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21-01-2004, 00:07:21
Okay, so part of my job is to process a huge volume of laptops that we purchased a year and a half ago. By process, I mean unpackage, tag, record in a database (serial#, licence#, office licence#, MS Publisher licence#), turn on, do final OS setup, remove old virus checker and AOL, install new virus checker, missing office components, missing publisher components, NetZero, activate office & publisher, remove NetZero, shut down, put in a carry case, and put on a shelf, there to rot until the end of time.

300 freakin' laptops.

As you can imagine, with this almost Herculean task before myself and my co-worker, we try to find fun in any way possible.

Part of that fun was looking for swear words in the 25-digit licence keys for the O/S, Office and Publisher.

For some reason, it took me until we were halfway through (it's taken us a year, on and off) to realise they don't use vowels in their keys.

Bastards. Taking away even the smallest amount of fun we could have had with this BORING TASK.

That said, we have found a key with 4 R's in a row, and some that have KKK in them. Waiting to find one that's XXX now, it is all I have to look forward to... :clueless:

Sir Penguin
21-01-2004, 00:16:59
You might consider keeping your eye out for PPP. :)


21-01-2004, 23:02:04
Sounds like much of that could be automated... other then the activation code entry. Not sure if it would be worth the bother to you for trying though, depending on how many units you have left.

22-01-2004, 17:02:19
Maybe. It'd be easy if we could stick an image on them and ship them out. Unfortunately, they're already activated for a particular XP key out of the box.

We might be able to get out IT department to create a basic XP Home image that isn't activated, but has all the apps installed on it, but I'm not sure it'd actually save time to do it that way - the above process isn't long, it's just TEDIOUS.

23-01-2004, 07:05:23
All the installing and deinstalling... you could script that, couldn't you? How many times do you have to reboot? Otherwise, the only required manual process I see (reading through that just the once) is typing in the key codes.

23-01-2004, 16:48:52
The ey codes, settin gup NetZero, entering other registration data for Office and Publisher.

The anti virus is already pretty much automatic, so there's no problem there. The reinitialization of the BIOS is a manual task, can't automate that. There's not a whole lot that needs to be installed/reinstalled. The biggest part of this job is record keeping, inventorying, and going through the damn XP setup procedure (which Microsoft seemed to go to great pains to make sure was as long and boring as possible).

Still, we did lend out 130 of them yesterday for two years, so now I get rack space back in my office. Yaaay!

30-01-2004, 21:57:08
I found one with had 5 numerals in a row. Highlight!

30-01-2004, 22:22:22
Key poker. We used to play that with the serial numbers off dollar bills.

Sir Penguin
30-01-2004, 22:32:04
When you're waiting for stuff to install, you can calculate the ranks of various hands of key poker.


31-01-2004, 00:20:25
Nah, that's my Counterglow time, and I wouldn't want to deprive you of my presence, even if (ESPECIALLY if) you would :D

Sir Penguin
31-01-2004, 00:39:56
Awwww! :love:


02-02-2004, 22:42:16
Hooray! I found XXX (3XXXQ) and also 69 (696YM) contained within the two keys on the back of the Office XP Professional disk for this PC, no. 196. Yaaay!