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18-01-2004, 13:25:34
My current PC box is so loud, it's almost equivalent to a vacuum cleaner, so I'm definately getting one of the quietpc boxes when I upgrade.

However I noticed on their site a new quiet pc system coming out in March.. http://www.quietpc.com/uk/tnn500a.php only 700 + vat. :eek:

Sir Penguin
18-01-2004, 20:50:20
Get an abacus with rubber counters and well-greased tracks.


19-01-2004, 09:10:44
My computer outputs a max 20dB per device. You really can't hear it running, unless something accesses the HD or uses a disc drive.

I use an Antec Sonata case (designed to be ultra-quiet), Zalman video card cooler (massive heatsink with an optional 20dB "noiseless" fan), and a Zalman CPU cooler (750g, pure copper, 20dB "noiseless" fan)...

19-01-2004, 12:18:59
Originally posted by Sir Penguin
Get an abacus with rubber counters and well-greased tracks.

SP That falls slightly below the minimum spec for Half-life 2.

19-01-2004, 20:50:14
I have an Antec case too (I think it's a Sonata). The system is very quiet exept for the cd rom, which sounds like a goddamn airplane taking off.

20-01-2004, 17:36:53
xe.com says 700 GBP is equivalent to 1,273.65 USD (as of the time of this post). That's just a tad expensive for a quiet system, isn't it? :)

I have a Koolance case, equivalent to the PC2-601BLW (http://www.koolance.com/products/product.html?code=CCS-A07&category_id=2). I FINALLY managed to get the pump control board replaced last Friday, and now the thing is so quiet I can hear the TV again (I initally had a Volcano 6+ copper core heatsink that sounded like a jet engine).

The only sound that comes out of it now is the tick-tick-tick of the hard drive, the CD-ROM spinning, and a trickling sound in the coolant reservoir which is pleasantly like one of those Zen water garden things, but it makes you want to go to the bathroom more often.

It's a big improvement, and keeps the CPU way cooler to boot. Plus the case is rather large, has many bays, and is easy to maintain due to it's modular design.

Next up - overclocking!

Sir Penguin
20-01-2004, 20:58:06
I bet a lot of the cost is taken up by the case.

The six heatpipes transfer about 150W/sec from the CPU
Wow, after an hour of operation, it will be dissipating 540,000 watts! That's enough for thousands of CPUs!

I see they say that a normal PC's CPU temperature is 67C, which is quite ridiculous. My CPU, overclocked, runs at up to 55C with the fan running at 75% speed and Folding@Home processing.


21-01-2004, 19:01:44
Tom's Hardware recently reviewed a ~$1400 case from Zalman that cools PCs passively. It uses heatpipes to conduct heat to the sides of the case, which act as heatsinks. I wanted to chuckle when the reviewer pointed out that placing the case with one side adjacent to an obstruction such as a desk or wall would lessen the cooling capacity of the case due to poor air circulation. It doesn't make much sense to run a fan outside a case that expensive... :)

22-01-2004, 18:33:06
So if I'm going to go (someday) to the trouble to put my own system together, liquid cooled is the way to go?

What's a reasonably quiet case, and what would it cost?

22-01-2004, 23:42:06
If CPUs keep getting hotter, then I think you'll be looking at something a bit more sophisticated than just a heatsink with a fan stuck on it.

Tom's Hardware has already done a few reviews and tests of higher-level cooling systems, including compression cooling, and using a custom designed tube full of liquid nitrogen to overclock a system to 5.2GHz.

24-01-2004, 23:31:44
liquid nitrogen. :eek:

24-01-2004, 23:41:15
We've got loads of it here at work. I avoid playing with it, although it *IS* much good fun.

If the pump fails will my motherboard melt? :)

26-01-2004, 08:50:32
Some folks use liquid nitrogen in their ice cream.

26-01-2004, 23:04:29
Pump? They had no pump. They had a cylinder bolted over the CPU. The cylinder was insulated thin copper tubing, and they just poured the liquid nitrogen in.

Here be the link, arr. http://www.tomshardware.com/cpu/20031230/index.html Cool DivX'd movie to go with the story.

26-01-2004, 23:04:50
Pun intended.