View Full Version : how does my computer know what my favourite soccer team is?

20-01-2004, 07:53:06
A window to the Tottenham Hotspur website (http://www.spurs.co.uk/) just opened on my computer. I'm using Opera and have got it set not to open unrequested pop-ups. I don't have a link to this site in my bookmarks and neither of the pages I was browsing contain a link to iy (they were the 'poly OT and the CG forum index, btw). In fact, I didn't even press a button when it happened, nor I have a visited that site since I've been in Korea (so it didn't get dug up from my History).

Where the hell did this thing come from? Can my PC read my mind?

20-01-2004, 09:58:03
China, the country where you're not alone. Never.

Sir Penguin
20-01-2004, 21:08:29
It was a dream... just a dream.