from some station save... and since you have to jump into a M5 or teleport to an escort ship to DOCK, you do it all the time, don't you?

Pilot hit is a programmer admitted Critical Hit on their list of player damage, btw. That's an instant "YOU LOSE! RELOAD!" event that is in the total control of the RNG. So it don't matter... Just goes to show they are complete ass butter eaters who have no clue about fun.

The Mad Monk
26-05-2007, 08:43:08
I just bought this game for $10.

Anything else I should know before I start playing it?

26-05-2007, 19:52:30
yes - its not as good as Eve.

+ all the characters are freaks.

And dont ogle her standard space suit.

The Mad Monk
26-05-2007, 22:02:09
Yes, but online gaming is not for me at the current time.


There's no manual, the version is 1.2, and the website the game directs me to for help dosen't exist.


I've had bad re-issues before, but this is just wrong.

The Mad Monk
27-05-2007, 14:14:45
I'm really starting to feel the hate now.

Patching the game to 1.4 causes the game to not recognize the CD. Is there a no-CD hack somewhere?

28-05-2007, 09:14:54
the final official patch for x2 removed the ned for the CD.

are your using XP64 apparently that stuffs up the copy protection system on the 1.4 patch?


The Mad Monk
28-05-2007, 17:05:41
Nope, just ordinary XP Home.

I found that the patch offered on fileshack is apparently half the size of the "same" patch offered on the egosoft site.

I also found that the egosoft site requires the product registration code to download anything, and that this CD, purchased legitimately at the local Target, has nothing of the kind anywhere.

I may have to have words with Supersneak over this...:hmm:

Right now I'm tooling aroung in 1.2, because I just don't feel like messing with the 1.4 mess right now.

I bought a joystick for this game, I didn't have one before. A Logitech Extreme 3D Pro, it's nice, 1.2 isn't that bad so far.

28-05-2007, 19:08:38
handy that you know someone with a registered login for X2 and X3 then isnt it.

Which version do you need the patch for? north american/english 1.4?

The Mad Monk
28-05-2007, 20:37:05
That's the one. :)

28-05-2007, 20:42:48
pm me your email and I'll send you the patch, the AI update and the noCD patch - its only about 7Mb

The Mad Monk
29-05-2007, 01:55:47
PM sent, thanks!

29-05-2007, 12:36:46
ha ha funny to read back this old thread, I did play this game v.intensly for a while.

29-05-2007, 19:39:31
yeah me too, I even bought X3 but that coincided with eve which rather blows it out of the water.

I'm not really playing eve anymore so maybe I should have another go at X3.

Then again I'vbe just found my old x wing alliance disk and for dogfighting that is waaay better than X.

30-05-2007, 12:22:00
The patches for X3 I think added quite a lot of features.

Unfortunately I don't really have the time anymore to be able to get into such a deep strategy game! :(