View Full Version : Jimi Hendrix's version of the Star Spangled Banner

16-01-2004, 14:37:50
Is this the most overrated song of all time?

*End Is Forever*
16-01-2004, 14:39:19
Well, Hendrix is certainly one of the most overrated artists of all time... technically superb, but crap music...

16-01-2004, 14:41:31
now don't threadjack this baby, i'm not interested in anyone's opinion of jimi hendrix, i'm talking about the song

*End Is Forever*
16-01-2004, 14:44:08
I've not heard the song (!) but judging by my knowledge of Hendrix generally I'd say "yes"...

Gramercy Riffs
16-01-2004, 14:46:06
I like it.

Its kind of symbolic, very much of its time.

16-01-2004, 14:52:10
If you listen to it now and without any context it is a load of old bollocks.

16-01-2004, 14:54:18
It's rated for what it stood for at the time, nobody claims it's an amazing example of technique, and you can't blame Jimi for the tune.

16-01-2004, 14:56:45
I think the context is more what's important about that song. Especially the Woodstock performance. There was a former Airbourne soldier playing at the most famous hippy festival of all time and playing the Star Spangled Banner and not really as an ironic/anti war statement either.

hmm... someone has probably written about this more at length...


This is a really gushy link but at least it tells the context.

Personally I don't like most anthems and Star Spangled Banner is no exception but I prefer Jimi's arrangement to the normal one. From a guitar playing point of view it's really good and I think it's quite emotional but I'm not sure I can really appreciate it without the context of the late 60s...

16-01-2004, 14:58:58
Damn, I was too slow. :(

16-01-2004, 16:36:48
I like the song but I don't like to listen to it

16-01-2004, 19:06:55
yeah i very much agree with vincent and protein- don't get me wrong, i understand the context and as i said to my cowies, i can see it's importance in that sense, but as a piece of music it is basically unlistenable nonsense.

i'm asking the question because one of my cowies was listening to a jimi compilation album and in his own words "they wasted all the space on the cd putting this on and they could have put two decent tracks on instead. Needless to say I always skip it".

17-01-2004, 15:18:53
I think Hendrix was incredibly creative. Some things worked, some didn't. Some things will pass the test of time and some won't, but given the time and place it's hard not to admire his work.

Scabrous Birdseed
17-01-2004, 15:46:25
He only ever did one good song anyway.

17-01-2004, 16:03:08
And that's Spanish Castle Magic, Manic Depression or Crosstown Traffic

18-01-2004, 13:18:04
You guys are just mad 'cause we didn't bury him over there with that other dead guy.

18-01-2004, 15:04:35
I think I'd choose Little Wing...sentimental and emotional but I love it.

18-01-2004, 15:38:14
I'd chose Castles Made Of Sand